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Incredible Raspberry Keto Cheesecake Bars

Nutritional science has discovered the health benefits of removing carbs from our daily diet. Carbs don’t do anything for us, except crash our blood sugar and make us fat. Living a keto lifestyle has plenty of health benefits. Lower your cholesterol, improve blood sugar balance, and keep your heart healthy by removing carbs from your diet.

Raspberry Keto Cheesecake Bars

However, there are times when we see people snacking on carbs, and the temptation to bite into a cookie or eat a slice of cheesecake becomes unbearable. Fortunately, we have access to a culinary keto genius that has plenty of recipe ideas for sweet treats to eat that won’t break the ketogenic state. Try this recipe idea, and you’ll never think about eating carbs again.

Get Your Family Hooked on Healthy Cheesecake

Our crust recipe is pure genius. We replace all-purpose flour with low-carb-almond flour. It’s rich in healthy fats and plant-based protein. Fortify the crust with flaxseed meal. Flaxseeds are an excellent source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids. EFA’s have myriad benefits in human health. They improve circulation, enhance brain function, and reduce LDL cholesterol production. These effects mean your kids can play hard on the playground and learn optimally in the classroom.

Raspberry Keto Cheesecake Bars

Raspberry Keto Cheesecake Bars

Raspberry Keto Cheesecake Bars

Wrap up the crust ingredients with some melted grass-fed butter. Grass-fed dairy products from organic farms are living foods that come packed with beneficial probiotic enzymes. These bacteria are essential for excellent gut health. Finish off the crust recipe with a few drops of liquid stevia. This potent plant-based sweetener contains no harmful chemicals. Be careful not to overdo it with the stevia. The sweetener is incredibly powerful and using too much will spoil the taste of the crust. (1)

Raspberry Keto Cheesecake Bars

Raspberry Keto Cheesecake Bars

For the filling, we use fresh cream cheese, sour cream, heavy cream, and grass-fed butter from organic dairy farms. You can source your organic, unpasteurized dairy from a local farmer’s market or health food store. The secret ingredient in this recipe is fresh raspberries. This superfood contains plant polyphenols. These flavonoid antioxidants have plenty of health benefits for your kids. Flavonoids boost immune health and clear the bloodstream of toxins. (2)

To make the crust, take a large mixing bowl and blend the flaxseed. Flour, stevia, and butter. Make sure you achieve an even consistency and work out all the lumps. When you’re satisfied with the mixture, transfer it to a pie tray, spreading it out into an even layer. The crust should have a rich, golden brown color with a crumbly texture. Place the base in the fridge for 30-minutes to set.

For the filling, blend the creams and the raspberries with the stevia and melted butter. You’re looking for a final filling that has the viscosity of whipped cream and a pink-red color. Remove the pie tray from the fridge and top it off with the mixture. Leave it overnight in the refrigerator.

The following morning, cut into bars and serve with fresh raspberries and cream, or pack them into your kid’s lunchboxes for a healthy break-time snack.

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Raspberry Keto Cheesecake Bars

Addictive Raspberry Keto Cheesecake Bars



For the crust:

¾ cup almond flour

½ cup flaxseed meal

1/3 cup melted butter

25 drops liquid Stevia or to taste

For the filling:

4 oz cream cheese

cup fresh raspberries

2 tbsp sour cream

¼ cup heavy cream

3 tbsp melted butter

25 drops liquid Stevia or to taste


  1. Line an 8×4 inch baking pan with parchment paper and set aside.
  2. To make the crust, in a bowl mix together the almond flour, flaxseed meal, melted butter and liquid Stevia.
  3. Transfer the dough into prepared pan and spread into an even layer.
  4. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  5. To make the filling, in a high speed blender place the cream cheese, raspberries, sour cream, heavy cream, melted butter and liquid Stevia and blend until smooth.
  6. Pour the filling over the crust and refrigerate overnight.
  7. Slice into 8 bars.
  8. Before serving, top with whipped cream and fresh raspberries if desired.

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