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37 Genius Construction Paper Craft Ideas for Endless Crafty Fun

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If you happen to have a stack of construction paper lying around, you’re in luck, because the craft ideas we have put together for you are absolutely genius. Kids can make superhero puppets, white knuckle roller coasters, and decorate the house with black-as-night bats come Halloween. They can even make a bouquet of stunning paper roses as a gift for Mom on Mother’s Day, but whatever they choose, endless crafty fun is guaranteed.

Construction Paper Dinosaur Hat

Construction Paper Dinosaur Hat VIEW CRAFT

You don’t need sewing skills or a lot of fabric to make a dinosaur outfit, all you need is green construction paper, glue, scissors and tape for this brilliant spiny dinosaur hat.

Paper Houses

Paper Houses VIEW CRAFT

This is a VERY cool tutorial which comes with templates for you to create three different paper houses which the kids can build an entire town with, or even replicate your street.

Rainbow Unicorn Mane

Rainbow Unicorn Mane VIEW CRAFT

This is a really simple but effective craft for kids who love unicorns, using curled construction paper in rainbow colors for the mane; freehand the picture or download from the internet.

Wearable Construction Paper Parakeet

Wearable Construction Paper Parakeet VIEW CRAFT

Toilet paper tubes and construction paper form the basis for these adorable wearable parakeets which stay on via a pipe cleaner – add feathers, quills, and googly eyes to really bring them to life

Cereal Box Monsters

Cereal Box Monsters VIEW CRAFT

All you need is a cereal box, craft paper, and oodles of imagination to create a fab and ferocious (or friendly) monster – have a competition to see who can make the strangest!

Paper Rainbow Craft

Paper Rainbow Craft VIEW CRAFT

For a paper craft that all ages can enjoy, this cute little rainbow is made up from strips of brightly colored construction paper and sits beneath the happiest cloud you’ve ever seen.

Construction Paper Pizza

Construction Paper Pizza VIEW CRAFT

Tots will have a whale of a time making ‘pizzas’ with this simple craft idea – cut all the shapes from colored construction paper, give them a glue stick, and place your order!

Paper Flower Craft

Paper Flower Craft VIEW CRAFT

These paper roses look far more intricate than they actually are: simply cut out a long spiral from colored craft paper and then wind it around in a rosebud shape.

Construction Paper Snail

Construction Paper Snail VIEW CRAFT

Incredibly simple to make, kids can made their very own pet by printing out the snail template onto colored paper, decorating, and then rolling it up into a sweet creepy crawly.

Medieval Crown

Medieval Crown VIEW CRAFT

The ideal craft idea for the miniature kings and queens of the household, these impressive crowns are made with both construction and tissue paper and can be embellished with shiny gems or sequins.

Heart Tiger Craft

Heart Tiger Craft VIEW CRAFT

If they like animals they will love this cute tiger, which is made up almost entirely of orange and black paper hearts, with whiskers, eyes, and a tail, too.

Paper Kite


Make the most of a windy day by making these fun paper kites with the kids, and then take them outside so they can show off their beautiful artwork.

Rainbow Paper Flowers

Rainbow Paper Flowers VIEW CRAFT

Help little ones practice their scissor and sticking skills with this ever so easy art project, which allows them to cut out simple petals and glue them onto a flower stem picture.

Construction Paper Ladybug On A Leaf

Construction Paper Ladybug On A Leaf VIEW CRAFT

Look at this adorable lady bug! Made entirely from construction paper, this gorgeous little bug sits prettily on a leaf as it stares at its creator with its cute googly eyes.

D is For Dinosaurs Craft

D is For Dinosaurs Craft VIEW CRAFT

This is a novel way to teach kids about the alphabet, and in particular the letter ‘D’, as they can stick the green triangles along its back to represent a dinosaur.

Explorer Ship Craft

Explorer Ship Craft VIEW CRAFT

Whether it’s part of a history lesson or simply for fun, this explorer ship will be a fun activity for kids as they cut out and stick their ship on choppy or calm waters.

Alphabet Spaceship Craft

Alphabet Spaceship Craft VIEW CRAFT

Kids can learn to spell their name while having out of this world fun by making these colorful space rockets, which are made up of sections with letters of the alphabet on.

Flying Bats

Flying Bats VIEW CRAFT

Check out this spooky paper craft for Halloween, and your home will soon be teeming with flying bats which are made from black construction paper and empty toilet paper tubes.

Star Person Construction Paper Craft

Star Person Construction Paper Craft VIEW CRAFT

These red, white, and blue star people are so much fun, both to make and display, and kids will love arranging the concertina legs and arms into the funniest of positions.

Roller Coaster Paper Sculpture

Roller Coaster Paper Sculpture VIEW CRAFT

They don’t need a theme park to have the thrills and spills of a rollercoaster – with this tutorial they can design and make their own, AND ‘ride’ in it when it’s been built.

Paper Mosaic Owls

Paper Mosaic Owls VIEW CRAFT

An adorable craft for kids idea, this simple owl mosaic can be made by sticking random colored shapes onto a brown oval paper cut-out, and finishing off with big, wide-open owl eyes.

Giant Panda

Giant Panda VIEW CRAFT

Using wet construction paper gives this sweet panda an almost fluffy, furry appearance, which lends itself well to such a cute bear, and it can be adapted to resemble other animals, too.

Construction Paper Chick

Construction Paper Chick VIEW CRAFT

They won’t be able to stop smiling when they look at these super cute Easter chicks, and they’re so easy to make you can have them in every room of the house.

Diy Chalkboard

Diy Chalkboard VIEW CRAFT

This is a brilliant hack and one which will entertain the kids for hours – their own chalkboards made out of construction paper! Follow this easy guide to find out how.

3D Rainbow Paper Craft

3D Rainbow Paper Craft VIEW CRAFT

Ideal for adventures in Fairyland, or just as cute decorations, these sweet rainbows can be made using vibrantly colored strips of paper which are attached to puffy cotton ball clouds at either end.

Giant Sunflowers

Giant Sunflowers VIEW CRAFT

This is an absorbing craft for kids which will take a while to complete as they draw around their hands to make the petals, and looks stunning when it’s completed

Construction Paper Snake

Construction Paper Snake VIEW CRAFT

Much like paper chains at Christmas, this sweet snake can be made by cutting strips of craft paper and then interlinking them with glue before adding eyes and a red forked tongue.

Heart Animals

Heart Animals VIEW CRAFT

This blog post contains instructions for making a whole host of woodland creatures using craft paper hearts – cut the pieces out for younger kids, or let older ones cut their own.

Paper Heart Penguin Craft

Paper Heart Penguin Craft VIEW CRAFT

Using a black background, have the kids glue white and orange hearts as shown in this blog post to create a super cute construction paper penguin that’s just perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Jack And The Beanstalk Craft

Jack And The Beanstalk Craft VIEW CRAFT

This awesome craft for kids is the perfect accompaniment to learning about fairytales as it builds up into a stunning beanstalk to hang from the ceiling, ready for Jack to climb!

Stamped Sheep

Stamped Sheep VIEW CRAFT

The perfect project for springtime, these too-cute sheep can be made using black or white construction paper and stamped with tempera paint, using a curly wurly pipe cleaner to represent the wool.

Scroll Garland

Scroll Garland VIEW CRAFT

These garland scrolls look stunning and would make a wonderful paper craft to keep the kids absorbed on a rainy day afternoon, and they look stunning hanging against an interior wall.

Construction Paper Lion Heads

Construction Paper Lion Heads VIEW CRAFT

Create a stunning lion’s head to display on the wall, or wear as a mask with a magnificent mane made by curling strips of yellow, orange, and brown and attaching around the head.

Paper Mosaic

Paper Mosaic VIEW CRAFT

Help them develop their fine motor skills while making a beautiful piece of art, by cutting out ‘tiles’ using colored paper and filling in the fish outline which you’ve pre-drawn on plain paper.

Kirigami Water Blossoms

Kirigami Water Blossoms VIEW CRAFT

Unlike origami, kirigami involves cutting paper to create beautiful shapes, and this tutorial is a great place to start as it shows young artists how to make a pretty water blossom.

Popsicle Stick Superheroes

Popsicle Stick Superheroes VIEW CRAFT

Sometimes you need a quick and easy craft idea to keep the kids occupied, and this one is incredibly easy but will provide the little ones with fun superhero puppets with which to play.

Construction Paper Watermelon

Construction Paper Watermelon VIEW CRAFT

Add a summer vibe to art time with this fun watermelon craft idea – the templates are included for both parts of the fruit; the seeds are from sunflowers, which have been painted black.

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