8 Salon-Worthy Homemade Honey Face Masks


Making your own honey face masks is a great way to cleanse the skin, rid it of impurities, and moisturize it all at the same time. The following masks all incorporate honey in them, with some accompanying ingredients to accentuate the experience.

I love these honey face masks! They clear up my skin and make it so smooth.

1. Honey and Banana Face Mask

Three ingredients combine to make this effective face mask. Banana, honey, and cinnamon is all that’s needed, with the banana providing an element of soothing, the honey to help rejuvenate the skin, and the cinnamon is used as a blemish fighter.

2. Green Tea and Honey Mask

You may be aware of the antioxidant value gained by drinking green tea, but it can also be used topically and acts as an anti-inflammatory. This is one of the easiest masks out there, with just two ingredients mixed together into a paste.

3. Honey Oatmeal Mask

You may like honey on your oatmeal for breakfast, but it can also be used as a face mask to help clear up uneven skin and help it feel refreshed. A bit of lemon juice is the only other ingredient in this, with the citrus giving it a bit of a tingle when it’s on your face.

4. Pampering Spa Facial Mask

There are three nourishing foods in this mask, but it’s not meant to be eaten (although it could be if you were so inclined). It uses both avocado and banana, which both provide relief to skin that is dry and irritated. There’s also olive oil and of course honey making this feel like a real spa trip.

5. Homemade Fall Face Mask

Because this recipe uses pumpkin it’s automatically associated with all things fall. Help your skin prepare for the upcoming winter by mixing up a batch of this mask and taking some time out to give yourself a relaxing treatment. Pumpkin, honey, brown sugar, and almond oil make your skin feel amazing.

6. Honey Spice Face Mask

This mask combines two spices that are known for having health benefits, and makes an all-natural acne-fighter out of them. Cinnamon helps to exfoliate the skin without being too rough, and nutmeg helps reduce inflammation and the redness that comes with it.

7. Honey Cinnamon Face Mask

While it’s possible to eat this face mask, the baking soda might be a deal breaker. Instead, use it on your face as intended and get the benefit of cinnamon and honey on your skin. Leave it on up to 15 minutes and see how good it makes your skin feel.

8. DIY Anti-Acne Mask

The two stars of this acne mask are cinnamon and honey, with a side role given to lemon juice. The antibacterial nature of honey helps rid the skin of impurities that can lead to acne, so regular use of a mask like this can mean the difference between clear and blemished skin.

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