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How to Make Flan in a Jar

Did you ever have a “birthday treat” growing up? You know, that one sweet treat your parents would let you pig out on for your special day? I definitely did.

How to Make Authentic Homemade Taco Seasoning

My spice cabinet runneth over. Knowing that they will one day expire without having used them all up gives me a bit of anxious culinary guilt. But ever since I started making my own spice blends, I’ve been able to tone down my once-overflowing spice cabinet to something I think might be what a sane…

How to Make Classic Homemade Mayonnaise

In the 1950s, if mayonnaise had never been sold in gallon-sized jugs, and instead reserved for occasional and delicate use in sandwiches or as dips, it might have cemented itself a beloved American classic for all time. But for some reason, housewives decided to take the airily whipped French condiment and use it liberally, slathering…

How to Make Simple Homemade Salsa

When I make homemade salsa in my house, it’s a batch enough that seems like it can serve a small army. So that even after it’s piled, in copious amounts, atop tacos, there is enough to go into a burrito for lunch the next day. And then on eggs the following morning. And afterwards a…

How to Make Perfect Homemade Pickles

No longer are pickles reserved for pregnant women’s cravings, nor are they the sad soggy looking entities thrown into school lunches of yesteryear. From cayenne-spiced pickled cauliflower to smoky okra pickles laced with curry powder to the no-frills classic dill, a newfound pickle craze has paved the way to a new generation of pickle consumer….

How to Make Chocolate Cake in a Mug

Ever go to the grocery store and walk through the bakery with all those beautiful, rich cakes, and start craving a piece of chocolate cake. Not an entire cake, but just ONE piece?

Tiramisu in Mini Pumpkins

Every Halloween my boyfriend and I throw a dinner for our closest friends. Each year they expect us to come up with something a little more creative than the last year, may it be in terms of decor (which is always to perfection) or food! I think we outdid ourselves on the decor last year……

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