31 Cool Pine Cone Crafts for Creative Fun with Nature

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If your craft stock is running low, don’t head to the stores – take a trip out into nature and collect as many pine cones as you can! Good for so much more than Christmas garlands, pine cones come in all shapes and sizes and can be turned into the most incredibly cool crafts for kids and adults alike, such as the cutest woodland creatures and a sweet snow-couple.

Pine Cone Fireflies

Pine Cone Fireflies VIEW CRAFT

Pine cones provide an abundance of materials for nature crafts, and if you can find small ones your kids can create these sweet little fireflies complete with bug eyes and ‘glowing’ tail.

Pine Cone Snake Craft

Pine Cone Snake Craft VIEW CRAFT

Add realism to a toy snake by using painted pine cones – the cones will look like scales and the whole thing can be strung together and slithered across the floor.

Pine Cone Bumble Bee

Pine Cone Bumble Bee VIEW CRAFT

Bumble bees are fuzzy, which is why this particular craft for kids is so awesome; wrapping yellow or orange yarn around a pine cone will give both the stripes and the texture.

Pine Cone Splatter Painting

Pine Cone Splatter Painting VIEW CRAFT

While splatter painting is generally not that pretty, doing it on pine cones is surprisingly attractive and can result in some rather lovely decorations or ornaments for the house.

Pine Cone Owls Craft

Pine Cone Owls Craft VIEW CRAFT

These owls are so sweet, and would make great Christmas tree ornaments as the cotton ball ‘feathers’ have a wintry vibe, while the brown woody scales look like natural owl-like speckles.

Yarn-wrapped Pine Cone Apple Tree Craft

Yarn-wrapped Pine Cone Apple Tree Craft VIEW CRAFT

Incredibly pretty and creative, your kids can create an orchard of apple trees by wrapping pine cones with green yarn and adding pom poms as plump and juicy red apples.

Painted Pine Cone Turkeys

Painted Pine Cone Turkeys VIEW CRAFT

Check out this adorable Thanksgiving craft idea for kids, which sees plain brown pine cones turned into red, orange, and yellow turkeys complete with beak, waddle, and googly eyes.

Pine Cone Skiiers

Pine Cone Skiiers VIEW CRAFT

Although there are no instructions for these utterly darling skiing dolls, the pictures will give you enough inspiration for making some of your own, using pine cones, toothpicks, and tiny knitted garments.

Pine Cone Creatures

Pine Cone Creatures VIEW CRAFT

A glue gun will be your best friend when it comes to assembling these woodland creatures as you attach eyes, ears, and other pieces onto pine cones to make a little menagerie.

Pine Cone Hedgehogs

Pine Cone Hedgehogs VIEW CRAFT

Hedgehogs are prickly, and pine cones are prickly (especially when they’ve been dried out) so use that to your advantage by making cute little ‘hogs with tiny felt faces and googly eyes.

Diy Pine Cone Crown

Diy Pine Cone Crown VIEW CRAFT

Little girls will adore wearing this crown which is made using vibrantly colored pine cones tied together to form a circle, and accompanied by a simple pine cone wand.

Pine Cone Science Experiment

Pine Cone Science Experiment VIEW CRAFT

This experiment is simple to do and suitable for all ages, and will encourage kids to figure out whether it’s heat or water which makes a pine cone open and close.

Pine Cone Reindeer

Pine Cone Reindeer VIEW CRAFT

Decorate your Christmas tree this year with a herd of these adorable little reindeer which sport tinsel antlers, tartan ears, and of course a big red pom pom nose.

Pinecone Spider

Pinecone Spider VIEW CRAFT

Pine cones are good for more than Christmas decorations; for instance, check out these fun and ferocious spiders with their fuzzy pipe cleaner legs and multiple googly eyes.

Rainbow Fairies

Rainbow Fairies VIEW CRAFT

Fairies are an integral part of childhood, and now your child (with a little help from you) can create an entire family of these little fantasy folk all sporting different rainbow colors.

Pine Cone Bee

Pine Cone Bee VIEW CRAFT

Pine cones are a great shape for making all kinds of creatures, so why not paint one in black and yellow stripes and attach wings and eyes for a funny flying bumblebee?

Pine Cone Bears

Pine Cone Bears VIEW CRAFT

Create a forest of beautiful Christmas trees with this simple craft technique, which turns plain pine cones into fabulously festive firs which can be decorated with baubles and glitter.

Pine Cone Pineapple

Pine Cone Pineapple VIEW CRAFT

Let this info blog inspire you to teach the kids all about Hawaii by making flags, studying volcanoes, and creating a pretend pineapple out of a pine cone, yellow paint, and green craft paper.

Pine Cone Snow Friends

Pine Cone Snow Friends VIEW CRAFT

Follow the steps to create this absolutely adorable pair of snow people by painting a pine cone and then adding a wooden bead head, jaunty hat, and a brightly colored felt scarf.

Pine Cone Lambs

Pine Cone Lambs VIEW CRAFT

These little lambs made from pine cones, wool roving, and felt, are impossibly cute and would make great gifts to give at Easter, or simply to mark the arrival of spring.

Pine Cone & Cinnamon Sensory Soup

Pine Cone & Cinnamon Sensory Soup VIEW CRAFT

Create a pine cone and cinnamon sensory soup and the kids will have hours of fun as they take in the sights, scents, sounds, and sensations of water play with a fall-themed twist.

Pine Cone Squirrel

Pine Cone Squirrel VIEW CRAFT

If the kids went nuts over The Nut Job movie, gather together a few craft supplies and help them to make these totally sweet little Surly squirrels to recreate their favorite scenes.

Pine Cone Drop Game

Pine Cone Drop Game VIEW CRAFT

Babies love the feel of pine cones and they’re perfect for sensory exploration. Create a pine cone drop box using a cardboard box so they can grab and deposit to their heart’s content.

Pine Cone Roses

Pine Cone Roses VIEW CRAFT

This is a beautiful craft for kids to make as a gift for Mother’s Day or Mom’s birthday – a bouquet of beautiful roses made from pine cones and real painted twigs.

Tree Naming Game

Tree Naming Game VIEW CRAFT

Kids can explore all kinds of trees when you put together this cool scavenger hunt, identifying and collecting seeds and leaves from as many trees as they can, and then studying them at home.

Pine Cone Chalk Drawing

Pine Cone Chalk Drawing VIEW CRAFT

Let the kids enjoy some fresh air and art by arming them with leaves, twigs, pine cones, and sidewalk chalks to create weird and wonderful pictures on the driveway or sidewalk.

Pine Cones and Acorn Water Table

Pine Cones and Acorn Water Table VIEW CRAFT

Put pine cones, acorns, and other natural items in a water table and add some fizzy tub colors before letting your little one loose with cups, basters, and other water-friendly containers.

Diy Bird Feeders

Diy Bird Feeders VIEW CRAFT

This handy guide will show you how to create not one, but three easy bird feeders to hang in the garden, including a cute peanut butter seeded pine cone.

Botany Tree Exploration

Botany Tree Exploration VIEW CRAFT

This blog post is full of ideas to get the kids out and about exploring nature, and includes a forest floor sensory table, and a nature table for tots to explore.

Pine Cone Christmas Ornament

Pine Cone Christmas Ornament VIEW CRAFT

This is a truly natural craft for kids and will make a beautiful addition to the Christmas tree; each pine cone is adorned with lots of perfect circles cut from differently colored leaves.

Pine Cone Animals

Pine Cone Animals VIEW CRAFT

This has got to be one of the cutest nature crafts you will ever see; the kids will have a blast as they help you turn pine cones into the sweetest woodland creatures.

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