100 Genius Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids and Adults (Easy Ideas)

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With the right project, it is easy to be amazed at how something so simple and humble as an empty toilet paper roll can be transformed. With this series of projects that encompasses activities for every level of crafting skill and age, you will find everything from frivolous figurines to beautiful wall art.

Fancy Frame Using Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper roll crafts are not always just for kids. In this tutorial, one crafty lady who has made quite the name for herself using toilet paper rolls, shows that you can make truly beautiful things with a little bit of patients and a lot of empty rolls.

Toilet Paper and Egg Crate Flowers

These quaint and charming little flowers are made from two very common household items. This easy little project is great for kids and parents alike, and is perfect for large groups as well. You can use this one for Spring time lessons, or anytime you have a pile up egg cartons and toilet paper rolls.

Toilet Paper Roll Airplanes With Templates

The crafty momma behind this blog knows how to entertain and inspire imagination through crafts. With this tutorial, you can turn empty toilet paper rolls into high flying planes. An included template is available to make sure everything turns out right, which makes it great for beginner crafters.

Beautiful Wall Art Cherry Blossoms

People have been finding amazingly creative new uses for toilet paper rolls since they were first created. Over the last few years though, the craft of transforming them has gotten more popular with social media. This tutorial shows you how to make cherry blossom wall art using very few materials.

Sparkly Stars Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

One of the most common forms for these cardboard cylinders to take is a simple star. In this quick and easy tutorial, you see a boring brown material that was destined for the trash, transformed into a sparkling piece of art.

Fun Penguins Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

There are several crafts that are perfect for kids when it comes to re-using spent toilet paper tubes. In this fun and kid friendly project, tubes are turned into adorable little penguins that are great for holiday and educational crafts.

Christmas Lights Craft Project

While in the holiday spirit, why not whip up some of these color paper lights with your young ones? The ever versatile toilet paper roll is easy to shape and makes a very classic Christmas light outline with very little effort.

Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are a very popular craft that has many different variations. In this rendition, very little added decoration is given, allowing the muted browns of the cardboard provide a somewhat rustic and classic appeal. There is always the option to jazz it up with a bit more color though.

Colorful Play Lanterns Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

Lanterns strung on garland are great for any festival, and these simple play lanterns are a great project for younger kids and up. The simple design also lends a wide range of decoration options, making them a year round crafting option.

Educational and Fun Honeycomb Project

Calling upon the ease with which thin cardboard can be molded, this project is perfect for a quick craft in the Springtime, or for being paired with a lesson about bees. You can even schedule it in with another project that incorporates flowers into the mix to fill out the time.

Snake Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

Slithering and sliding are elements that make a snake toy successful, and this toilet paper tube craft incorporates these features. Combined with the low difficulty in assembly, this project would work great for even younger children, who could if nothing else, enjoy decorating.

Pillow Box Gift Idea

The pillow box design is a very basic and simple concept that is re-used in several different projects for toilet paper rolls. In this take however, the use of book pages and curly pull string create a fairly unique take on them. Designed as a thoughtful gift with a message, you can easily make these for older kids and adults.

Easy Heart Stamp

If you have a few moments then you can easily shape a tube into this basic heart shaped stamp. Perfect for Valentines themed projects, you can use it alone, or in combination with other stamps to create simple pictures and patterns.

Toilet Paper Flower Wreath

Most people don’t consider the word elegant as a common adjective that pairs well with the words “toilet paper roll”, but with this wreath, it fits quite well. Fashioned using very basic clippings and hand crafted flowers, it makes an elegant statement for any door, and is very thrifty.

Toilet Paper Wall Art

If you happen to have a blank canvas lying around and some toilet paper rolls, you can use this project to create cheap, yet beautiful wall art. The crafter behind this project describes how to set it up so it can be easily undone when you want to re-use the canvas.

Trendy Cuff Bracelet Made Using Toilet Paper Roll

Another unconventional use for toilet paper rolls is turning them into trendy cuff style bracelets. According to this project, you can use scraps and baubles already on hand, which means you can easily have a new set of accessories without spending any extra money.

Electrical Cord Organizers

Using decorative tapes, labels or just about anything you can think of, or even nothing at all, you can re-purpose toilet paper rolls for organizing electrical cords. This nifty little project gives a fair number of creative ways to go about this.

Toilet Paper Roll Shamrock

St. Patrick’s Day is a simple holiday, so what to better with it than a simple craft? This shamrock is a very easy and kid friendly project that can easily keep young ones entertained for a while with decorating. The low cost makes it a great choice for classrooms and large groups.

Toilet Paper Building Blocks

This project is one that is not necessarily geared towards children participation, but it is designed to produce something kids will love playing with for quite some time. Ideal for toddler and up, these simple building blocks can easily be decorated in a wide variety of engaging colors and patterns.

Functional Polka Dot Lanterns

It should be noted that the lights used for this project cannot be normal string lights. You need strong LED or newer model, non-heating lights since cardboard is flammable. That aside, this is a very colorful and creative decorative project.

Toilet Paper Super Hero Cuffs

What kid has not imagined they had super powers at some point in their life? For that matter, what parent doesn’t secretly wish they had some as well? With this fun and creative project, kids and adults alike can enjoy having nifty super hero cuffs.

Fun Fish Toy Made From Toilet Paper Roll

Colorful and simple, kids will delight over this toy for hours. The construction is basic enough that they can help out a lot, beyond decorating. You can craft a simple fishing pole to accompany play time using a stick, some string and a bendy straw, or pipe cleaner, for a hook.

Americana Napkin Rings

Utilizing the full length of the roll, these Americana style napkin holders are very trendy and thrifty. Made using crafting supplies you likely already have lying around, they make a great touch to Rustic place settings, or as added decoration for patriotic celebrations.

Fish and Fishbowl Play Set

Kindergarten aged children and up will enjoy creating and playing with this simple and cute play set. The components are all very basic and the whole project should not take long to complete, which leaves plenty of time for simply enjoying playtime.

Menorah Toilet Paper Project

With the abundance of Christmas crafts available, it is nice to find a site that also has some fun projects for Hanukkah. With this toilet tube craft, kids can make a fun and colorful play version of the menorah, and it can also be a great project to use for teaching younger kids about its history.

Basic Cardboard Tube Pillow Boxes

For those unaware how to easily transform a cardboard toilet paper tube into a pillow box, this quick and easy tutorial shows you how. It also gives a few suggestions on how to decorate them. This extremely versatile craft is the basis for many unique designs for favor, treat, and gift ideas.

Bunny Rabbits Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

These adorable little bunny rabbits are a quick and easy craft project that kids will have as much fun making as they are bound to have playing with them. As with any toilet paper roll project, the costs are very low, if you don’t already have the materials on hand.

Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin Craft

Ideal for harvest and Halloween, this basic pumpkin project uses construction paper, glue, and a toilet paper tube. You may need a bit of paint as well, but otherwise, it is a very uncomplicated and charming little project for kids of all ages.

Valentines Owls

Who will be your Valentine? With these adorable little owls, it may be hard to choose. Great for classroom sized orders, this colorful treat filled owl is surprisingly simple to make. Your school aged kid can even help craft up a batch for their class parties and use different color schemes to fit the occasion.

Toilet Paper Music Shakers

These music shakers are basic maracas in disguise. Their construction is pretty straightforward, which means kids can help create, decorate, and play. The design makes for a fairly durable and creative addition to music time, as well as outdoor play.

St. Patty’s Day Craft

This adorable little St. Patty’s Day craft is colorful and complete with moving parts. Modeled after iconic leprechauns, younger and older kids alike will delight in working with bright shades of green, orange and red. You can choose to show them a finished model or let the motion be surprise.

Toilet Paper Bats

Following the basic pillow folds, this batty little project makes for a versatile spooky decoration. You can opt to leave them empty and hang them from the ceiling, or fill them with treats as party favors for your guests, or trick-or-treaters.

Grinch Christmas Project

The Grinch is one of the most iconic holiday characters to be introduced within the last hundred years. In this simple project, you can easily transform an everyday bit of trash into an adorable replica of the holiday’s most well known bad-guy-turned-good.

Crazy Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

Wacky and spooky, these toilet roll tube monsters are the perfect craft project for Halloween time. The simple components and basic construction make it great for kids of all ages. This is a great craft for stirring imagination and encouraging creative play.

Simple Race Car Crafts

Inside each simple little cardboard tube is a race car waiting to emerge. With this straightforward tutorial, you can easily break out your small figurine’s new ride. The design is also easily modifiable for adding better rolling wheels and finishing off the ends for a more advanced project.

Toilet Paper Monster Crafts

Aiming for more straight monster appeal, these classically designed monster crafts are better for slightly older kids, since it calls for more details to be painted on. Adults will also enjoy this monster craft as well, as it calls for creativity from everyone.

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

This nature friendly project is great to make just about year round because there are always hungry critters about. Using very few items, most of which you already likely have, the cost to make several of these is extremely low.

Toilet Paper Planters

Who says toilet paper rolls have to get made into something cute and covered in paint? The degradable nature of thin cardboard makes the great for gardening projects as well. In this tutorial, you can find out how to use them for starting seedlings, and avoid paying for over priced starter kits.

Toilet Paper Roll Snakes

Springy and simple, these colorful little cardboard snakes are quick and easy to make. The basic construction makes them another project that would be great for pairing with others, or for use with large groups. You can also use them as toys, or as part of a garland style decoration.

Toilet Paper Roll Paper Dolls

If you have art supplies and yarn, then you can follow this guide to turning toilet paper tubes into simple, yet creative, dolls. The examples given include very colorful characters with long hair, an even a witch complete with cone hat, though the point of the project, in part, is to challenge your own imagination.

Froggy Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Excellent for a wide variety of occasions, this cute and crafty frog project is great for kindergarteners and up. It may take a bit more time to get it just right with covering the tube, but overall the construction is pretty simple.

Turkey Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Gobble gobble goes the turkey! Young ones will delight in creating this colorful harvest time bird. Parents can proudly display them as centerpieces, or a whole flock can be made up to accompany place settings and act as keepsakes for family members.

Fall Garland With Toilet Paper and PT Rolls

Making use of multiple toss away items is always a plus for most thrifty crafters. With that in mind, this project calls for toilet paper and paper towel rolls to help create a fun and festive garland. The design includes pumpkins and apples, though you can easily use just one, or the other to change the scheme.

Chinese New Year Firecracker Craft

Another holiday that seems lacking in large caches of crafts, the Chinese New Year is a time for great celebration and colors. With this festive project kids can delight more in discovering the surprises inside, than trying to make it.

Quick Toilet Paper Pendant

Sometimes you just want a quick and easy project that you can knock out quickly to kill time, or make a lot of. This pendant may just be something to consider; it is easy to throw together and can be decorated in as many ways as you have the imagination to think of.

Burlap and Toilet Paper Roll Napkin Rings

Burlap is another standard go-to material in the world of basic crafting. In this adult oriented project, you combine very simple elements to create charming little napkin holders. They tie in well with a number of design schemes and can be easily customized to fit different holidays.

Cat In The Hat Push Up Craft

Just about every child who has been through elementary school knows about the antics of the Cat in the Hat. In this charming little project, designed in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, kids can fully enjoy making a push up craft themed around this notable character.

Toilet Paper Roll Snowmen Ornaments

Versatile in that they work as either ornaments or mantel adornments, this crafty little project is perfect for Winter time and Christmas holidays. Easily made using everything you might have on hand, it can be an ideal craft for times when you and your kids are stuck inside for extended periods.

Toilet Paper Roll Party Poppers

This project can result in a good bit of mess, as well as a lot of fun. Using very basic crafting and household items, you can make your very own reusable party poppers that fling confetti. Easily adapted to the occasion, you never have to worry about buying these from a store again.

Colorful Mini Pinatas

For some people, no party is complete without a pinata. In this Cinco de Mayo themed project, you and your older kids can have fun creating and stuffing miniature pinatas. Breaking them open may be a fun challenge in and of itself, though you may try weakening the seams so they twist open like crackers.

Creepy Halloween Eyes Project

This simple and creepy Halloween project is a great crafting project for decorating your yard, and dark crevices inside the home, like under open stairs. One note the crafter makes though, is that you can also utilize glow sticks for a more effective and less cumbersome lighting effect.

Elmo and Cookie Monster Craft

Designed as a project for parents to create for their younger children, these simple and colorful toilet paper roll figures are ultra easy to make. This guide even include printable patterns to make sure you can replicate the characters with a high degree of accuracy.

Toilet Paper Roll Farm Animals Craft

Great things come in pairs and even better things come in series. This small collection of farmyard animals provides the perfect toys to accompany a sing along. Kids can both help create and play with equal measures of enjoyment when it comes to this project.

Simple Crown Made From Toilet Paper Roll

What birthday, princess party, or knights and castles party is complete without crowns? In this very basic tutorial you are shown how something as mundane as a toilet paper tube can be turned into your child’s next cherished costume accessory.

Toilet Paper Roll Pencil Case

Employing a bit of creativity and some beginner’s sewing skills, you can use this guide to make your child a nifty new pencil case for school. It makes a great gift as first day, or going back present, and can even be made by older kids as presents for their friends or teacher.

Shamrock Stamp Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

Stamps are always a great staple to have in any craft supply box. With this nifty little project, you can get quite a bit of use out of items that would normally either be tossed out, or clutter up your storage.

Little Miss Dolls Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

Termed as Little Miss dolls, this guide gives an example of a variation on an angel that uses the same basic materials and design. The crafter provides a link to the other version in the tutorial, so really this can double as ideas for multiple occasions.

Toilet Paper Roll Safari Animal Project

Kitties and puppies are fine, but sometimes your kids might enjoy more exotic play things. In this tutorial, you are shown how to turn toilet paper tubes into a collection of safari animals. You can let your kid pick and choose which ones to make, or work on creating a complete set.

Intricate Rose Made Using Toilet Paper Rolls

Straightforward in design, this succinct tutorial shows you how to create beautiful and intricate roses using the thin cardboard found in toilet paper tubes. You can easily turn around and use these roses in any number of other projects, such as wreathes, bouquets, and wall art.

Tinker Style Toys Using Toilet Paper Rolls

For anyone who doesn’t know what a tinker toy is, they are an old style of play blocks that had rounded connectors and long bars that could be used to create all manner of things. In this project, parents can create a similar set of play things using toilet paper tubes and non-sharpened pencils.

Big Fish Toilet Paper Roll Craft

For some projects, only a portion of the toilet paper roll is used. In this craft however, the entire thing is used and then some. This one is great as an accompaniment to fish related lesson plans, or stories involving the ocean.

Pixel Art Using Toilet Paper Rolls

Pixel art has really exploded in popularity over the last few years and this tutorial is perfect for people who enjoy games, both young and old. Using a lot of toilet paper rolls and basic paint colors, you can create some amazing wall art with very little effort.

Beautiful Spring Wreath Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

Wreathes are always a great way to spruce up a door or wall, and can be used all year round. In this tutorial, you are shown how to create a lovely Spring themed wreathe that is perfect for livening up any décor.

Toilet Paper Roll Race Track

This craft is simple enough that a young child can easily be encouraged to use their motor skills and reasoning skills to construct. Made using whole and halved toiler paper rolls with some tape, there is very little decoration or mess required. It is a great way to challenge kids to use their minds as they experiment with placement of the track and find the best angle for use.

Felt Elves Craft

Toilet paper rolls provide the structure to these felt creations, while bright and cheery colors give them a Christmas theme. You can adapt the clothing for different characters, or make them as is for your next holiday season. There is not really much for younger kids to do, so this can be more of a make for, than with project.

Old Fashioned Inspired Ornaments Using Toilet Paper Rolls

The old foil ornaments, that resemble cat crinkle toys today, are the inspiration behind this crafty project. Based loosely on the old conical design, this tutorial uses the pliable cardboard of toilet paper rolls to partially recreate that old time look.

Toilet Paper Rolls Binoculars

Your little ones will be off on an adventure as soon as this project is finished. Using a pair of toilet paper tubes and some crafty decorating, you and your child can create these imagination spurring binoculars. You can use this simple project to entertain both indoors and out.

DIY Kazoo Using Toilet Paper Rolls

This project is definitely best saved for outdoor time (unless you have a sound proof room), due mainly to the fact these kazoos work better at louder volumes. Despite this quirkiness, you and child are sure to enjoy making and toying with the mechanics of how these work.

Sidewalk Chalk Made Using Toilet Paper Rolls

Making homemade art supplies can have some interesting results. With this project you can use toilet paper rolls to shape sticks of sidewalk grade chalk. The detailed instructions are pretty straightforward and given the nature of the results, it is a good choice to fill time during the Summer months, when schools are generally out.

Easy Octopus Toilet Paper Roll Craft

When you are working on an ocean themed activity time, this nifty little toilet paper roll project can be useful for creating either an octopus or squid type creature. Both young and older kids will enjoy the amount of hands on decorating involved.

Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies

Whimsical and sweet, butterflies are a common staple in anyone’s crafting repertoire. These toilet paper roll butterflies are simple and colorful, making them an easy project to fit into just about any schedule. If you follow the guide to the letter, kids will delight in the silliness of the mismatched eyes.

Replacement Ribbon Spools Using Toilet Paper Rolls

This project is another one that falls into the simple, sweet, and convenient category. More of a quick tutorial than anything, it shows you how to create new ribbon holders using toiler paper rolls and other bits of scrap cardboard, or stock paper.

Toilet Paper Roll Candle Decorations

In this elaborate, yet not overly complicated project, you are shown how to turn simple and boring toilet paper rolls into creepily elegant candle props. Given that part of the trick is using a lot of hot glue, this is definitely not a project for kids to help with.

Pom Pom Plop Game

Based on a very old style of game, this miniature version makes use of toothpicks, pom poms and a toilet paper tube. Colorful and interactive, it is a great project to make up ahead of time, or to assemble and play with kids.

Seal Dolls Craft Using Toilet Paper Rolls

Born from boredom on a lazy afternoon, this design for toilet roll paper dolls is too unique to not ponder. It is a great example of how letting your imagination wander while playing with arts supplies can produce some amusing results.

Christmas Wall Art Using Toilet Paper Rolls

The easily workable cardboard used in toilet paper rolls is a great median for creating wall art. In this Christmas themed project, the crafter shows off some very easy to replicate designs that create charming pieces of wall art you can use for yourself, or as inexpensive gifts.

Burlap Bunny Ears Napkin Rings

One thing that can really spur a crafter to create something new, other than a great sale, is the desire to not pay retail for home décor. The tutorial behind these fetching and rustic napkin rings was inspired by an over priced version of them.

Owl Ornament/Doll Made From Toilet Paper Roll

Versatile in that is can be used as either an ornament of simple doll, this plucky little owl is made using common toilet paper roll crafting techniques. The guide employs bright and festive colors, but you can easily opt for a less offbeat scheme.

PT Roll Robot Craft

Cooky and metallic, this robot themed project will have your kids mimicking the beeps and bloops of their favorite cartoon bot. Parents will want to do a lot of the setup, but kids can easily handle the bulk of decorating.

Fancy Pen Holder For Fridge

How many times have you gone to write something on your fridge’s notepad, only to not see a pen in sight? This convenient little project turns a toilet paper roll into a pretty little pocket for storing pens where you really want one.

Mini Book Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

The momma behind this project has a lot of experience in making some neat crafts. Utilizing the basic book technique, she takes it a step further by adding a pull tab feature to it. You can use the basic concepts and create your own mini story with your kids.

Sparkly Christmas Flower Ornament/Decoration

Based around the poinsettia, this sparkly Christmas flower may be a bit big for your tree, but can be used to decorate walls, mantels, and other windows. The basic flower created with this technique can be applied to more elaborate designs as well.

Unicorn Marionette Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

Coming from a woman who has made arts and crafts her career in life, this fabulous unicorn marionette toy is one of several puppets she had designed. Whimsy at its finest, your children will love decorating and playing with this for hours to come.

Christmas Wreath Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

Simple and too the point, this Christmas wreath is a great choice for letting little hands help. Most wreathes are too fancy and complicated for kids to really take part in, but this one can help them feel included in the process of decorating for the holidays.

Toilet Paper Roll Printing

This is one project that creates amazingly sophisticated results, yet uses a technique that is so simple you might thump yourself for not trying it sooner. You can use it in a similar craft to the example given, or keep in mind the next time you are decorating something.

Business Card Holder

If you have ever collected or passed out business cards, you know how easy it is to loose track of them. Using this nifty project, you can create a personalized and convenient card holder to help you keep track of them all.

Mini Baskets Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

Fashionable and handy, these simple, yet cute little baskets are the perfect addition to other projects. You can use them as part of treat bags, or mini gifts, or you can use them to hold mini cupcakes in a fancy display. Whatever you use them for, you will be glad to have them.

Fancy Decor Using Toilet Paper Rolls

Used alone, or as part of a group of items, this loopy decoration is just one of the many variations that can be made using toilet paper rolls and basic art supplies. In this particular example, it is being used as an accent on a shelf, though it could also easily be hung.

Toilet Paper Roll Cover Up Pumpkin Craft

Most crafts have you using toilet paper rolls that are empty. In this particular project though, you want a nice full roll to help create a pumpkin shape. With not sewing or real intense skills required, this is a great way to have reusable decorations for the Fall.

Re-Purposed Lamp Design Using Toilet Paper Rolls

The highly creative crafter behind this project really enjoys re-purposing anything and everything. While the end result is a very unique lamp, it should be noted that anytime you use paper products and light fixtures, you should be sure you are using non-heat emitting bulbs.

Bear Themed Desk Organizer

Clever and simple, this bear themed desk organizer is made with a toilet paper roll at the heart of it. The general guidelines are rough, so this may take a bit of practice to get just right. However, all the necessary concepts are in place for you to modify it to your liking.

Christmas Crackers With Toilet Paper Rolls

In this Christmas themed project, crackers get a holiday makeover. You can use them as favors for the day, or incorporate them into a daily holiday ritual, such as an advent calendar. The crafter who came up with this project decided to include scripture versus inside that were relevant to the season.

Animal Shaped Mini Easter Baskets

Easter can be a grand time for celebrating and making cheery crafts. With these simple, themed baskets, you have the perfect way to display freshly decorated eggs, or pass out little treats for the occasion. You can even use them in place of larger baskets when trying to phase out a lot of sweets.

Open Pocket Advent Calendar

Following the pretty pouch school of design, this advent calendar can also be used as a storage board and organizer with a bit more securing of the pockets. Though, it makes no difference in how its used, it remains a project better suited to older kids and adults for crafting.

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree Home Decoration

For people with limited space to put up a full sized Christmas tree, or for those that really enjoy making Christmas trees, this project presents a lot of potential. Crafted using a heap of toilet paper rolls (39 to be exact), it can be considered a rather substantial decoration.

Jewelry Tray Organizer Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

Practicality is always a welcome trait in any crafting project, and this one is all about it. Using cut up and painted toilet paper rolls, you can easily turn an unsightly and messy pile of jewelry into a neatly organized display.

Craft Caddy Made Using Toilet Paper Rolls

Being organized can be great, especially when getting there involves crafts along the way. With this quick and to the point tutorial, you will find out how to use toilet paper rolls to get control of your desk and work areas.

Rainy Day Toilet Paper Roll Flower Craft

When it is raining and pouring, and your kids are crying about it being boring, pull out some scraps and give this craft a try. Gloomy weather can lead to kids getting restless, which is why using bright colors, like the one in this project, is essential to keeping kids entertained during long afternoons.

Cat Activity Toy Made Using Toilet Paper Rolls

Not all crafts are about the human members in a family. This crafting tutorial is all about the felines in the house. Using simple components, such as toilet paper rolls and a tissue box, you can create an engaging toy to entertain kitties.

American Flag Toilet Paper Roll Craft

This basic crafting tutorial can be used to decorate in old Americana style, or for Fourth of July parties. It also works well as a companion craft for lessons involving American history, or when teaching kids about patriotism. The concept can also be applied to other flag designs.

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