26 Seriously Fun Wine Cork Bottle Crafts for Kids of All Ages

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Wine bottle corks make fantastic craft items, and can be used to create some seriously fun projects for kids of all ages. There are craft ideas like paint stamps for little hands, right up to a huge giraffe sculpture made from wire for more experienced crafters, and a whole lot of fun ventures that fall somewhere in-between. Cheers!

Wine Cork Sail Boats

Wine Cork Sail Boats VIEW CRAFT

This is an easy craft for kids which they can play with afterwards – a boat made from wine corks. Add a sparkly foam ‘sail’ and bath time suddenly becomes a lot more fun.

Wine Cork Magnet Planters

Wine Cork Magnet Planters VIEW CRAFT

This is a great way to add a little greenery to tiny kitchens, and it looks fabulous. Simply hollow out some wine corks, add soil and a succulent, and stick to the fridge.

Cork Flip Car

Cork Flip Car VIEW CRAFT

Follow the photo instructions included in this blog to create a fun and funky cardboard and cork flip car – the kids could even spend time decorating the ‘chassis’ to make it even cooler.

Wine Cork Tic Tac Toe

Wine Cork Tic Tac Toe VIEW CRAFT

Lightweight and perfect for travel, this game of tic tac toe uses corks for characters (instead of ‘x’s and ‘o’s) with emoticon-inspired faces, and can be painted in the kids’ favorite two colors.

Wine Cork Giraffe Sculpture

Wine Cork Giraffe Sculpture VIEW CRAFT

The kids might need a little help with this craft project, which uses newspaper and wire to create an animal base that is then covered in rustic-looking wine corks.

Cork Archery

Cork Archery VIEW CRAFT

A great idea for an impromptu game of archery, this version uses corks dipped in paint instead of arrow heads, and a hand-drawn target to hang on the wall.

Wine Cork Loom

Wine Cork Loom VIEW CRAFT

If you haven’t got a proper loom for Loom Bands, have a go at making this uber easy version which is literally just two push pins in a wine cork.

Wine Cork Keychains

Wine Cork Keychains VIEW CRAFT

Great as party favors or as a reminder of a special occasion, these key chains are incredibly easy to make but look pretty impressive, especially with their little labels attached.

Cork Owls Craft

Cork Owls Craft VIEW CRAFT

Owls are adorable, and they lend themselves to crafting beautifully; grab some buttons and a few scraps of fabric, and you can create these fun cork versions which look super sweet.

Pineapple Wine Cork Craft

Pineapple Wine Cork Craft VIEW CRAFT

This is a really simple craft for kids that plays to the current tropical theme – wine cork pineapples! Using corks, paint, and a marker, the piece de resistance is the glittery pom pom crown.

Cork Toss Game

Cork Toss Game VIEW CRAFT

A fun version of the classic ring toss, this one uses Velcro-wrapped corks instead of rings, and a felt bullseye board for the corks to stick on to.

Wine Cork Dragonfly

Wine Cork Dragonfly VIEW CRAFT

Let them get really creative with this fab craft idea as they build a dragonfly using wine and champagne corks, with delicate wings of brightly-colored tissue, and gems and glitter to finish.

Wine Cork Dolls

Wine Cork Dolls VIEW CRAFT

Kids could make an entire family of these dolls by using differently-sized (or cut) corks for the body, head, feet, and hands, and painting various features on the faces.

Wine Cork Jewelry

Wine Cork Jewelry VIEW CRAFT

There’s a plethora of ideas in this blog post for jewelry made from wine corks, like colorful earrings and a statement necklace, as well as other pieces made from recycled materials.

Wine Cork Knights

Wine Cork Knights VIEW CRAFT

If wine equals a good night, then wine corks equal a good knight as this fun DIY shows. Just follow the free pattern to crochet his armor, and add a happy little face.

Wine Cork Garden Markers

Wine Cork Garden Markers VIEW CRAFT

If you like to grow your own there’s a good chance you might not remember what you planted where. This DIY shows you how to make plant markers from corks and dowelling.

Cork Gingerbread Man Ornament

Cork Gingerbread Man Ornament VIEW CRAFT

Look how adorable these gingerbread men ornaments are! Made using champagne corks and with felt arms, these little chaps can be painted or left plain, and embellished with buttons for a pop of color.

Cork Boats


Corks float, which makes them perfect for making boats; these little sea-faring crafts use corks cut in half to create a boat shape, and brightly colored gift wrap for the pretty sails.

Wine Cork Mustache Stamp

Wine Cork Mustache Stamp VIEW CRAFT

This post shows you how to turn corks into fun stamps that can be used for art and craft projects, invitations, or more, although the kids will need help with the cutting.

Cork Kitten

Cork Kitten VIEW CRAFT

If they’re nagging for a pet but you just have to say no, why not have them make their own little kitten instead, using corks, googly eyes, and a pipe cleaner tail?

Wine Cork Stamps

Wine Cork Stamps VIEW CRAFT

The steps for this fun DIY project are self-explanatory – cut the pattern you want out of foam or arrange matchsticks in the desired shape, and glue to the end of the cork – simple.

Cork Love Bugs

Cork Love Bugs VIEW CRAFT

Use paint or markers to color in the corks for this sweet little craft for kids, and then attach pretty heart-shaped wings and googly eyes to create the cutest love bug ever.

Gumball Machine Wine Cork Craft

Gumball Machine Wine Cork Craft VIEW CRAFT

Gumball machines are ace, but not so good for the teeth! Have your kids paint a picture of the colorful goody-filled globes instead, using paint-dipped corks to create the gumballs themselves.

Cork People

Cork People VIEW CRAFT

This pictorial shows you step by step how to create these hilarious little characters using just corks, small balloons, and marker pens to draw a variety of faces.

Wine Cork Snowman Ornament

Wine Cork Snowman Ornament VIEW CRAFT

This is a fun project for the kids to do at Christmas – cork snowmen ornaments. Simply paint the cork white and then embellish with scrap-fabric scarves, tinsel ear-muffs, and a wooden toothpick nose.

Wine Cork Snake

Wine Cork Snake VIEW CRAFT

String corks and wooden beads together, draw on some eyes and a tongue, and you will be left with an articulated snake which moves just like a real reptile.

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