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Simple Blackberry White Sangria (This is so good!)

You may have noticed that I’ve been sharing a variety of different sangria recipes as of late. I do them in the name of research so that I can find new recipes to make for my family and friends. The problem is, each one I share feels more and more like a new favorite. That’s exactly what happened with this simple blackberry white sangria. I honestly didn’t expect to like this combination so much but the flavors are amazing together.

Simple Blackberry White Sangria

A yummy mix of dry white wine (my favorite!) and orange liqueur are paired with peaches, lemons, blackberries, and club soda in a large jar. After adding all of the ingredients into a large jar, you’ll want to cover it with a plastic wrap and then leave it to chill in the fridge for about one hour before you serve the sangria chilled over ice.

Simple Blackberry White Sangria

Can I Use Soda Water Instead of Club Soda for Sangria?

For some of our readers, this may appear to be somewhat of a silly question at first glance. But believe it or not, there is indeed a difference between soda water (also commonly known as seltzer water) and club soda.

Simple Blackberry White Sangria

Soda water is simply carbonated water. That’s it. No extra ingredients added.

On the other hand, club soda is water that has been artificially carbonated with other ingredients like sodium salts or potassium salts added in.

With that being said, you can feel free to use either soda water or club soda when making your own DIY sangria. Both options are perfectly viable.

Simple Blackberry White Sangria

How Do I Avoid Bitter Sangria?

The best way to avoid bitter sangria is to make sure that you’re always using fresh, in season fruit pairings with your wine. How long you leave the drink to chill in the fridge will also depend on the type of fruit that you use to make it. For example, firmer fruit like apples should be left to soak overnight instead of for only one hour.

Another potential cause of bitter sangria is if you make it with citrus fruits, as is the case with this particular recipe. After a couple of days in the fridge, the white pith in citrus fruits can give your sangria quite a bitter taste.

Simple Blackberry White Sangria

What’s the Best Way to Sweeten Sangria?

The best way to sweeten your sangria will in all honesty come down to the type of sangria that you’re making. Certain sangria recipes like this blackberry white one don’t require any added sweetener at all, although you can still certainly feel free to add in your favorite sweetener if you would like.

A few good options that you can use for sweetening your sangria include:

  • Sugar
  • Low carb sugar alternatives like Stevia (in either granulated or liquid form)
  • Simple syrups
  • Sweeter tasting fruit options
Simple Blackberry White Sangria

Simple Blackberry White Sangria (This is so good!)



  • 1 (750 ml) bottle dry white wine 
  • 2 oz orange liqueur 
  • 2 peaches sliced
  • 2 lemon sliced
  • 1 cup blackberries
  • 2 cups club soda


  1. Add the orange liqueur, white wine, lemon, peaches and blackberries to a large pitcher. 
  2. Stir to combine. 
  3. Cover with plastic wrap.
  4. Let chill in refrigerator for at least one hour. 
  5. Top with club soda. 
  6. Serve over ice.

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