26 Adorable (And Easy) Pipe Cleaner Animal Crafts for All Ages

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It always pays to have a stack of colored pipe cleaners in your craft box, along with other crafty pieces like pom poms, pony beads, and googly eyes. These pipe cleaner animal crafts are not only adorable, but they’re super easy to make, too, and there are projects to suit all ages, from the tiny bumble bee for little ones, to an impressive elephant which teens will love to make.

26 Adorable and Easy Pipe Cleaner Animal Crafts for All Ages

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Pipe Cleaner Rainbow Jellyfish Craft

Pipe Cleaner Rainbow Jellyfish Craft VIEW CRAFT

These cheerful little chappies will look awesome hanging from the ceiling, and the more the merrier because those twisty rainbow colored tentacles really do add a touch of summer fun.

Pipe Cleaner Tarantula

Pipe Cleaner Tarantula VIEW CRAFT

This is a great craft for older kids and will take about 3 hours to complete, but those hours will be well worth it when they end up with this incredible 2-color tarantula.

Pipe Cleaner Teddy Bear

Pipe Cleaner Teddy Bear VIEW CRAFT

Oh my, how absolutely adorable is this teeny teddy bear? Unbelievably, he’s made using only one brown chenille pipe cleaner (cut into four lengths), three tiny beads, and a ribbon bow.

Pipe Cleaner Lion

Pipe Cleaner Lion VIEW CRAFT

With just three yellow pipe cleaners and two brown ones, kids can create this lovely little lion by winding the cleaners around a pencil, and drawing on features with a marker.

Dinosaur Finger Puppet

Dinosaur Finger Puppet VIEW CRAFT

For an impromptu activity that will keep the kids amused for hours, grab some pipe cleaners and make these sweet little brontosaurus finger puppets – there’s also a link for a T-Rex, too.

Pipe Cleaner Cat

Pipe Cleaner Cat VIEW CRAFT

Whether they’re looking for Halloween ideas or just want a cat of their own, this totally cute pipe cleaner kitty will be a lot of fun to make and keep.

Pipe Cleaner Tortoise

Pipe Cleaner Tortoise VIEW CRAFT

Nimble fingers will really enjoy making these absolutely adorable turtles by using an unusual weaving technique to create the creature’s shell, and finishing off with a pair of safety eyes.

Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Pipe Cleaner Spiders VIEW CRAFT

These creepy crawly pipe cleaner spiders are a great craft idea for kids to make on Halloween, and all you need are black pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and glue.

Pipe Cleaner Dragons

Pipe Cleaner Dragons VIEW CRAFT

Okay, so dragons are meant to be scary, but these brightly colored fire-breathers are just too cute with their fuzzy bodies, crazy eyes, and complementing craft foam wings and feet.

Chameleon Pipe Cleaner Animals

Chameleon Pipe Cleaner Animals VIEW CRAFT

Based on the book ‘A Color of his Own’, these little pipe cleaner chameleons are easy to make, and sit on leaves made in the same color for a fun matching activity.

Snake On A Stick

Snake On A Stick VIEW CRAFT

Get out and about in nature and collect some sticks, then spend a happy couple of hours creating snakes with pom pom heads, which can wind their way around the ‘branches’.

Pipecleaner Feather Peacock Craft

Pipecleaner Feather Peacock Craft VIEW CRAFT

Kids can get their glitter on with this flamboyant craft activity, which uses sparkly pipe cleaners, glitter paper, and sequins to create a deliciously over the top peacock which shimmers and shines.

Pipe Cleaner Chick

Pipe Cleaner Chick VIEW CRAFT

These Easter chicks are absolutely adorable, and incredibly quick to make. Add fancy tail feathers, paper beaks, googly eyes, and even a few glamorous gems to really bring them to life.

Sea Anemone Pipe Cleaner Craft

Sea Anemone Pipe Cleaner Craft VIEW CRAFT

If you’re looking for ocean-themed pipe cleaner crafts for the kids to do, look no further than these colorful sea anemones, which are also great for fine motor skills.

Pipecleaner Crocodiles

Pipecleaner Crocodiles VIEW CRAFT

There’s no way these crocodiles can look scary, not when they have a fuzzy head and fluffy legs, but they ARE a lot of fun thanks to their opening and closing jaws!

Piper Cleaner Spoon Creatures

Piper Cleaner Spoon Creatures VIEW CRAFT

This fun tutorial shows you how easy it is to make pipe cleaner animals and creatures which can be as colorful or as wacky as your kids want to make them.

Monsters Finger Puppets

Monsters Finger Puppets VIEW CRAFT

The possibilities are endless when you have a bundle of pipe cleaners, a stash of pom poms, and a few googly eyes – just look at these incredible monsters for inspiration.

Pipe Cleaner Bunnies

Pipe Cleaner Bunnies VIEW CRAFT

This is possibly the cutest pipe cleaner craft you will see; before long your home will be overrun with these sweet fuzzy bunnies and their oversized carrots, and who wouldn’t want that?

Pipe Cleaner Bees

Pipe Cleaner Bees VIEW CRAFT

This little bee is a super quick craft idea which will keep the kids amused, and all you need are yellow pipe cleaners, a black marker, and transparency paper.

Beaded Dragonfly

Beaded Dragonfly VIEW CRAFT

Using pony beads in this project is perfect as it gives just the right texture for both the fireflies and the dragonflies, especially when you use glow-in-the-dark ones for the fireflies’ tails.

Pipe Cleaner Elephant

Pipe Cleaner Elephant VIEW CRAFT

Pipe cleaner animal crafts can be really easy, although there are some which take a lot of time and effort but which look stunning when finished, just like this beautiful elephant.

Pipe Cleaner Fish

Pipe Cleaner Fish VIEW CRAFT

Sometimes, less is more and that is certainly true of this game of fishing, which is super simple to make and fits inside a baggie so kids can take it wherever they go.

Pipe Cleaner Turkey

Pipe Cleaner Turkey VIEW CRAFT

Are you looking for a Thanksgiving craft idea for the kids? Why not have them make their own napkin rings for the big dinner, using pipe cleaners, paper, and googly eyes.

Beaded Pip Cleaner Spiders

Beaded Pip Cleaner Spiders VIEW CRAFT

These spindly spiders are ideal for Halloween as they are just the right amount of creepy, and all the kids need to make them are pipe cleaners and pony beads – simple.

Pom Pom Bugs


When a new season arrives, so do bugs, but these ones are definitely not of the icky variety! Made from pom poms, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes, the kids will adore them.

Love Birds


For a sweet Valentine’s craft idea, have the kids follow the instructions in this post to create a pair of charming love birds and a fuzzy heart for them to kiss under.

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