58 Most Unique Ornaments of 2020 for Your Family Christmas Tree

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Don’t just use the same ornaments over and over – this year add some character to your tree and holiday décor. This list showcases the best one-of-a-kind and amusing ornaments that you can hang on your tree this holiday season. We have included 65 of the internet’s most unique ornaments so you’ll be sure to find one that you will love.

Vintage Christmas straw ornaments. Sale. Set of 4.

Made out of tan straw, these ornaments are woven together like a basket. They are handmade from Sweden and come in different shapes – a star, two bells and a heart shape. They are traditional vintage style Dutch decorations and they have a red felt string to add a pop of color.


Compass 2.5″ Tree Slice Christmas Tree Ornament

This gorgeous wooden ornament is cut directly from a tree trunk and even still has the original real bark on the border. The middle part has a hand drawn round Compass rose design with black ink and white pencil with a black, white and gray watercolor background. There is a loop of twine through the hole in the top so you will always see your tree standing due north.


Bacon Christmas Ornament

Who doesn’t love bacon? This non-traditional ornament is sure to get a laugh as it shaped as a cartoon piece of bacon! They are made from polymer clay, painted to look like strips of bacon and even have cute little faces complete with googly eyes, expressive eyebrows and smiles.


FJ Cruiser Carrying Christmas Tree Ornament

Maybe you have a car themed tree or a vehicle aficionado in your family, this FJ Cruiser ornament is probably the one car you haven’t found yet. Add fun to your collection with some added holiday cheer as this FJ cruiser is carrying a snow frosted Christmas tree on its roof.


Santa Sloth Christmas Ornament

For an animal themed tree or maybe a “lazy” relative, a Santa sloth is a rare animal both in the wild and on Christmas trees. These cute smiling sloths are made from polymer clay, come in three different colors (grey, tan, brown) and are wearing red Santa hats. They have their strong arms wrapped around a silver string that is used to hang them on your tree.


Salty Hair, Sandy Toes, Beach Life, Christmas tree Ornament,

Perfect for a beach themed tree or ocean front home, this ornament is handmade and filled with real sand. The hand painted message on the outside of the ornament can be personalized to commemorate a vacation or favorite beach. The top is closed with a rustic looking burlap ribbon and a loop of twine for hanging.


Sheet Music Christmas Tree Ornament

Intended for a music or gift lover, this wooden 1- inch cube ornament is decoupage with vintage sheet music. The simple design also includes walnut ink to make it look aged, light glitter dusting and is “tied up” with red satin ribbon. There are five jingle bells on the top all in different holiday colors and a satin bow with extra ribbon for securing it to the tree.


BigFoot Sasquatch

Blend your holiday decorations and a little folklore with this tribute to Big Foot ornament. Made from recycled steel, this ornament is shaped like a giant sasquatch with a heart shape cut out to express how much you love urban legends. Handmade in the USA, this upcycled piece is one of a kind and uses a lovely twine string loop to hang it on tree branches or even on your wall all year round.


Crochet Christmas tree decorations

Embellish your tree with these super cute crochet holiday ornaments that are in the shape of mini white Christmas trees. This vendor sells them in sets of 6 which is plenty to use and show how original handmade decorations can make your tree and holiday décor stand out.


Hand Painted Ornaments, Christmas Bulbs

This is a traditional looking round glass ornament that has been enhanced with abstract style hand painting. The green, white and red paint is layered to create a unique piece of art then covered with glitter and a layer of acrylic shine. No two ornaments are alike, as they each have special caps and ribbons to match their one-of-a-kind paint designs.


Blue Tile Ornament Set

For the non-traditional or even beach themed tree, these blue ceramic ornaments are a classy way to add decoration and color. The set contains four flat round ornaments that are all painted with different blue and white patterns. They have golden string for hanging and the vendor offers optional gift wrapping.


Paracord Christmas Tree Ornament – (Set of 2)

): Made from Parachute cording, these ornaments are specially braided to resemble Christmas trees. One of our more affordable ornament options, the vendor offers many different colors and combinations for the set of two. And if you are ever in a dire situation you can use the cord for survival strategies!


Christmas Tree Ornament SCRABBLE

For the ultimate book or word lover, this vendor offers complete personalization for their Scrabble letter ornament. It is made out of actual Scrabble letters and can be customized with whatever word you want. They charge by the letter and so you can choose whatever word you want (they also have a word bank of holiday themed phrases to pick from).


Gothic Christmas tree ornaments Set of 6

Just like regular snowflakes, these black cotton ornaments come in all different snowflake shapes and sizes. These would be just the right decoration for a black, white or flocked tree that is decorated in a gothic theme. These are hand crocheted out of black cotton thread and come in a set of 6 with black hanging loops


Silver Star Urchin Ornament Modern

This super modern ornament is silver satin paper shaped into a star burst/sea urchin shape. Based on the traditional Polish porcupine ball, these handmade ornaments are elegant, platinum looking additions to modern decorations. They come in a clear box for safe storage and two different sizes 3” or 4” with loops for hanging.


butterfly ornament

Butterflies are nature’s unique ornament, so why not bring some of nature’s influence to your Christmas tree. These butterfly ornaments are made from ceramic and then individually hand painted with a lacy pattern in any color glaze you would like. No two ornaments are the same and they come with a twine hanging loop


12 Days of Christmas Ornaments

Everyone knows the song about the 12 days of Christmas and now there are ornaments to celebrate the classic carol. These ornaments made from Russian birch wood are cut to resemble the numbers and shapes that go along with the song lyrics.


Primitive Bear Ornament Rustic

These bears are perfect for the rustic style or winter cottage type tree! Handmade from fabric, you can choose brown bears, black bears or polar bears, they are made to order and after they are sewn, they are wrapped in cheesecloths and dusted with cinnamon staining to create a unique look for each one


quilled ornament

A modern take on the traditional Christmas star, this star ornament is handmade from holiday colored paper and inserted into a plastic sphere ornament. Each star is individually crafted and contains a bead in the center and a ribbon on top of the sphere for hanging.


Wine cork Christmas tree ornament

Are you a wine enthusiast or have a sommelier in the family? This ornament will be a perfect rustic addition to your Christmas tree, all while expressing your love for wine! Made from used/unused corks, they are stacked to look like a mini tree and secured with a ribbon tied around the outside. They added a super cute red bow on the front and a silver star at the top where the hanging string is attached


Breast Cancer Sea Glass Ornament

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, this unique sea glass ornament is pink and white and handcrafted into an abstract tree shape. In between the pieces of sea glass, there are crystal faceted beads for extra sparkle and a Czech star bead at the top where the light pink satin hanging ribbon is attached.


Jackalope Love Rustic Metal Recycled Steel Heart

Another ornament that celebrates woodland myths, this ornament is an upcycled steel Jackalope with a heart shape cut out in the middle. The Jackalope is a fictional animal that is a mix of a reindeer and rabbit and adds the perfect mysticism to your decorations.


Taco Christmas Tree Ornament,

For the foodie or taco lover, this super cute mini taco looks so real you might want to eat it yourself! Handmade from clay this crispy taco has all the traditional toppings – ground beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato and sour cream. The hanging loop is made from red ribbon and the vendor offers gift wrapping.


Fuzzy Beard Ornament

Maybe you miss the beards from No Shave November or just know a mountain man with a beard that should be celebrated, this quirky ornament is a way to add those special whiskers to your tree. Each yarn beard is crocheted by hand and then attached to plaid fabric for hanging.


Chainmaille Christmas Tree Ornament

A steampunk or renaissance themed ornament, this chainmail adornment is an old world take on Christmas décor. The “chains” are made from anodized aluminum rings that are different holiday colors and hand pieced together in the shape of a mini Christmas tree.


Love Symbol Floating Ornament – Prince

What better way to make a tribute to the late and great artist Prince than to place his love symbol on your tree this year? The love symbol (a purple ankh shape) is made to “float” inside of this clear plastic spherical ornament. The designer has added either gold or silver accent choices and a large purple bow on top with the hanging loop to commemorate this legendary musician.


Animal Tracks Ornament

Made from recycled tree branches, these rustic ornaments are just the thing for the cowboy (or girl), hunter or animal lover in your life. The vendor slices tree branches into ornament sizes and hand draws animal tracks in graphite pencil on one side of the wood. There are several different type of animal tracks to choose from and the wood is sanded and sealed with varnish before the twine hang loop is added.


Mini Chainsaws Cottonwood Bark Wood Carving

Another wooden ornament, this one is in the shape of a miniature chainsaw. To celebrate woodworking or carpentry – this ornament is hand carved with a silver “chain”, has a silver handle and a red start/stop button. It is so cute you can use it on your tree and then keep it on your desk or work space all year.


Love Tree Pose Yoga

Meant for the environmentally conscious yoga teacher or practitioner, this upcycled ornament is made from reused steel and is shaped in the form of a Tree Pose. The heart shape is cut out in the middle of the figure’s chest symbolizing love and mindfulness that comes from practicing yoga.


Nightmare Before Christmas tree ornaments

Pay homage to the classic animated Christmas movie the Nightmare Before Christmas with these sphere ornaments that are painted to resemble the skull head from Jack Skellington. They come in a set of 6 ornaments some are gold and others are champagne glitter with black bows and black hanging loops


Gold Bamboo on Blue Origami Crane Trio

The crane is the symbol or good luck and fortune and origami is the original one-of-a-kind artwork – combine the two and you have one awesome ornament for your tree. This set of origami ornaments are made from a beautiful blue paper with gold accents, gold glass beads, acrylic pearls and golden hanging ribbon.


Rustic Christmas Decoration Christmas Bell Ornament

If you are going with a woodland or rustic theme, these bells will be a perfect addition to your tree. Handmade from cardboard and decorated in Christmas style decoupage, these gold and white colored square bell ornaments comes in a set of 3.



For the world traveler or those free spirits on a wanderlust journey, this globe ornament expresses their love for roaming the earth. Complete with road signs to show the direction of some of the major cities in the world, this wooden ornament has the inspirational “See The World” message to encourage journeys to come.


Set of 6 Mini Mason Jar Ornaments

These mini jar ornaments are a super cute addition to a rustic or country style tree. They come with a plaid burlap bow with a wooden holiday tag attached with swirling black wire. The lid has a hole in it to attach to your light string or to add decorations of your own to the inside of the jar.


3.5″ Polyresin Camper with Christmas Tree Ornament- Blue

A vintage camper figurine is a throwback to the way travelers camp and explore the great outdoors. This camper is blue with a twine hanging loop and has a snow covered Christmas tree tied to the top for the extra holiday merriment.


Deer Hunter Buck on ATV Four Wheeler

This comical and entertaining ornament is great for the hunter, outdoorsman or man cave Christmas tree. Made from Resin Polymer Stone, this amusing ornament has a deer wearing a hunting vest driving an ATV. Since it doesn’t have a Christmas color scheme – this fun ornament can be displayed year round.


It’s All Relative Einstein

A super clever and “smart” ceramic ornament, this play on Einstein’s famous theory of relativity is sure to make the geek or wordsmith in your life smile. The black and white colored ornament has a picture of scientist Albert Einstein and the witty quote “Naughty? It’s all relative.”


Fun Express Magic Color Scratch Ornaments Craft Kit

This crafting kit includes premade ornaments that you can decorate yourself by simply scratching away the black surface and uncovering rainbow colors. There are 2 dozen ornaments and satin ribbons, and 12 scratching tools so everyone in the family can have their own personalized ornament on the tree.


Djembe Drum Ornament Shaker

Do you have a drummer or musician in your life? Bring a part of the drum circle to your tree this year with this mini Djembe drum ornament. Made from mahogany wood and blue rope ties – this hollow drum even has beads inside so it can also be hand shaker during Christmas caroling.


Smokin’ Good Times Grill Ornament

A combination of Christmas ornament, black mini smoker, horns and cowbells will make an entertaining addition to your holiday trimmings. This cute grill is great for the outdoor chef who loves to smoke meats on game days or during holidays. Along with the ironic cow detailing, there is a thermometer, bull ring, wooden prep surface and miniature tires to add a realistic feel


Old World Christmas Clarinet Glass Blown Ornament

This hand blown glass clarinet ornament will make an awesome gift for the orchestra or jazz lover in your life. Crafted to look just like an old world clarinet design, this black woodwind instrument is hand painted and glittered for extra authenticity and shimmer.


Red Farm Truck Christmas Ornament 3.5″

If you love classic trucks and farmer’s markets – the stone ornament is sure to make you smile. The hand painted red truck’s bed is filled to the brim with fresh produce. This ornament will also make an awesome gift or stocking stuffer!
48. Fisher Price See N Say Ornament: Based on the classic toy from yesteryear, this ornament is designed exactly like the vintage Fisher Price See and Say game. The See and Say is a game that has an arrow which rotates to point to an animal and then makes that animal’s sound. Great for parents and children to make new and cherish old memories.


Fisher Price See N Say Ornament

Based on the classic toy from yesteryear, this ornament is designed exactly like the vintage Fisher Price See and Say game. The See and Say is a game that has an arrow which rotates to point to an animal and then makes that animal’s sound. Great for parents and children to make new and cherish old memories.


Bucilla Counted Cross Stitch Mini Ornament Kit, 86672 Christmas

This super cute gift kit shows how to make your own cross stitch style ornament. Everything you need to make the ornament is included in the kit – the cotton fabric, yarn and needle. There are many different Christmas designs to choose from to enhance any holiday theme.


Pi Symbol ornament

Made from metal alloy, this ornament is shaped like the classic symbol for Pi also known as the number for circle circumference – 3.14159. For the math lover or number geek, it comes with a blank card for easy gift giving and a black satin ribbon for hanging.


Coffee Maker Espresso Cappuccino

Do you or someone you know have a coffee addiction? This mini resin stoneware coffee maker is hand painted to look just like the real thing. Complete with a coffee or espresso cup filled to the brim with hot coffee – it will express how much you can get enough caffeine.


4.5″ Silver Glittered Ballet Dancer Slippers

If you love the ballet or have a dancer in your family, these quaint ballet shoes have subtle sparkle for your tree and other home décor. They are embellished with faux rhinestones and glitter with a ribbon ties and a ribbon flower on the toe. The hanging ribbon is a delicate white satin to match.


CasaQ by Darlene ‘Christmas Calavera’ Day of the Dead Skull

One of the more extravagant ornaments on the list, this hand painted fine glass Day of the Dead skull is a colorful and creative tribute to history. A non-traditional take on classic Christmas decorations, this skull is a representation of the ancient holiday still celebrated in Latin American today.


Space Christmas Ornaments – Box Set – Tasmanian Oak Wood

This set of ornaments are made in Australia and include a planet, rocket, astronaut and UFO are cut from Tasmanian oak. For those who are fascinated with space travel and the extraterrestrial these classic wooden ornaments are an easy way to express curiosity and passion about space.


Vintage Style Stand Mixer with Bowl

A retro style decoration that honors the charm and appliances of the 1950’s. This ornament, made from resin, is a tribute to the stand-up baking mixer. Hand painted a beautiful teal color, the JWM Electric Mixer, has a red hanging ribbon and comes with batter already in the mixing bowl


Classic & Digital Camera Christmas Tree Ornament (set of 2)

This set of two ornaments are molded into the shape of a classic and a digital camera. Nowadays everyone takes photos with their phones – these ornaments will remind you where the photograph originated.
57. Candle Christmas LED Color Changing: We have included this electronic ornament to the list for the decorator who may like LED lights on their Christmas tree. This candle figurine is battery powered and changes color from red to green to blue. It comes gift boxed and can be hung to glow on your tree or stand alone on a tabletop.


Candle Christmas LED Color Changing

We have included this electronic ornament to the list for the decorator who may like LED lights on their Christmas tree. This candle figurine is battery powered and changes color from red to green to blue. It comes gift boxed and can be hung to glow on your tree or stand alone on a tabletop.


Hampton Nautical Brass Ship Wheel

Great for a nautical or beach themed tree, this solid brass ship wheel acknowledges the sea-faring lifestyle. Hand crafted by skilled artisans, this ship wheel will remind you of sailing the seven seas and the green ribbon will blend in to compliment any Christmas tree.


3.75″ Fashion Avenue Black and Silver Striped High Heel Shoe

For the fashionista on your gift list – these super cute stilettos shoes will be an awesome highlight to their chic holiday decorations. There are three different color styles to choose from and each comes with an accent bow on the toe and a silver string ready for hanging.


Pack of 6 Woodland Owl White and Silver Glass Ball

Our most expensive set of ornaments, these intricately designed glass ornaments are worth the higher price. The ornate owls are hand crafted with beads, sparkles and glitter for that extra holiday twinkle. The set of six white ornaments comes ready to hang with a silver string.


7 DIY Most Unique Ornaments You Can Hang on Your Christmas Tree

Star Ornament

A super fun and easy way to create your own ribbon star ornament, these DIY instructions can be used for all ages and are creative alternative to purchasing decorations. Made out of popsicle sticks, hot glue, ribbons, tacks and paint, you can customize your star ornament to any size, color scheme or decorative style

Button Christmas Ornaments

These button ornaments are similar to the CD mosaic that was described on this list because all you need is a plain glass or plastic ornament and some vintage buttons. This tutorial will show you how to DIY your own button and ribbon ornaments. A brilliant way to recycle old buttons or ornaments, you can tailor each to reflect your personal style or match Christmas décor.

Paper Pinecone Ornament

Maybe you don’t live in a place that has pine trees or want to buy your own pine cones – this DIY blog gives you all the details to show you how to make your own pinecone ornament by simply folding paper. Pick a pattern or color of paper, fold them into triangles and then attach them to a Styrofoam egg and you’re done!

DIY Vintage Inspired Bell Jar Ornaments

If you fancied snow globe ornaments but would prefer to make your own follow these DIY directions to make miniature snow globe ornaments. Made from plastic wine glasses and colored scrapbook paper – you can add whatever tiny trinkets to the inside of your ornament to create one-of-a-kind decorations

The Golden Snitch! Ornament Tutorial

For the crafter and Harry Potter fan – these instructions are sure to help you show off your love for witchcraft and wizardry. You can make your own Golden Snitch and place it to “fly” on your tree this year. The wings are made from paper and gold glitter creating a shimmering effect to add to your holiday décor and Harry Potter relic collection.

Simple Filled and Painted Ornaments

This DIY tutorial shows you how to make your own paint or craft filled glass ornaments. Simply start out with a plain glass ornament, follow these instructions to fill the inside with paint or whatever other decorations you want (feathers, string, fake snow, etc.). They also include a how-to on adding outside coverings which allows you to customize both the inside and outside decorations!

DIY: Mosaic Ornaments from CDs

Another set of DIY instructions that show you how to give a plain glass ornament a complete makeover. This tutorial shows you how to use recycled old CDs to create beautiful mosaic ornaments that are sure to make your tree sparkle

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