20 Really Cool Button Crafts for Kids and Adults

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Not just for keeping coats done up in the winter, buttons are great for crafting with, too, as they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Use the ideas here to create some really cool pictures and projects that both adults and kids will enjoy, from beautiful bouquets and bracelets, to trees, turtles, and heart themed tributes for the ones you love.

Monster Buttons

Monster Buttons VIEW CRAFT

This is a great craft for kids in the run up to Halloween, and will raise a lot of giggles as they compete to see who can create the craziest looking monster.

Future Voter Button Craft

Future Voter Button Craft VIEW CRAFT

A great idea for encouraging a youngster’s interest in politics and world affairs, this ‘future voter’ button will spark discussions on what’s going on in the world today and in the future.

Button Checker Board

Button Checker Board VIEW CRAFT

Checkers is a great all-round family game, so why not have a go at making your own set, including a distressed playing board and brightly colored buttons in 2 different shapes.

Simple Button Fish Craft

Simple Button Fish Craft VIEW CRAFT

This cute, happy picture would look brilliant framed (without glass) and hung on any wall in the house – choose brightly colored buttons for the fish, and green tissue for the delicate fronds.

Snazzy Jazzy Button Bracelets

Snazzy Jazzy Button Bracelets VIEW CRAFT

These bracelets are great for kids, or indeed anyone who loves a boho vibe, because the brighter the buttons the better the effect (and it’s good sewing practice for the kiddos, too).

Button Jellyfish

Button Jellyfish VIEW CRAFT

The great thing about buttons is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, which makes them perfect for making this cheerful jellyfish with its vibrant blue ribbon tentacles.

Button Flower Canvas

Button Flower Canvas VIEW CRAFT

This pretty canvas picture will add instant cheer to anyone who sees it, from the vibrant blue sky to the green, green grass, and of course those delightful button flowers.

Button Tree

Button Tree VIEW CRAFT

How beautiful is this tree canvas? Spray painted for a subtle sunset effect, the tree is painted in brown before being decorated with brightly colored buttons in a variety of colors and sizes.

Button Starfish

Button Starfish VIEW CRAFT

The first step to creating this summery artwork is to print out the free printable, and then get the kids to layer buttons in various shades to achieve the pretty starfish design.

Button Necklace

Button Necklace VIEW CRAFT

Older kids will enjoy making this pretty button necklace as a gift for Mother’s day or birthdays – it’s quite fiddly so not suitable for little hands, but it’s stunning when it’s finished.

Starfish Ocean Buttton Craft

Starfish Ocean Buttton Craft VIEW CRAFT

This lovely craft for kids will enhance their scissor skills as they cut out the starfish from the craft paper, and their gluing skills as they embellish it with the prettiest buttons.

Framed Button Heart

Framed Button Heart VIEW CRAFT

This activity will keep kids occupied for hours as they glue buttons of all sizes onto a heart shaped card – it’s also a great way to incorporate color sorting and counting, too.

Button Elephant

Button Elephant VIEW CRAFT

This elephant picture is just adorable, and would make a beautiful gift to welcome a new baby into the world. Just choose the color of buttons you like best, and start gluing.

Ladybug Button Art

Ladybug Button Art VIEW CRAFT

Buttons are the ideal way to create a ladybug picture – once the kids have covered the insect shape drawn with shiny red buttons, they can add the spots using smaller black ones.

Button Bouquet

Button Bouquet VIEW CRAFT

A great way to while away a few hours, kids can practice threading, color sorting, size sorting, and counting while making a colorful button bouquet in a vase of colored beads.

Button Snail

Button Snail VIEW CRAFT

This sweet craft idea uses an old CD as the snail’s shell, which is covered in brightly-colored buttons and glued to the cutest little snail with googly eyes and fuzzy antennae.

Owl Button Craft

Owl Button Craft VIEW CRAFT

You’ll need a lot of buttons to create this sweet little owl, but the time and concentration will be worth it because it makes the perfect piece of artwork for any owl-lover’s home.

Button Art Tree

Button Art Tree VIEW CRAFT

The wooden base for this button tree gives the whole thing a rustic feel, while the beautiful shades of green used are like a breath of fresh air coming into the home.

Button Watermelon

Button Watermelon VIEW CRAFT

If the kids need a project which will calm them down, this watermelon button art will keep them absorbed as they stick green, red, and black buttons to the free printable included.

Button Turtle

Button Turtle VIEW CRAFT

Cover an old CD with brightly colored buttons and you will have the makings of this adorable turtle picture – you can even add a few white buttons as bubbles in the water.

More Easy Craft Ideas for Kids:

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