50 Super Fun Snowman Crafts Both Girls and Boys Will Love

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There are a lot of iconic things for Winter, with snow being the most recognizable. Following that, it is snowmen. There are few things more fun than sharing time with family, or decorating your home for people who enjoy being crafty. This collection of crafts has snowman themed projects that will suit everyone in the family.

This is an awesome resource for fun snowman crafts. Everything from marshmallow snowmen on a stick to homemade play doh snowmen in a jar.

Kid Friendly Clay Snowman Craft

Who says kid’s modeling clay is just for kids? In this nifty little tutorial, one crafty lady turns simple white modeling clay into a whimsical little snowman. The project is easy enough that young kids could help make and decorate their own snowman with ease.

Marshmallow Snowmen On A Stick

This tasty little craft could easily become a regular tradition during winter time, as it pairs wonderfully with a hot cup of cocoa. Using marshmallows and other edibles, these adorable little snowmen are fun to look at and family friendly to make.

No Sewing Needed Styrofoam Snowmen Tutorial

If you’ve ever found yourself with glue, or wanted something that didn’t require any sewing, this is the snowman themed project for you. Using stickpins and staples, you can whip these Styrofoam snowmen up in no time. As far as young ones go, older kids would be better given the prickly means by which they are assembled.

Handmade Pom Pom Snowman Ornament

You don’t need a fancy little device to whip up your own pom poms, and in this tutorial you are shown how simple and easy it is to transform some into cute snowmen. The crafter gives a link to her very easy to follow guide to making them, as well as tells you how to dress them up in a snap.

Homemade Play Dough Snowmen in a Jar

Not only is this craft a great one to share with your kids, it is a great gift idea for classroom parties, young family members, and friends. The guide not only shows you how to pack up these adorable gifts, there is a convenient link to another guide for how to make the home made play dough.

Clay Snowmen

With this simple tutorial, complete with pictures, you can find a great use for oven bake clay. One of the great things about this snowman craft is that it is very easy to make andleaves a lot of room for additional decoration to be added.

Recycled Sock Snowman

When it comes to homemade crafts and snowmen, socks are a very popular item to re-purpose. In this guide, the crafty mum tried to use materials already on hand to create these fun snowmen. Additional ideas for how to decorate them, as well as how to display them.

Mason Jar Snowmen

One thing that can make a simple craft even better is if it is versatile. In this mason jar decorating project, you can opt to use an LED light, or not, to alter how it looks. Whether you safely light yours of not, this is one adorable snowman that can serve as decoration, or container for holiday treats.

Sweater Wearing Sock Snowmen

Of all the sock snowmen, this is one the most versatile and adorable variants. Using multiple socks, and some basic supplies you’d likely already have on hand, you can make them with, or without any sewing. Depending on what you want to do with them after, you can follow the guide, or alter it slightly to make it more toy-like.

Paint Stick Snowmen

If you have a large group of young crafters, then this project is an excellent choice. These delightful little snowmen can be whipped up in fairly sizable batches, and take little time to decorate. They are also great for engaging kid’s imagination and encouraging play.

Snowman at the North Pole Ornament Craft

There are a few themes that repeat when you consider snowmen crafts, and ornaments happens to be one of the most popular. In this rather unique and creative take on what to do with clear ornaments, the clever mind behind this project shows you how to create a fun and wintry scene.

Snowman Card Decoration

Not all snowmen are pretty and white, in this unique take on colors, one crafter brings you a project for customizing holiday cards using doilies and felt snowmen. You can of course change up the color scheme, or follow the guide, either way, it is a cute way to dress up your cards.

Puffy Felt Snowmen For Decoration

Inspired by other felt projects, this crafty blogger wanted to share her take on the traditional felt snowmen. Fairly quick and easy to make, they are perfect for adding a bit of seasonal charm to any décor. There is even a free download of the patterns she used to make it, as well as instructions.

Shredded Paper Snowman

If you have a paper shredder at home, or access to shredded bits, then you have the perfect median for making cute snowmen. Another perfect craft for younger kids and up, the prep for this project is as easy as the construction.

Waterless Snow Globe Snowmen

Snow globes are a really trendy craft project, in this take however, no water is needed. The creative mother behind this project designed it for her very young child so that he could have a nice introduction to craft time. With this simple guide you can share the joy and fun of making a sparkly, waterless snowman snow globe.

Snowman Topple Game For Kids

Winter time is typically a time filled with cold weather, ice, and snow. While some kids thrive in these conditions, they can be a bit unsafe. If you and your kids are stuck indoors, consider this nifty snowman project that can entertain kids stuck indoors for quite a while.

Crochet Snowman

What craft listing would be complete without some crochet projects? This simple and detailed set of instructions comes complete with step-by-step pictures. If you know the basics of crochet stitches, you should be able to master this cute little craft in no time.

Recycled CD Snowman Ornament

Old CDs, or even DVDs, can get a new life in this project that turns them into shimmery new snowmen ornaments or wall decorations. Using simple things like paint, glue, and paper, kids and adults alike can enjoy this craft.

Melted Snowman Craft

There are many different styles of snowmen, and this particular craft employs a bit of humor regarding the idea of having a decoration made from snow. In this melted snowman project, you can creatively use paint and flower to make a “melted” snow effect.

5 Simple Snowmen Crafts For Kids

Not everywhere has a snowy winter, and the Florida-based mom behind this cache of quick snowman crafts has learned how to help conjure up the holiday spirit. The clear pictures and explanations give details on how to make up each craft.

Snowman Button Card Craft

Christmas cards are fun to make yourself and often a lot less expensive than store bought ones. In this simple guide, one crafter shows you how to make an adorable little snowman that is the perfect embellishment for your next card, or gift tag.

Foaming Snowman Play Stuff

Made using simple household ingredients and some foam crafting bits, this snowman craft can be a smashing hit with younger kids and up. Little ones can sculpt snowman up then start a foaming reaction to melt them back down. The amount of fun to be had by children and adults is only limited by imagination and supplies.

Snowman Ornament Made From Baby Food Jar

Quick and uncomplicated are two great adjectives that describe this snowman ornament craft. You can transform empty baby food jars into adorable little snowmen for your tree, or mantle. If you want to get really creative, you can use different sized jars to create full-sized snowmen, or an assortment of faces for variety.

Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

Battery powered tea lights can come in handy for accenting a lot of crafts, in this snowman craft, it is the most crucial component. Using very basic crafting supplies and a hot glue gun, you can transform little lights into brightly smiling snowmen faces in no time.

Light Bulb Snowmen Craft

Turning old items into lovely new things is always a great use of time. In this nifty project, one crafty lady gives us her take on the light bulb snowmen craft. Her clever ideas for decorating and embellishing them are quite convenient.

Salt Dough Snowmen

Salt dough recipes are some of the oldest and most versatile recipes in the crafting world. You can make a million and one things with it, and in this snowman craft, it is put to use making mini statues that are oh so adorable.

Snowman Sentinel Craft

Using jar flats and some paint, this simple craft is cheery and sweet. You can make these little holiday sentinels to add to centerpieces, planters, and anywhere else that a dose of merriment is needed. The simple construction is aided by the fact the crafter includes a printable guide for making the faces, if you don’t want to complete freehand them.

Large Yarn Snowman Decoration

There is a saying, “Go big, or go home.”, and in this yarn snowman craft, they went big for their home. While you can easily adjust the sizing as you please, this industrious crafter uses plate-sized circles as the base for her rendition.

Pillow Snowman

Pillows are cuddly things by themselves, and in this craft, they are transformed into adorable decorations for the home. Using very basic skills and materials, you can follow this dad’s guide to creating plump snowmen in no time at all.

Snowmen Family in a Pot Craft

Up-cycling, or recycling, however you want to put it, is a great way to get supplies for fun holiday crafts. In this project, an old glove and garden pot get turned into a cheer filled group of snowmen. You can turn them into carolers, or make them up to represent the family, the options of endless.

Crafty Snowmen “Lollipops”

While these may look tempting, they are far from tasty. Designed for decoration, these salt dough “lollipops” are festive little holiday embellishments for the home. You can make a batch and put them in a dressed up jar for the mantle or table, or add them to planters, the possibilities are vast.

Pop-Up Snowman Kids Craft

If you want a snowman craft that is simple and sweet, this paper plate craft is the one for you. Great for young kids and large groups, there is little prep involved, and a lot of potential for kids to be kept busy decorating.

Kid Friendly Sparkling Snowman Ornaments

Coming from a teacher who enjoy group projects for young kids, this variation of filling a clear ornament is quite cute. Using shiny tinsel and personalizing effects, like earmuffs, this is one project that adults and kids can both enjoy making and decorating with.

Stitched and Stuffed Snowman

Felt is a very versatile crafting material and it makes wonderfully quaint projects. In this craft, a simple pattern is given for a common style, but with a few added details that really make this friendly face snowmen stick out.

Knit Snowman Ornament

Miniature snowmen are adorable, and in this knitting tutorial, you are given detailed instructions for how to make up an adorable little guy, or gal. You can follow the instructions in the post, or open the free PDF for a more concise set. Advanced knitters may prefer the latter method, while beginners will want the handy pictures in the full guide/post.

Snowman and Friends Finger Puppets

While not exclusively about snowmen, this set of finger puppets is just too cute. The free pattern layout is great for novice crafters, and you can easily pick and choose which ones to make. These would make great playtime companions while watching Christmas cartoons and movies, as well as interactive story time.

Easy Embroidery Hoop and Felt Snowman

Taking advantage of the circular nature of embroidery hoops, this crafter’s project is brilliant in its ingenuity. Just about anyone could master this adorable wall/window/door decoration. You can also easily adapt the size of it based on which hoops you use.

Jack Skellington Snowman Ornament

Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” has a dedicated fan base that spans multiple generations. In this remarkable uncomplicated snowman craft, this talented lady shows you how you can use polymer clay to make snowy version of Jack Skellington, complete with a Santa hat.

Unique Melted Snowman Ornaments

Hot glue guns are an iconic tool for many DIY crafters. In this fun little snowman themed craft, you can turn hot glue into a comical “melted” snowman ornament. The supplies and steps are pretty easy to obtain and follow, but given the amount of hot glue used, it is not recommended for young kids.

Tin Cans Snowman Sculpture

Tin cans get transformed in this statue project. If you don’t have any, you can more than likely asked friends and family members for some, or just wait until you do. To follow the project you will need different sizes, such as coffee tin sized, family sized, and regular sized cans.

Terra Cotta Stacked Snowman Sculpture

Making use of old pots, this snowman craft encourages the use of bits you already have, or can easily find around the home. Simple and sweet, this is more tailored to adult crafters, though teenagers could likely lend a hand, or young kids could help with the finishing touches.

Snowmen Made From Coffee Creamer Containers

“The Snowman” by Raymond Briggs is a beloved story and movie and this craft is perfect to pair with it on a wintry day. The craft calls for the use of coffee creamer containers, many of which have the uniquely shaped top that is seen in the pictures.

DIY Snowman Lamp Makeover

If you want a quick, creative, and easily reversible snowman craft, this project is for you. This nifty crafter came up with a way to dress up a plain lamp and turn it into a bit of cheerful Winter décor. As an added bonus the materials recommended make it easy to undo after the season has passed.

Yarn Ball Snowmen

This easy to follow yarn ball craft uses Styrofoam spheres to create the illusion of actual balls of yarn. You can dress it up in any number of ways uses scraps and bits around the home, making this a great craft to fill time and decorate the home.

Brick Snowman Craft

Have you ever found yourself wandering a home improvement store and come across uniquely shaped bricks? In this quick little crafting project, one imaginative lady found really cheap bricks that were easily transformed into cute little snowmen that could be perfect as holiday doorstops, or general decoration.

Foam Dough Snowmen Craft

Snowmen make a great theme for hands on crafts during the Winter, and this foam dough project is a great example of why. Using simple household ingredients, you can whip up a batch of foamy, squishy dough in no time. The decorating and building steps are great for younger kids and up.

Snowman Made From Old Sweater

While many snowmen crafts involve socks, this take on the concept uses and old sweater instead. You don’t need to have any sewing skills to make this easy craft, but you do need a hot glue gun, along with a few other common crafty items.

Snowman Face Shirt Craft

Simple and sweet, this crafty project shows you how easy it is to turn a plain white shirt into a jolly snowman. You can follow the guide, or use it as inspiration in your own take on the craft. Depending on how long you want the design to last, you can use fabric adhesives, or sew on the decorations.

Rock Stack Snowman

Finding crafting materials in your own yard or nearby woods is a great source of fun and entertainment. This mini rock sculpture would make a great doorstop, porch decoration, or anywhere you’d like. If you don’t have stones like the ones used in the craft, you can potentially find them at a home and garden store.

Epsom Salt Snowman Makeover For Vases

Epsom salt is a very handy material to have around the home. Not only does it have a place in the medicine cabinet, it has a time honored place in the crafting bin as well. In this quick little project, you are show how to turn a rounded vase into a cute snowman themed decoration using Epsom salt.

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