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37 Kid-Approved Duct Tape Crafts – Must-Try Duct Tape Projects

In recent years duct tape crafts and even clothing have become popular. With these easy tutorials you’ll be able to create your very own stylish duct tape creations that will amaze! From clutch bags to head boards you’ll become an expert at all things duct tape. Try them today!

25 Fun and Interactive Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Imaginative Kids

Toilet paper rolls are amazing, not only do they keep the toilet paper nice, tidy, and usually in the proper shape, they can be used for a million and one craft projects around the home. From simple arts and crafts for the kids, to new wall art for mom and dad, this collection of toilet…

45 Cool Crafts for Kids – Genius Craft Ideas for Girls and Boys

Need a way to keep your kids busy and also engage with them? Then look no further than this list of amazing ideas to keep your kids entertained from start to finish. There are great projects here for younger and older kids. Nothing is greater than the creativity of children and these crafts aim to…

100 Genius Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids and Adults (Easy Ideas)

With the right project, it is easy to be amazed at how something so simple and humble as an empty toilet paper roll can be transformed. With this series of projects that encompasses activities for every level of crafting skill and age, you will find everything from frivolous figurines to beautiful wall art.

96 Easy (And Cool) Popsicle Stick Crafts for Kids

Popsicle sticks, or craft sticks as they are also commonly called, are a very abundant, affordable and versatile crafting material. You can easily use the projects collected here to entertain and engage kids of all ages, as well as find some amazing new ways to decorate your home. No matter how much experience you have,…

45 Cool Pipe Cleaner Crafts for an Easy DIY Kids Activity

Pipe cleaners are one thing that every craft box should have. They are colorful, versatile, inexpensive, and very fun to play with. They can be reshaped, cut to size, and used as molding forms. In this collection of crafts you will see pipe cleaners being used in many fun and creative ways, both as the…

27 DIY Wine Bottle Crafts to Put Your Empty Wine Bottles to Good Use

Wine bottles are a great source of glass for crafting. They can be used in a variety of ways, from watering plants to feeding birds, there are plenty of reasons to not just toss the bottle when you are done. Some of the more involved projects may require a bit of recruiting, but the end…

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