25 Super Sturdy Christmas Tree Stands That Will Last a Lifetime

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Before you purchase a Christmas tree stand this year, make sure it’s sturdy enough to last forever or else you’ll find yourself in need again a few years down the road. Here are 25 of the sturdiest Christmas tree stands available and a few you can even make on your own.

Metal Rotating & Powered Christmas Tree Stand With Adaptors

No longer will you need to pile all your Christmas ornaments on the front half of your tree. This super sturdy powered tree stand rotates so you can enjoy your tree from every angle. It can hold a tree as tall as nine feet and up to 80 pounds.


Metal Artificial Tree Stand

This red metal tree stand fits right in with your holiday colors. It’s constructed of super heavy duty gauge steel and comes with a tree centering system to allow for a perfectly aligned tree. It can accommodate an artificial tree trunk that is 1.5 inches in diameter with adjustable prongs.


Heavy Duty Vintage Christmas Tree Holder

This heavy duty vintage Christmas tree stand is a steal at $25. Made in the 1960’s, it boasts a five star rating and a bright red color to match the rest of your holiday set up. It comes in its original box and is designed to hold a tree trunk up to four inches thick.


Elf Logic Heavy Duty Christmas Tree Stand

This Christmas tree stand comes with a built in water tray so your tree stays fresh throughout the holiday season. It has sturdy straps that are easily adjustable to hold your tree securely in place without any bulky screws. This stand was made in the USA and was given a four star rating.


Vintage Metal Christmas Tree Stand in Original Box

They don’t make Christmas stands like these anymore! Made in the 1950’s, this tree stand features mid-century metal guaranteed to last a lifetime. It’s painted in a glossy green and red color that would look great in your home even if you didn’t use a tree skirt. Measurements are six inches tall and 17 inches across.


Revolving Christmas Tree Stand

Now you can enjoy all of your Christmas tree this year and not just the front and sides. This 360 degree revolving Christmas tree stand is sturdy enough to hold a tree weighing 150 pounds and measuring up to 8.5 feet. It comes with an on/off switch and a plug in cord for tree lights.


Krinner Christmas Tree Genie XXL Christmas Tree Stand

The Krinner Christmas Tree Genie is the number one best rated selling tree stand. It features a 2.5 gallon water capacity for easy watering, an automatic level indicator, and a 20 inch base. It holds trees up to seven inches in diameter and comes with a five year warranty.


Jack-Post Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand

This Jack-Post welded steel Christmas tree stand fits a tree up to 12 feet tall with a seven inch trunk. It comes with a 1.7 gallon water capacity and has four legs with a 29.75 inch base. It features corrosion resistant hardware so you never have to worry about it looking dingy.


Vintage Christmas Tree Stand

For a true vintage Christmas tree stand that will make you remember Christmases 60 years ago, you need this tree stand. It holds huge trees that just fit under 10 foot ceilings and has wide turn screws to easily balance your tree. Measurements are 12 inches tall and 21.5 inches wide when fully open.


Rare Antique Hand Painted Gnome Tree Stand

If gnomes are your thing, this tree stand is for you. It features hand pained gnomes on each side of the stand that would be great in your garden when it’s time to take the Christmas tree down. The stand has three rubber feet and weighs six pounds for a study and unique addition this holiday season.


Santa’s Solution Solid-Steel Christmas Tree Stand

Santa knows best! This tree stand is made of solid steel that will last forever. It features a lifetime warranty and a patented “turn straight” centering system to evenly distribute the tree’s weight for ultimate safety. It’s bright red finish and green trim is perfect if you have no room for a tree skirt but still want some decoration.


Vintage Red and Green Metal Tree Stand

This five star rated Christmas tree stand measures 17 inches wide and 5.25 inches tall. It is constructed of mid-century metal with a glossy green color and features a bright red poinsettia painted on the sides of the stand. It was made in the 1950’s and comes with its original box.


Heavy Duty Christmas Tree Stand

This ultra sturdy Christmas tree stand is perfect for big trees. It can hold one up to 10 feet and provides three gallons of water to keep your tree fresh all throughout the holiday season. In place of screws, this tree stands holds your tree steady with braces and straps.


Heavy Duty Metal Round Base Christmas Tree Stand Holder

For $30, this stand gives you a sturdy metal base for your tree with a classic vintage look. It weighs close to 13 pounds and has a round base that measures 22 inches wide and 7.5 inches tall. Four screws fasten the tree in place for a straight appearance all season long.


Antique Vintage Large Heavy Duty Tree Stand

This antique vintage Christmas tree stand dates back to the 1930’s or 1940’s and is made of sturdy cast iron. You’ll never need another tree stand again! It measures 7.5 inches tall and 24 inches across and is in nearly perfect condition with no chips or cracks.


Heavy Duty Fancy Gold Metal Rotating Christmas Tree Stand

This heavy duty Christmas tree stand weighs 16 pounds and is made of metal and wire for the perfect way to display any large tree. It features a fancy gold paint job with a circular base that rotates to make sure your guests get to enjoy the full experience of your tree!


TreeKeeper Heavy-Duty Rolling Tree Stand

Imagine having the convenience of a rolling tree stand this Christmas! This heavy duty rolling tree stand with compression plates includes a two way rolling feature that fits up to a nine foot tree weighing 300 pounds. It’s perfect for those who need to move their tree from room to room.


Antique Art Deco Cast Iron Christmas Tree Stand

Step back into time with this antique art deco cast iron tree stand from the 1930’s that will last a lifetime. It features a faded green color and has four arms that taper in size from the base to the ground. It stands 7 inches tall and would make a great table piece when Christmas is over!


Extreme Heavy Duty Red Steel Christmas Tree Stand

Buy this tree stand for its festive look alone and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its heavy duty structure. It features a bright red base with green trim that will look great with the rest of your holiday decorations. It fits a heavy tree up to nine feet tall and 5.5 inches in diameter.


Green Heirloom Tree Stand

This one of a kind size 14 hunter green heirloom Christmas tree stand has a classic cast iron look for the sturdiest stand you’ll ever need. It holds a tree up to eight feet tall and has a baked on enamel finish to ensure no chipping or rusting.


Traditional Cast Iron German Tree Stand

Have a traditional German Christmas this year no matter what part of the world you’re in with this cast iron traditional German tree stand. It was made in the 1930’s and is constructed of metal and cast iron so you’ll never have to worry about bringing a big tree home.


Heavy Duty Green Pivot Christmas Tree Stand

This heavy duty green pivoting Christmas tree stand is everything you need this December. It rotates 360 degrees and fits trees up to nine feet tall. It’s made tough with a plastic centering spike that won’t rust and holds up to a gallon of water so you can bring home a real tree this year.


Gold and Red Chipping Vintage Christmas Tree Stand

The chipping gold and red paint on this 1950’s vintage Christmas tree stands gives it an incredibly authentic look! It’s made of cast iron and measures 11.5 x 11.5 inches. Although it has an appearance that’s heavily worn, the stand will hold a tree with a four inch trunk just fine.


Art Nouveau Cast Iron Christmas Tree Stand

Art lovers will fall in love with this art nouveau cast iron tree stand that will last forever. It was made in the 1930’s and would go great in with matching authentic ornaments or similar decorations. It comes with three screws to fit your tree trunk and will eliminate the need for a tree skirt this year!


7 DIY Super Sturdy Christmas Tree Stands That Will Last a Lifetime

Farmhouse Style Christmas Tree Stand

If you’re feeling crafty this holiday season, try making your own Christmas tree stand instead of buying one! This farmhouse style stand is made out of a metal pail and includes room for water. You’ll need a power drill, seven clothesline hooks, marble rock and a plastic round container.

Geometric Tree Stand

This gorgeous geometric stand will only cost you six hour of your time and six dollars. It’s also easy to assemble once the boards are cut! You’ll need wood glue, wood filler, finish nails and some simple supplies to put it all together. This would be the perfect tree stand for a tabletop tree or something lighter.

Mirrored Christmas Tree Stand

A DIY mirrored Christmas tree stand is the perfect crafty look your tree needs this holiday season. Gather together four mirrors cut to the size you want, a large piece of plywood, a nail gun, measuring tape and glue. The best part is it will look like you have twice as many presents under the tree!

Christmas Tree Stand Christmas Tree

Once you find the perfect tree stand, what are you supposed to do with all the others that didn’t last? Make them into a Christmas tree! Follow these instructions to stack them together and make a Christmas tree decoration to accompany the real thing that would look great in any room of your house or office.

Christmas Tree Stand Gift Cover

If you’ve got a sturdy metal tree stand but don’t like its appearance, cover it with this DIY tree stand cover to make it look like a gift! You can make this cover for only a few dollars. You’ll need a yardstick, a cardboard box, markers, a utility knife, tape, scissors and cute wrapping paper!

Christmas Tree Stand Cover Using Frames

Have a picture perfect Christmas this holiday season by making this DIY tree stand. Customize this project by picking vintage, black and white, glittery or even homemade hand crafted picture frames. Aside from an assortment of frames, you’ll need a staple gun, frame mirrors, chalk, paint, scissors and your imagination!

Christmas Tree Stand Slipcover

Get rid of the Christmas tree skirt this year and make this plywood tree stand slipcover instead! Start by measuring your stand and then cutting out the plywood to match. Throw some paint on it and you have a customized tree stand that would be great for all potted plants, not just Christmas trees.

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