27 DIY Wine Bottle Crafts to Put Your Empty Wine Bottles to Good Use

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Wine bottles are a great source of glass for crafting. They can be used in a variety of ways, from watering plants to feeding birds, there are plenty of reasons to not just toss the bottle when you are done. Some of the more involved projects may require a bit of recruiting, but the end results are often beautiful and unique.

Plant Watering Device Made From Wine Bottles

If you’ve ever noticed those delicate glass watering bulbs in the store, but didn’t care for the color or pricing, this project is for you. Using a cleaned out wine bottle, a cork, and a nail, you can easily whip up a nifty watering bottle for your plants in about 5 minutes or less.

Wine Bottle Humming Bird Feeder

Humming birds are amazing creatures to watch. With an old wine bottle and a few simple supplies, you can create your own humming bird feeder that will be sure to attract plenty of hungry birdies. You can start with a fancy bottle, use a plain one, or dress up one to suit your tastes.

Wine Bottle Veggie Stand/Display Dishes

The crafter and artist behind this project has plenty of great ideas, but this one really transforms the wine bottle. Using a few inexpensive plates and some E600, you too can turn old wine bottles into beautiful displays for fruits, appetizers, or other light delicacies.

Simple Wine Bottle Decorating Ideas

Sometimes there is not a lot of work or extra steps involved in transforming a wine bottle. In this fun collection of ideas, you are shown how a bit of paint and twine can turn them from drab, to fabulous over the course of an evening.

Wine Bottle and Lace Vase

If you like the idea of decorating a wine bottle, but also want it to be functional in some sense, this is a fairly simple project you may like. Using an old wine bottle like a vase, you can easily transform the outside to taste, while the interior serves to hold a lovely arrangement of flowers.

Halloween Decor Made From Painted Wine Bottles

In this spooky and awesome craft, one clever momma shows you how you can easily transform old wine bottles into cute Halloween decorations. You can play around with both designs, or use some sealant and make a little pumpkin patch set for your garden.

Glittery Wrapped Wine Bottle Decor

Glitter is at the very heart of crafting supplies for many people. In this simple and fun project, you are shown how to transform plain old wine bottles into glittery bits of decoration that can liven up any room and be used to send simple messages.

Collage Map Wine Bottle Decoration

Wrapping wine bottles in bits of map or old book pages is a novel way to breathe new life into them. You can use them as simple decorations, or even place a single bloom (real or not) to add a quaint sense of function to the new decoration.

Twine Wrapped Wine Bottles Vases

In this easily adaptable project, you can use wine bottles, or just about any other glass bottle that falls into the same general size range. The short listed of supplies and easy to follow steps makes this a great DIY project that even older kids can enjoy and help create.

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Using a bit of wood and some basic materials, you can quickly turn a wine bottle into a sturdy and bountiful bird feeder. The easy to follow instructions and ample pictures makes this a great project for people all skill levels.

Wine Bottle Tiki Lamps

Fancy, clever, and useful, these wine bottle tiki lamps don’t take a lot of effort or materials to create. You can easily choose your preferred accent color for the stones, if you use clear bottles. Otherwise you can opt to use fancier bottles for a dressed up appearance.

Wine Bottle Wind Chimes

In this clever assortment of wind chimes you are shown how to make a basic model and then given a collection of variations to ponder. The simplicity of the concept is easy for even novice crafters and attempting your own variation is also not too difficult.

Wine Bottle Candles

Homemade candles have become increasingly popular in the past few years, and with this tutorial, you can easily create candles using the lower portion of wine bottles as your holder/mold. The outcome is very quaint and beautiful, and would make great holiday or birthday gifts.

DIY Wine Bottle Decor Upcycle

If you adore things that are golden and sparkly, then you will fall in love with this easy and fun DIY project. The crafty lady behind this one rescued a lot of wine bottles and turned them into amazingly pretty decorations for her home, and you can too.

Self Watering Planter Made From Wine Bottles

When it comes to creating something new out of something old, this ingenious little project is a great way to stay green. Using an old wine bottle, this tutorial walks you through how to create a non-dirt, hydroponic style planter that is great for herbs and small plants.

Garden Trim Made From Wine Bottles

Sometimes the simplest and most elegant solution to having too many empty wine bottles is to simple plant them into the dirt. In this brief and clever tutorial, you are shown how wine bottles can be used to create a unique border for your garden.

Wine Bottle Lamp

With the use of an inexpensive kit, anyone can turn an old wine bottle into a functional lamp. There is a lot of room for creative expression when it comes to decorating the exterior, which makes it great for when you can’t seem to find just the right lamp to compliment a room.

Book Page Silhouette

Starting with a simple coating of white paint on a wine bottle, this silhouette project is rather striking and quaint. You can use old book pages as suggested, or step it up a notch in color and use old thrift store pictures, photographs, or even magazine pages.

Tray-Bottomed Bird Feeders

In this interesting take on wine bottle bird feeders, the bottle is kept mostly intact, while a tray is added around the bottom. The design is simple, pretty, and convenient to refill. You can easily decorate the bottle as you please, or simple use a plain, or already-decorated bottle.

Wine Bottle Hanging Plantar

When it comes to finding new uses for old items and thrift store finds, this project really get creative. Instead of using an old wine holder for full wine bottles, the crafty lady behind this project shows you how she turned it into a hanging plantar for flowers.

Citronella Tiki Wine Bottles

In this two part tutorial (the second half is linked at the bottom) you are shown a variety of creative ways to redecorate wine bottles and turn them into lovely tiki style torches with citronella oil to help dissuade Summer time pests.

Upcycle Wine Bottles Into Garden Walls

This concept can be seen all over the internet, though finding a good tutorial can be more difficult to locate. While this post isn’t a complete guide, it does explain simply how it is done, which can give you a good start on making one for your home or garden.

Wine Bottle Olive Oil Dispenser

Using an old wine bottle for something other than simple decoration is always a plus for some people. In this simple and creative DIY tutorial, you are shown how easy it is to turn an empty bottle into something beautiful and useful around the kitchen.

Wine Bottle Dish Soap Dispenser

There are many examples of how you can decorate these bottles, it really is only limited by your imagination. Beyond that though, the basic construction is wonderfully uncomplicated and quick to complete. All you need is a bit of time and a few inexpensive supplies.

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