25 Fun and Interactive Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Imaginative Kids

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Toilet paper rolls are amazing, not only do they keep the toilet paper nice, tidy, and usually in the proper shape, they can be used for a million and one craft projects around the home. From simple arts and crafts for the kids, to new wall art for mom and dad, this collection of toilet paper projects really shows how much fun they create around the home.

Kaleidoscope Made From TP Rolls

Kaleidoscopes are enchanting and mesmerizing to gaze through, and in this easy to follow along guide, you are shown how to make one using something as simple and unassuming as an empty toilet paper tube. Kids can be entertained for quite some time, not just in the construction phase, but also in playing with the end product.

TP Tea or Coffee Cup

Simple and cute, these little paper cups made from empty toilet paper rolls are great for playtime. You can use them for pretend tea, or coffee, time and never have to worry about breaking a real cup. Anytime you’d like to have play cups available, but don’t want to worry about potential breaks, these are a perfect suggestion.

Tp Advent or Surprise Box

Using toilet paper tubes and tissue paper, this fun project can be used for advent calendars at Christmas, or any other time you’d like to have a fun countdown. The size of the tubes make it convenient for storing a small amount of candies, toys, stickers, and all manner of small treats and folded papers, or money.

5 Minute Batty TP Roll Craft

If you find yourself strapped for time, but wanting to decorate, around Halloween time, consider these quick and easy bats. Using common items most people have around the home, you can easily whip up a whole flock of these batty decorations in no time.

TMNT TP Roll Finger Puppets

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around quite a long time, and their popularity doesn’t seem to be fading with each new generation. In this fun and simple project, you are shown how to easily transform ordinary toilet paper rolls into a set of miniature TMNT finger puppets.

Cat in The Hat Treat Holder

Oh the Cat in the Hat can be a real treat, there is no doubt about that! Quite literally in this project you are shown how to make a fun Cat in the Hat themed treat holder. Empty toilet paper tubes make the perfect base for the iconic stripped hat and they are roomy enough for quite a few treats.

TP Roll Tree Topper In July

Who says you can only tend to Christmas decorations in November and December? This fun and easy to tackle project is a great one to either throw together at the last minute, or as the crafty lady behind it suggests, well ahead of time. Using toilet paper tubes and a few simple supplies, anyone can put together this cute little tree topper.

TP Roll Paper Dot Trees

This crafty little project gives a good example for why you should hang onto those bits of paper that hole punchers make. Using empty toilet paper tubes, these little trees really come to life in a few simple steps. The pops of color that the dots of paper add make them have a real spring time feel, but you can easily adjust the colors to your occasion.

Shark Made From TP Roll

There are many different styles of crafting projects that involve fish because they are relatively simple to create. With this project however, you are shown how to make a shark with a big toothy maw. All you need is a toilet paper roll tube, a pair of scissors, some paint, and glue.

Bird Feeder Made From Old TP Roll

Bird feeders don’t have to be fancy or expensive, in fact, they are very easily put together using household items. With this simple and nifty guide, you are shown how to turn an old toilet paper roll into a cute and functional bird feeder that is biodegradable.

DIY Yarn and TP Tube Napkin Rings

It is amazing the price that some stores will charge for napkin rings. Thankfully though, the crafting world is full of amazing little tutorials like this one, which shows just how easy and cost effective it can be to make your own table decorations.

Motivational Owls Made From TP Tubes

With the help of a little creativity, some basic art supplies, and some empty toilet paper tubes, you too can create these adorable and fun treat boxes. The owl theme makes them great for school related occasions, but can just as easily work for someone who simple likes owls.

TP Roll Giraffe

This is one of the most amazing and pretty crafts for toilet paper rolls imaginable. The simple, yet fun construction make it seem so quaint and charming. If you have anyone who likes giraffes, or wants something to accent the top of a dresser in a nursery, this would be a great project to use.

Toilet Paper Roll No-Sew Pumpkin

Do you hate the way a naked roll of toilet paper looks on the back of a toilet or bathroom counter? With this wonderful, no-sew, guide, you are shown how to disguise a back up roll of toilet paper in the bathroom, and cleverly add a bit of “decoration” to the room.

Fancy Vent Cover Made From TP Rolls

Have you ever had a naked vent on the wall that really needed something, but you didn’t feel like spending a lot of money to try and get a fancy cover for it? Well fear not, for the crafty lady behind this project shares a very thrifty and creative solution.

Sparkly TP Roll Stars

The star shape that is taught in this tutorial is one that many other elaborate designs incorporate. You can use them as ornaments, for splashes of color on the wall, or get creative and make something new with them. It all begins with re-purposing some toilet paper rolls.

Embroidered TP Tube Napkin Rings

Embroidering might seem complicate or intimidating, but in this kid-friendly project, you are shown how even the basic stitches can be used to make something beautiful. While the thread is traditional, the median for these stylish napkin rings is trimmed down toilet paper tubes.

5 Kid Friendly Games Using Decorated TP Tubes

There are five amazingly fun, engaging, and simple games in this guide, and all of them use redecorated toilet paper rolls. You an find something for kids of all ages to do, and for younger kids, they area great way to encourage motor skills and reasoning.

TP Roll Castles

Look for a fun and inexpensive craft that kids can easily do at an outdoor table and play with outside as well? These awesome little castles made from toilet paper rolls may be what you are looking for. Using basic and inexpensive supplies, there is no end to how many different ways they can design and decorate their castles.

Twisted Paper Oak Wall Hanging

Getting to re-purpose items that are normally tossed into the trash, or recycling bin, can be a rather rewarding experience. As the crafter behind this project mentions, you can easily scale the size as you want, but it is always advisable to start with a modestly sized one to get the hang of it.

Indoor Fairy Houses Made With TP Rolls

Using gathered materials from outdoors (or just using store bought crafting supplies) and an empty toilet paper tube, along with another bit of salvaged cardboard, this indoor fairy house is absolute whimsy at its best. You can easily make these for your own home, or as gifts for other lovers of fairies and enchantment.

Quick and Easy TP Roll Shakers

Simple and sweet best describe this little craft that uses empty toilet paper tubes and a few other items that are commonly available from the kitchen. The shakers are great for entertaining younger kids for hours, and their construction is easy enough that they can really participate in the assembly stages as well.

Easy Cuff Bracelets Made From TP Tubes

Have you ever found yourself in search of a quick, easy, and entertaining group project? Utilizing some rather thrifty art supplies, this cuff bracelet craft can be a lot of fun for both boys and girls. Using toilet paper tubes as the base, it is not hard, or expensive, to gather the needed materials.

Painting Uses For TP and Paper Towel Rolls

When it comes to all the crafty uses for empty toilet paper rolls, have you ever considered their versatility when it comes to painting? In this guide you are shown a few different patterns that are all possible with the help of the unassuming toilet paper roll.

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