40 Best Pre-Lit Christmas Trees You Can Buy

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Doing your Christmas shopping online is the smart thing to do. Why should shopping for the perfect Christmas tree be any different? Check out these top 40 best pre-lit Christmas trees shipped right to your door and choose from one of these 22 DIY ornaments to spend more time with your family and less time fussing with the grunt work.

Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Tree With LED Multicolor Lights And Stand

Order this perfectly shaped seven foot tall Christmas tree today for a no-fuss way to enjoy the holiday season. This tree is made of PVC needles and has a fresh cut look. It comes with a sturdy iron base and contains 280 multi-color lights for a fun and festive tree.


Mardi Gras Pre-Lit Tabletop Christmas Tree

Bring the Mardi Gras spirit into your home during the holiday season with this pre-lit tabletop tree. It was given a five star rating and measures approximately 24.5 x 10.5 inches. It’s equipped with clear lights, Mardi Gras themed ornaments, feathers and gold bead trim with a gold star topper.


Hinged National Tree Dunhill Fir Tree With 750 Clear Lights

Think safety first with this fire resistant and non-allergenic 7.5 foot tall pre-lit tree. It comes with over 2500 branches for a real look and is pre-strung with 750 clear lights for the utmost convenience. All you need to do is put on the hot chocolate and add your favorite decorations!


Mini Christmas Tree

This mini Christmas tree is a steal at $50. The nontraditional handmade item features a hand painted Christmas tree with non toxic paint complete with lots of sparkle and snow accents. It includes a light bulb at the bottom of the tree along with mini lights to brighten up your home.


National Pre-Lit Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree With 150 Clear Lights

If you’re in need of a Christmas tree that can fit in a tight corner, this tree is for you. It measures 4.5 feet tall and 24 inches wide for a perfect fit. It’s easy to set up and comes with a sturdy metal tree stand, spare bulbs and fuses along with a two year warranty.


Pre-Lit Tree With Red Plaid Bows, Horses and Ornaments

Standing at 36 inches high, this gorgeous pre-lit tree features 36 clear lights, horse ornaments made from sugar palm trees, glass ball ornaments, holly sprays, berries and glittery gold pinecones. You won’t have to do a thing except sit back and enjoy this one of a kind tree everyone will love.


Classic Evergreen Pre-Lit Tree With Décor Pine Cones

There’s nothing like a classic tree to make the most out of your holiday season. This pre-lit faux evergreen tree comes with décor pine cones and stands approximately eight feet tall. You can have this baby set up in minutes in four easy steps for a tree decorating experience you’ll actually enjoy.


Pre-Litrh Mackenzie-Child Inspired Design and Topiary

This Mackenzie-Child inspired Christmas tree features a modern checkered flare and gorgeous handmade decorations. It has a pine base and includes glass bulb decorations, beaded fruit, unique ribbon and stunning craftsmanship for a uniquely fashionable designer Christmas. Added features include a built in timer, sensor option and 200 light hours.


Pre-lit Christmas Tree of Frosty Colors in a Teacup

Christmas in a teacup is the best way to celebrate this holiday season! Give this stunning and sophisticated handmade tree to loved ones and leave them breathless. The miniature five star rated tree comes with an elegant teacup, fairy lights, crystals, beads, glittered ornaments, silver acorns and beautiful garland.


Flocked Bavarian Pine Artificial Tree With Lights And Snow

This gorgeous top rated artificial tree comes with lights and snow for the perfect winter holiday look. It comes with stay-lit lights that won’t knock out a whole row of lights when one goes out and approximately 1300 tree tips with wire enforced branches that look like a real natural Bavarian pine.


Coastal Seashell Pre-Lit Small Christmas Tree

This unique coastal seashell pre-lit tree will have you thinking warm thoughts this holiday season. It’s the perfect tree for a beach house or when you just need something a little nontraditional in your home. The tree stands 12 inches tall and eight inches wide and comes with wall plug-ins.


Pre-Lit Tree With Colored Lights & Shatterproof Ornaments

For a bright and extra festive Christmas this year, go with this gorgeous handmade tabletop tree. It’s pretty enough to be your main tree when you’re short on space or you can use it as a decoration around the house. It stands 24 inches high and includes pre-decorated shatterproof ornaments.


Artificial Tabletop 18 Inch Pine Tree With Burlap Sack Base

This little tree will steal your heart with its full branches and adorable burlap sack. It stands 18 inches tall and would be the perfect addition for a small office group that can’t fit a big tree but still wants the warm fuzzy feeling you get from looking at one!


Nearly Natural 3 Foot Tree With Lights and Pinecones

Three feet tall is the perfect height for an adorable Christmas tree that doesn’t take up your entire room! It comes with 100 clear lights and is 21 inches wide. The lights are guaranteed to stay on even if one goes out. Perfect for a child’s area or an otherwise tight space to make room for lots of presents!


Our Nest Handmade Rustic Burlap Bird Pre-Lit Tabletop Tree

Decorate your own nest this holiday season with a cozy Christmas tree. The handmade item is entwined in burlap. It’s completed with heart and bird decorations as well as bible verses, bird houses and handmade ornaments. It stands 24 inches high and would make the perfect gift or table piece that can be left out year round.


Tabletop Pre-lit Tree with Red Berries And Gold Ornaments

Good things come in small packages. This adorable tree is all you need this year for the best Christmas ever. It comes pre-lit with red berries and gorgeous gold ornaments so all you need to do is sit back and wait for Santa’s presents to arrive (if you’ve been good).


Fully Decorated Tree With Tree Skirt & Matching Presents

This fully decorated one of a kind Christmas tree shines with bright red and green colors. It comes with an adorable matching tree skirt complete with presents. It stands 22 inches tall and 14 inches wide and would enhance any space you have in your home, office, apartment, school, etc.


Alaskan Pine Artificial Christmas Tree With Multi-Colored Lights

This gorgeous, thick tree looks like you got it straight from an Alaskan mountaintop. It has a 4.5 star rating from reviewers and comes with 116 PVC tips for a bright tree that won’t go dark when one bulb burns out. Enjoy a five year light and 10 year construction limited manufacturer warranty for peace of mind with your investment.


Green Four Foot Indiana Spruce Artificial Tree

Four feet is the perfect height for a quaint little tree that doesn’t hog your home but still allows for enough room to place lots of presents under! This full pre-lit tree includes a tree stand, multi-color lights for a festive holiday look and pre-attached branches for an easy setup.


Pre-Lit Madison Pine Tree With Multi-Colored Lights

This 6.5 foot tree is the perfect addition to your home when you want something that looks like the real thing without all the pine needles on the floor. It will light up your home for Christmases to come with multi-color lights that will stay lit even if one goes out.


Pre-Lit Tabletop Tree With Shatterproof Mitten Ornaments

This cute little tree stands at two feet tall but packs a big holiday punch. It’s decorated with handcrafted snowflake shatterproof mitten ornaments and pine cones covered in snow. It includes electric lights and a six inch base with black and white ceramic stripes by Dots & Stripes Company.

Christmas Pinewood Tree With 500 Lights & Star With Stand

If you’re looking for a nontraditional tree that will be unique to your home, you’re found it. This handmade tree is all wood and stands 80 inches tall and 54 inches wide. It contains over 500 holes for lights and ornaments and folds in half for easy setup and storage.


Pre-Lit White Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree

When you need a break from boring green trees, go with something that has a little more flare. This cute, petite and colorful Christmas tree is the perfect tree to compliment any room during the holiday season. It stands 32 inches tall and features beautiful white branches with purple and light green accents.


Wonderful Tabletop Christmas Tree With Fishing Charm

Have your Christmas in a teacup this year with this charming pre-lit tabletop tree. This tree would be the perfect gift for a family of fisherman. It features a cute “Go Fish” decoration in the center of the tree and is coated with beads, glittery ornaments, ribbons, net garland, fishing bobbers, fishing flies and twigs.


Pre-Lit Black Madison Pine Artificial Tree With Clear Lights

A beautiful dark colored tree may be just the thing you need this year to change things up a bit. This pre-lit black artificial Madison Pine stands 6.5 feet tall and comes with 400 clear lights and 600 pre-attached branches for easy set up. It’s a steal for a little over $50.


3 Foot Pre-Lit White Artificial Tree With Flocking & Clear Lights

For less than $40, this pre-lit white artificial tree is a great value. It stands three feet tall and has 35 clear base lights. It includes a plastic tree stand and would work great for a little holiday cheer in an otherwise dull hallway or small room at the office.


Pre-lit White Artificial Christmas Tree With 400 Clear Lights

For a full size Christmas tree with a big impact on your holiday spirit, try a white tree this year. It’s fun and festive and adds a little something different to your holiday decorations. This one stands at 6.5 feet tall and comes with 400 clear pre-lit lights for the ultimate convenience when setting up.


Blue Tabletop Christmas Tree With Decorations

Tabletop Christmas trees make the perfect addition to your holiday decorations even if you already have a big tree. This stunning pre-lit tree is made with dried flowers, pine cones, blue birds, cream and gold colored berries and topped with a beautiful blue dangling blue ribbon with delicate streamers for an elegant touch.


Pre-Lit Premium Frosted Tree With Clear Lights And Stand

This 7.5 foot pre-lit tree features frosted tips for a genuine look only Mother Nature can deliver. No one will know it’s fake! It comes with over 2100 frosted branch tips with pine cones and 750 clear lights with replaceable bulbs. Easily fold it away for storage and use it for Christmases to come.


Snowy Everest Pine Cone Tree with 750 LED Lights

Invest in a Christmas tree that will last you for years! This 7.5 feet tall tree comes with 750 clear lights and is made of flame proof material. It has flocked tree branches and pine cones for a real tree effect and contains stay lit technology for when that one pesky light goes out.


Pre-Lit Wall Tree With Shatterproof Ornaments

A tree doesn’t need to be located in the corner of a room or even on a tabletop. This pre-lit wall tree is the ultimate space saver. It features bright purple, green and blue glittery ornaments that looks great on your front door to greet guests as they come by.


Pre-Lit Artifical Tree With Pine Cones And 200 LED Lights

This gorgeous and festive tree is made with flame proof material for ultimate safety and is pre-lit with 200 lights. It features 428 flocked branches for a full and real tree look and comes with an attached foot pedal as well as a five year foliage warranty and a two year light warranty.


Mini Mid-Century Pre-Lit Tree With Atomic Topper & Tree Skirt

Bring home a mid-century flare this Christmas with this pre-lit tree. It features handmade Atomic style art with orange lights, a polymer clay center ball, beads and a glitter trimmed tree skirt. The tree stands 11.75 inches tall and was given a five star rating by reviewers.


Flat-To-Fabulous Fully Decorated Pre-Lit Tree

If setting up your Christmas tree is your least favorite part of Christmas, you need one that pops up. This pre-lit tree folds down flat as a pancake and pops up into a six foot fall tree in seconds. It comes fully decorated with 350 twinkling white lights, a tree stand and pre-decorated French ribbons, ornaments and bows.


Fiber Optic Color Changing Artificial Tree With LED Lights

The best little tree you can buy for under $50, this pre-lit fiber optic tree features bright lights that range from purple, green, yellow and orange. Its gold colored base operates the LED lights on the tree, which change color continuously for a fun way to brighten up any space.


Santa Tabletop Tree With Toys And Sparkle

This tabletop tree comes with lots of handmade goodies, including gingerbread man ornaments, toys, jingle bells, childhood board games, stuffed animals, toy trucks, a wand, French wire and lots of sparkle. It stands at a petite 14 inches tall and makes the perfect kitchen, guest room or living room decoration.


Artificial Fiber Optic Holiday Lighted Tree With LED Lights

The glowing blue lights on this fiber optic tree will light up your house with radiant color, especially at night! The tree stands 72 inches tall and 29 inches wide and gives off a festive look. All that’s left to do is decorate it with the family and wait for Santa to do his magic.


Woodland Nature Tabletop Tree in a Teacup

This charming jeweled Christmas tree in a teacup is the perfect decoration around your home. The handmade item features birds and nests, glittered ornaments, purple foliage, stars, pearls and crystals, and rhinestone crusted sticks. It’s dusted in frost for an authentic and glamorous looking one of a kind Christmas piece.


22 DIY Best Pre-Lit Christmas Trees You Can Buy and DIY Ornaments

Tetra Pak and Paper Reinforcement Snowflake Ornaments

Got an old box of chicken broth lying around? Use it to reinforce these cute little snowflake ornaments so they stand the test of time! Click on the link for an easy step by step guide with pictures. You’ll need scissors, reinforcement labels and an old chicken broth container or a material just as firm.

Embossed Birch Branch Slice Ornaments

These DIY birch branch ornaments will be the envy of all your friends (assuming you don’t have them over for a craft party!) You’ll need 6 slices of bark, a fine point craft knife, ribbon, a heat gun, some Mod Podge, fine glitter and a Christmas stencil template of your choice.

Painted Ornaments

For a fun project to do this holiday season, try decorating your own glass ball ornaments. Break out the ornaments, glitter, paint and Mod Podge and follow these instructions for tips and tricks. Personalize them and give them as gifts for a meaningful and affordable way to celebrate your friends and family.

Beaded Star Ornaments

Grab a mocha and your bestie. This DIY craft project is a fun, relaxing way to spend an afternoon getting in the holiday spirit. These brilliant stars are made by threading together wooden beads. You’ll need some sewing thread or ribbons, craft wire, and about 30 wooden beads. Try experimenting with different color beads for a unique ornament.

Bakers Twine Ornaments

These cute little baker’s twine mini ornaments are the perfect homemade stocking stuffer to impress your friends! You’ll need some wooden spools, bakers twine, a paint brush, scissors, Mod Podge and a hot glue gun. Wrap them in cute little boxes and give them out to coworkers during this holiday season.

Sparkling Needle Felted Acorn Ornaments

These DIY sparking acorn ornaments are the perfect accent your Christmas tree needs this year. They are a great project for the experienced crafter or for someone who wants a bit of a challenge. You’ll need some foam, silver glitter, jute twine, wool, and satin ribbon, just to name a few.

Dala Horse Ornaments

If you’re looking for a sewing project, then try this. You’ll need some red and blue felt, a dala horse shaped cookie cutter, stuffing, a needle and some embroidery thread. You can also experiment with different colored felt for a fun and festive dala horse customized to your style.

Tool Ornaments

These are the perfect little ornaments to make for the handyman in your life. They take less than an hour to create and you can buy the wooden tools premade if you don’t have the proper tools. They will come out looking like adorable miniature versions of the real thing!

Cinnamon Heart Ornaments

These ornaments aren’t just cute; they will make your house smell great! You’ll need some cinnamon, applesauce, cookie cutters, wax paper, a baking sheet and twine. These ornaments are baked in the oven to firm up. Good luck not eating them before they make it to your tree! Maybe you should make two batches.

Butterfly Christmas Ornaments

These crafty little ornaments are made by gluing feather butterflies to a natural vine balls for an awesome touch to your tree. You can take this craft a step further by making your own vine balls. Tie them up with help string and hand them out as stocking stuffers or keep them all to yourself!

Marbled Nail Polish Ornaments

This craft is super inexpensive and easy to make! Instead of painting plain porcelain ornaments, use some nail polish instead. Head to the dollar store for supplies but make sure your nail polish isn’t quick dry. You’ll also need some pretty ribbon, water, a disposable stirring tool and rubbing alcohol.

Birdseed Ornaments

This craft is proof that you can turn just about anything into an ornament to give your tree the ultimate unique appearance! You’ll need a muffin tin for baking the ornaments, ribbons, birdseed and some lard. Chop up some cranberries, an apple and an orange for a fruity smell and color.

Glitter Unicorn Ornaments

These DIY glitter unicorn ornaments would look great on a white or light colored tree. Start by drilling a hole at the top of your tiny store bought unicorn, add an eye hook and cover in Mod Podge and glitter! Let them dry and spray with a clear enamel to finish.

Eye Ornaments

These ornaments are a cute way to let your loved ones know you have your ‘eye’ on them! This craft is inexpensive and doesn’t require much more than some loose glitter, small round ornaments, acrylic paint, Mod Podge and some creativity! Use small brushes to paint winky faces on the ornaments.

Lacing Ornaments

These lacing ornaments are the best craft for kids! They are mess free and easy for little hands to maneuver. You’ll need an old cereal box, a hole punch, red yard, tape, a cotton ball, glue, and some fun Christmas templates to cut out. Your kids will enjoy making these as much as they will passing them out to loved ones!

Champagne Ornaments

Attention all you winos out there! Don’t throw away your corks! Use them to make these adorable ornaments! All you need are some pliers, ribbon, scissors and someone willing to drink a bottle of champagne so you can use the cork. Even better if that person happens to be you.

Clay Chalkboard Ornaments

These adorable little chalkboards would make the perfect gift for anyone. They are super easy to make and can be personalized any way you like. To make them you’ll need various shaped cookie cutters, chalkboard paint, a wooden skewer, white clay, ribbon and some paint. Get creative by adding words to the chalkboard!

Star Wars Ornaments

No Star Wars fan’s tree is complete without these homemade ornaments. They make excellent gifts but require a cutting machine to make. If you don’t have one, you can cut the vinyl by hand. Gather together some glitter, glittering glue, glittering vinyl, transfer tape, and plastic bulb ornaments to assemble these one of a kind ornaments.

Pink Pinecone Ornaments

Give your tree a fabulous makeover by adding these glittery pink pinecones. Take a walk around the block and gather some pine cones to give your tree a real feel. You’ll also need a variety of glitter, some paint, eye bolt screws and a paper plate. This is a great project for little hands!

Geo Ball Ornaments

These origami ornaments may require a bit of time but they are worth it! The end result is a unique collection of ornaments no one will have (unless they are gifted from you!) Follow these easy step by step videos to make sure you’re on the right track.

Rudolph Ornaments

These Rudolph ornaments are both super easy and fun to make! You’ll need some round ornaments, red pom poms, craft foam, scissors and a hot glue gun. Cut out Rudolph’s antlers and glue on his nose for your very own version of everyone’s favorite reindeer!

Snow Globe Photo Ornaments

Capture your favorite memories of the year with these snow globe photo ornaments. You’ll need card stock, a color printer, craft snow, clear plastic ornaments, some ribbon, scissors and glue. Give them as gifts and keep a few for yourself so you can look back and smile every year when you decorate your tree.

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