46 Magical Unicorn Craft Ideas for a Rainbow-y, Mythical Activity

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Unicorns are everywhere, but there still aren’t enough of these mythical creatures in the world. Add to the magic by working your way through this list of rainbow-y unicorn craft ideas which are designed for kids of all ages, and will fill your home with color, cheer, and more than a little enchantment using construction paper, card, yarn, and of course, lots and lots of glitter.

Stained Glass Paper Unicorn

Stained Glass Paper Unicorn VIEW CRAFT

Gel filters are stronger than cellophane and come in a range of beautiful colors, which makes them perfect for making this stunning stained glass unicorn to hang in the window.

Unicorn Kinetic Sand

Unicorn Kinetic Sand VIEW CRAFT

Kinetic sand is always fun, but when you add in unicorn colors it becomes totally magical. Make your own using sand, food coloring, and glitter for a spellbinding alternative to store-bought.

Unicorn Rainbow Craft

Unicorn Rainbow Craft VIEW CRAFT

Unicorns plus rainbows adds up to a whole lot of happy, and this cute craft for kids combines both in an easy-to-do way to inject color and cheer to any room.

Unicorn Bath Bombs

Unicorn Bath Bombs VIEW CRAFT

These unicorn bath bombs will look stunning on any bathroom shelf, and once they’re in the tub they will infuse the water with essential oils and a slick of fine glitter.

Unicorn Dreamcatcher

Unicorn Dreamcatcher VIEW CRAFT

Not as intricate as traditional dreamcatchers, these beautiful flowery, glittery unicorn ones are easier for smaller hands to make but look every bit as stunning when hung above their bed.

Matchbox Unicorn Notebook

Matchbox Unicorn Notebook VIEW CRAFT

Anything is better in miniature, and notebooks are no exception. These tiny examples use unicorn-decorated matchboxes which are filled with concertinaed rainbow paper which can be refilled time and time again.

Shrink Plastic Unicorn Necklaces

Shrink Plastic Unicorn Necklaces VIEW CRAFT

Shrink plastic is an awesome and easy way to create wearable art, and as it brings out the intensity in colors, it’s perfect for this stunning unicorn and rainbow jewelry.

Unicorn Notebook

Unicorn Notebook VIEW CRAFT

Get the kids school-ready with one (or more) of these easy to make unicorn notebooks, which use sparkly foam sheets and construction paper to turn a plain notebook into something totally magical.

No-sew Rainbow Wands

No-sew Rainbow Wands VIEW CRAFT

This totally no-sew rainbow wand is a wonderful craft for kids to get involved with, and when they’re finished they will have an enchanting cloud-topped wand that’s flowing with color.

Unicorn Wishes Necklace

Unicorn Wishes Necklace VIEW CRAFT

Let them carry a sprinkling of magical unicorn wishes with them wherever they go, with these beautiful glass bottle pendants which shimmer and shine just like their enchanted namesakes.

Unicorn Slime

Unicorn Slime VIEW CRAFT

Slime is a hit with almost every child, but this one adds a magical edge as it’s made in beautiful unicorn colors and infused with glitter for a touch of mystical enchantment.

Unicorn Planter

Unicorn Planter VIEW CRAFT

This planter is oh so pretty and would look stunning in any room. Made from a painted clay pot, it features a flower crown, glittery horn, and the perfect amount of blush.

Watercolor Unicorn Salt Painting

Watercolor Unicorn Salt Painting VIEW CRAFT

This is an unusual way to create art, but the kids will love it as the food coloring ‘paints’ spread and merge on the salt shape to make a pretty watercolor effect.

Diy Unicorn Slippers

Diy Unicorn Slippers VIEW CRAFT

Take ordinary pink or purple slippers and turn them into something fabulous with this brilliant guide, which shows you all the steps needed to transform them into magical indoor unicorn shoes.

Handprint Unicorn Craft

Handprint Unicorn Craft VIEW CRAFT

A novel way to keep a child’s handprint, this unicorn print is finished off with a gold marker horn and colored mane and tail, and would look delightful in a pretty frame.

Fleece Unicorn Pillow

Fleece Unicorn Pillow VIEW CRAFT

Kids will adore having this sweet pillow to cuddle up to in bed, and it’s a lot easier to make than it looks, especially with the free pattern included in this guide.

Cardboard Tube Unicorn Craft

Cardboard Tube Unicorn Craft VIEW CRAFT

Add some magic to animal crafts by turning empty toilet paper rolls into these delightful unicorns, which feature (of course) a glittery horn and an extravagant rainbow colored mane.

Unicorn Art

Unicorn Art VIEW CRAFT

Bust out your buttons and embellishments stash, print out one of these free templates, and let the kids go crazy gluing all manner of pretty things to create a stunning mane.

Unicorn Paper Hand Puppet

Unicorn Paper Hand Puppet VIEW CRAFT

Bring a unicorn to life by having the kids create one of these super sweet little hand puppets – you could even write a play together and have them act it out!

Printable Unicorn Craft

Printable Unicorn Craft VIEW CRAFT

A fun coloring project or even as a birthday card, this cute ‘Big Mouth’ unicorn can be printed off for free and then colored in using pretty, mystical colors.

Cute Unicorn Bookmarks

Cute Unicorn Bookmarks VIEW CRAFT

This set makes an adorable home-made gift for any book lover, especially if they enjoy the current unicorn trend as it comprises three cute bookmarks and a cozy bed to keep them in.

Plush Unicorn Pillow

Plush Unicorn Pillow VIEW CRAFT

If you have a Cricut machine, this endearing pillow will be a cinch to make, and the sleepy unicorn design means it will be perfect for bedtime stories, too.

Felt Unicorn Craft

Felt Unicorn Craft VIEW CRAFT

The free printable template included in this guide makes this felt unicorn an easy sewing project; hang it on the Christmas tree, on a school bag, or on a bunch of keys.

Paper Bag Unicorn Craft

Paper Bag Unicorn Craft VIEW CRAFT

If you’re looking for a simple craft for kids, grab a paper bag and get started on this colorful unicorn puppet, which boasts a rainbow mane and tail, and a super smiley face.

3d Construction Paper Unicorn

3d Construction Paper Unicorn VIEW CRAFT

Be prepared for unicorns galore once your kids learn how to create these adorable little creatures using little more than construction paper, glue, and a sprinkling of unicorn glitter.

Unicorn Puppets

Unicorn Puppets VIEW CRAFT

This puppet with a difference uses kids’ fingers as legs, meaning the pretty cardstock unicorn can really come to life as it walks, canters, or even flies across the skies.

Unicorn Purse

Unicorn Purse VIEW CRAFT

Adding unicorn features makes anything better, and this purse is the perfect example as one plain bag is transformed into a magical fashion accessory with the help of faux fur and glitter.

Paper Plate Unicorn

Paper Plate Unicorn VIEW CRAFT

Turn a humble paper plate into a fabulous plaque for the kids’ bedroom, by using this free downloadable template and adding magical embellishments like a flower crown and a glittery horn.

Popsicle Stick Unicorn Craft

Popsicle Stick Unicorn Craft VIEW CRAFT

Unicorns are, by definition, glamorous, which means that crafting one is a super sparkly event. These popsicle sticks use gems and sequins, and can be used as bookmarks or even cute puppets.

Unicorn Head Toilet Tube Craft

Unicorn Head Toilet Tube Craft VIEW CRAFT

Buy the template for this unicorn for just $1 and your kids will be able to create as many of these beautiful magical creatures as they like, because one unicorn is never enough.

Unicorn Pom Poms

Unicorn Pom Poms VIEW CRAFT

We all know how much fun pom poms are to make, but when you factor in some pretty little ears, a sparkly horn, and colorful mane, you know you’re onto something special.

Sparkly Footprint Unicorn Craft

Sparkly Footprint Unicorn Craft VIEW CRAFT

This is SUCH an effective way to use a child’s footprint, and it can be made in any color you or your child wants, making it a beautiful gift for grandparents.

Clothespin Unicorn

Clothespin Unicorn VIEW CRAFT

Clothes pins are ideal for making animal crafts, and it’s easy to adapt the design to resemble different animals; this guide shows you how to make both a horse and a unicorn.

LEGO Unicorns


Build a unicorn using LEGO bricks by following this handy step by step guide, which also includes a list of pieces needed so kids can have everything they need to hand.

Unicorn Headband

Unicorn Headband VIEW CRAFT

Keep their ears warm and their magic levels topped up by making one of these cute ear flap headbands, using the free pattern included and some lovely warm fleece fabric.

Unicorn Succulent Plant Pot

Unicorn Succulent Plant Pot VIEW CRAFT

Succulents and other plants take on a whole new appearance when they’re housed in a beautiful unicorn planter, and this tutorial shows you how to make one yourself.

No-sew Unicorn Sleeping Masks

No-sew Unicorn Sleeping Masks VIEW CRAFT

If your little girl is having a slumber party and the theme is all things unicorn, help them all drift off to dreamland by making these fun no-sew mystical sleep masks.

Unicorn Love Card

Unicorn Love Card VIEW CRAFT

Combine love with folklore by having your kids create these super cute Valentine’s cards, which feature an adorable colorful unicorn hugging a brightly colored heart on which they can write their message.

Unicorn Box

Unicorn Box VIEW CRAFT

Turn an old keepsake box into a sparkly new one by giving it the unicorn treatment, which means lots of glitter, glamor, and a shimmering clay horn to top it all off.

Unicorn Mask

Unicorn Mask VIEW CRAFT

With two activities in one, this pretty, printable unicorn head can be colored in for quiet-time, and then used to make a fun mask for when playtime ramps up once more.

Unicorn Pencil Holder

Unicorn Pencil Holder VIEW CRAFT

Hide a plain tin can with white paper and they’ll have a blank canvas on which to draw a sweet unicorn’s face, before decorating with paper flowers and a glittery golden horn.

Unicorn Cards and Bookmarks

Unicorn Cards and Bookmarks VIEW CRAFT

This tutorial not only shows kids how to create a pretty unicorn Valentine’s card, but the same origami technique can be used to make one of these adorable bookmarks, too.

Paper Unicorn

Paper Unicorn VIEW CRAFT

Print out the template for this incredibly cute unicorn and the kids can have fun coloring in the parts before adding them to the outline and creating a curly colored mane.

Paper Plate Unicorn Puppets

Paper Plate Unicorn Puppets VIEW CRAFT

This is a wonderful activity for little ones, and offers a number of learning opportunities such as colors and weather, but most importantly, it’s all about rainbows, glittery clouds, and flying unicorns!

Unicorn Pinata

Unicorn Pinata VIEW CRAFT

Donkey piñatas are so last year, so bring them bang up to date by transforming mini ones into these stunning white unicorns, with long flowing tails and manes, and majestic glittery horns.

Fine Motor Unicorn Craft

Fine Motor Unicorn Craft VIEW CRAFT

This sweet unicorn craft for kids is a great way for them to practice their scissor and other fine motor skills as they cut and thread the parts needed to complete the figure.

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