27 Ooh-worthy Mason Jar Crafts for Kids That Are Too Awesome for Words

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Mason jars are a crafter’s delight – they can be turned into a multitude of gifts and handy gadgets. Take a look through some of these incredible ooh-worthy mason jar crafts for kids and you will be rushing out to gather the supplies together, because every single one of them – from the jar full of fireflies to the glittery lava lamps – is just too awesome for words.

Galaxy Jar


What’s better than holding the whole world in their hands? Holding the whole galaxy, of course, and that’s exactly what they’ll do with this beautiful galaxy mason jar filled with fluffy ‘clouds’.

Mason Jar Crayon Candle

Mason Jar Crayon Candle VIEW CRAFT

You’ve probably never seen a wax candle quite like this one before, but it’s so cheerful that you’ll probably want the kids to make a ton of them to dot around the home.

Mason Jar Bird Feeder

Mason Jar Bird Feeder VIEW CRAFT

Give wild birds a treat and keep them well fed throughout the year with a bird feeder which automatically fills itself from the pretty twine-tied mason jar in the middle.

Rainbow Mason Jar Piggy Bank

Rainbow Mason Jar Piggy Bank VIEW CRAFT

Kids will be much more inclined to save their pennies when they have made their piggy bank themselves, like this sweet mason jar craft which can be adapted to their own tastes.

Animal Topped Mason Jars

Animal Topped Mason Jars VIEW CRAFT

You could use safari animals, unicorns, horses, or even farm animals for this cute craft idea which provides them with themed and colored storage jars for small items that they’ll really enjoy.

Summer Activity Jars

Summer Activity Jars VIEW CRAFT

This is a fun way to get chores done during the long school breaks – get the kids involved with the jar decorating and the activity suggestions and they’ll enjoy it all the more.

Mason Jars Craft for School Supplies

Mason Jars Craft for School Supplies VIEW CRAFT

These school themed mason jar organizers are fun to decorate and are just the thing to give as a teacher’s gift or to keep art supplies neat and tidy at home

Glitter Lava Lamps

Glitter Lava Lamps VIEW CRAFT

Combine a fun craft activity with science by making these awesomely cool lava lamp jars, which can be made using water, oil, coloring, and glitter, and the magic ingredient – fizzy antacid tablets.

Decoupage Mason Jar Candle

Decoupage Mason Jar Candle VIEW CRAFT

Fall colors are beautiful and lend a warm and cozy vibe to just about anything. Decoupage them to a mason jar and add a candle or fairy lights for a gorgeous cold-weather glow.

Glitter Snow Globes

Glitter Snow Globes VIEW CRAFT

You can use any winter-themed figures or small items for this beautiful DIY project before filling the jar with water and glitter, and a little glycerine to help the glitter stay afloat.

Unicorn Mason Jar

Unicorn Mason Jar VIEW CRAFT

There are two ways to create these unicorn mason jars, but both versions are finished off with a golden horn and a crown of pretty blue, pink, and purple fake flowers.

Glittery Mason Jar Snow Globe

Glittery Mason Jar Snow Globe VIEW CRAFT

Bottlebrush Christmas trees look lovely inside a snow globe and they come in all kinds of colors, too. Add one to the lid of a mason jar with water, glue, and glitter, and shake.

Cha-Ching Mason Jar Piggy Bank

Cha-Ching Mason Jar Piggy Bank VIEW CRAFT

Use vinyl lettering in the wording of your choice, and then have the kids spray paint both the mason jar and lid to produce a nifty, customized piggy bank to encourage them to save.

Mason Jar Lanterns

Mason Jar Lanterns VIEW CRAFT

Ideal for a garden party or just as a night-light, these mason jar lanterns can be painted and then distressed using sandpaper, before being hung with a battery-operated light or real candle.

Baby Keepsake Jar

Baby Keepsake Jar VIEW CRAFT

This is a fun way to create a keepsake jar using a baby’s handprint without getting paint on their hands – trace it onto contact paper and then simply paint around it.

Rainbow in a Jar

Rainbow in a Jar VIEW CRAFT

These colored salt jars make beautiful centerpieces or ornaments for shelves or windowsills, and they’re SO much fun to make as the salt needs to be tinted with differently colored chalks.

Mason Jar Fairy House Craft

Mason Jar Fairy House Craft VIEW CRAFT

These fairy houses are beyond cute, and they’re so easy (not to mention fun) to make. From their toadstool lids to the pretty detailing on the side, these little homes even light up!

Peeps Mason Jars For Easter

Peeps Mason Jars For Easter VIEW CRAFT

Peeps are a common sight in the stores around Eastertime, so it makes sense to incorporate the design into kids’ craft ideas, like these adorable yellow, pink, and blue Peeps mason jars.

Fireflies In A Jar Craft

Fireflies In A Jar Craft VIEW CRAFT

This is an incredible mason jar craft idea, which turns a plain glass jar into a pot full of beautiful and enchanting fireflies which will glow once the sun goes down.

Light Up Mason Jar Aquariums

Light Up Mason Jar Aquariums VIEW CRAFT

Kids will love making and then using these light up aquarium jars, and they make wonderful ambient lighting, too, as the submersible battery lighting glows through the tinted water.

Mason Jar Bank

Mason Jar Bank VIEW CRAFT

Set out puffy paints, stickers, washi tape and other embellishments and let the kids go crazy decorating their own mason jar piggy banks so they can save all the pennies they earn.

Beachy Mason Jar Terrarium

Beachy Mason Jar Terrarium VIEW CRAFT

Beaches are great places for finding hidden treasures such as shells, sea glass, and unusually-shaped pebbles, so why not create a mason jar terrarium to display them all in?

Mummy Mason Jar Luminaries

Mummy Mason Jar Luminaries VIEW CRAFT

These mummy mason jars are totally awesome and will make you smile on Halloween and beyond as the light glows gently through the swathes of bandages and big, googly eyes.

Scarecrow Mason Jar

Scarecrow Mason Jar VIEW CRAFT

A wonderful addition to the home’s fall decorations, this scarecrow can be decorated with burlap ribbon, fake hay and flowers, and a little artistic doodling to produce a suitably scarecrow-ish face.

Mason Jar Night Light

Mason Jar Night Light VIEW CRAFT

These little night lights make good use of smaller glass jars and can be decorated in any color and as much glitter as they like; simply add a battery-operated light and you’re done.

Superhero Banks

Superhero Banks VIEW CRAFT

Even Batman and Superman have to save to be able to afford those snazzy costumes, so encourage your own little heroes to do the same with these funky superhero-inspired savings jars.

Mason Jar Lego Guy

Mason Jar Lego Guy VIEW CRAFT

If your kids are LEGO mad, give them a hand in turning ordinary mason jars into totally awesome yellow LEGO heads with just spray paint, a marker, and a few small stickers.

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