38 Genius DIY Halloween Costumes

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Store bought Halloween costumes can cost a small fortune, but there are ways to cut back on costs. By simply making your own costume you’ll be able to save tons of money! Give these simple and easy DIY costumes a try and see for yourself.

Make your own Halloween costume this year! If you don’t know what to make, take a look at these 38 genius DIY Halloween costume ideas.

DIY Penny Costume (Kid)

Looking for a more kitschy and unique Halloween costume this year? Then give this one a go! Make your child into a penny for a truly out of the box costume. The best part is that even though it is written as a child’s costume it can easily be enlarged for an adult!

DIY Snow White Costume (Adult)

Snow White is a classic costume that many adults turn to around Halloween, but those store bought polyester ones can cost a small fortune. With this easy DIY Snow White costume you’ll be able to throw it together in a snap and save some money for an extra drink or two!

DIY Folk Singer Costume (Adult)

This easy to make costume can be assembled from a few simple items that are probably already in your closet. Simply take your longest and flowiest dress and add something fringy on top of it. Add a few accessories like a ring, bangles, and a necklace. To top it off carry a guitar or microphone!

DIY Maleficent Costume (Kid)

If your child more villain than princess? Well then this just may be the right costume for you! With this super simple Maleficent costume you’ll be saving your money and create a custom fit costume in the process. All it takes are a few household materials and some black duct tape.

DIY Scuba Diver Costume (Kid)

This super simple costume is easy to make! All you need are two 2 litre plastic bottles to act as the air tanks and then some goggles, a snorkel, electrical tape, foam curlers, and a black shirt and pants. With these items your little one will be ready for a trip into the deep blue sea in a snap!

DIY Anger Costume (from Inside Out)

Pixar’s Inside Out has proven to be extremely popular with young children so why not dress them up as one of their favorite characters from the film? With these simple costume instructions you’ll be able to make your little one look exactly like Anger! It requires minimal sewing and is perfect for Halloween.

DIY Raven Costume (from Teen Titans)

Teen Titans is a popular television program among kids and for Halloween they can easily dress up as one! Most of the items needed to make this costume can be purchased with the exception of the cloak which will require a little cutting and sewing, but it’s so easy you won’t even realize that there was sewing involved.

DIY Elsa Dress (Adult)

Frozen, but more particularly Elsa, has become a popular costume choice the world over with both children and adults. But some of those Elsa dresses cost a small fortune. Well now you can create your very own Elsa dress from the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the price!

Pineapple Halloween Costume (Adult)

If you are heading to a Halloween party and looking to turn heads then try out this clever and comfortable costume! This costume is so easy to put together that it is an excellent idea to have in your back pocket for those last minute Halloween party invites.

Bucket of Popcorn Costume (Kid)

This bucket of popcorn costume is super easy and comfortable for your little one. Because it is made of mostly fabric it moves with your child throughout the day which makes it the perfect school Halloween costume. The popcorn even looks so real you’ll want to eat it!

DIY Egyptian Costumes (Kid)

These costumes are perfect for someone with even minimal crafting abilities. For the girl’s costume you just need a white dress and some gold trim to give it an Ancient Egyptian feel. For the boy’s costume just take some fabric to create a headless, skirt, and collar. They can be made in a snap and are great for those school parades!

DIY Wind Up Doll Costume (Adult0

A perfectly last minute costume that can be thrown together with a few items from your closet and bit of crafting. All you need is a fun dress, some makeup, white tights, and some cute shoes. Then you can craft a turn key from cardboard and power towel rolls. Give it a try and see how easy Halloween can be!

Flower Fairy Costume (Kid)

Fairies are a popular costume for kids and these instructions couldn’t make it any easier to dress your little one up like a fairy. It’s absolutely adorable and you can integrate some natural elements such as branches and leaves to the costume to give it an authentic and organic feel!

Party Hat Costume (Adult)

If you are looking for a unique Halloween costume that will surprise and delight then try this DIY party hat costume. Grab a cheap dress, some matching fabric, and a hula hoop and you’ve got the basic ingredients to turn yourself into a party hat. It’s that easy!

Gumball Machine Costume (Kid)

Does your kid want to stand out at school this Halloween? Then try this easy DIY gumball machine costume that is both comfortable and cute! All you basically need to know how to do is glue and cut. Grab some colorful pom-poms for gumballs, a white t-shirt, and some red felt and you’re set!

Homemade Lego Costume (Adult)

This super simple Lego costume requires some paint, a cardbord box, and round plastic containers. In the end you’ll be able to dress as a Lego for Halloween and the best part is that it can be scaled up or down depending on whether you are making it for a kid or adult.

DIY Strawberry Costume (Adult)

Fruit make adorable costumes for kids and adults alike and the best part is that they are the easiest to put together. This simple costume just requires you to know how to cut and glue. It is that easy! Never underestimate the amazing costumes you can make from a few readily available items.

Jellyfish Costume (Kid)

Does your kid want a fun and comfortable costume this Halloween that is sure to get a laugh? Then look no further and turn your child into a lovable jellyfish. The best part of this costume is that you can make it glow in the dark with some glow in the dark paint!

Hamburglar Costume (Kid)

For a fun and unique costume that can be adjusted for a girl or a boy give this one a try. All you need is a black and white striped outfit matched with a black cape, some gloves and a hat to match. It’s that easy to make your kid look like McDonald’s infamous hamburger snatcher!

Vincent Van Gogh Costume (Adult)

For a truly unique and “artistic” Halloween costume try this one on for size. All you need is a white collarless shirt, blue cardigan, old pipe, straw hat with black band, sunflowers, and a red beard. Most of these items you can probably find in your closet or at a thrift store.

DIY Lego People Costume (Adult)

These costumes are a bit more intricate, but the results are amazing and make you look like an actual Lego person. It is an easily customizable costume that you can decorate how ever you like. Let your imagination run wild! Try out a construction worker or a Hawaiian girl.

Olaf Costume (Infant)

Olaf is everyone’s favorite snowman and now with this costume tutorial you’ll be able to turn your tyke into the summer loving snowman. You need minimal sewing skills and make sure you allow for time to sew the pieces together. It is not a super quick costume, but it looks amazing when it is done.

DIY No Sew Kristoff Costume (Kid)

Do you have little boys who love Frozen? If so then this DIY costume is for you! The best part about this costume is that it does not require any sewing! All you really need is a fitted t-shirt and some embellishments and voila! You have yourself a little Kristoff costume.

Last Minute Mario and Luigi Costumes (Kid/ Adult)

These super easy Mario and Luigi costumes are great for those last minute costume decisions kids often make. All you need is a pair of overalls, a red or green shirt, and a baseball cap that can be decorated with Mario or Luigi’s symbol. It’s that easy to put together a fabulous and last minute costume!

Minion Costume (Adult)

This costume calls for a lot of pieces, but the end result is amazing and completely transforms you into a real life and oversized Minion. It is sure to be a crowd pleaser and a conversation starter at your next Halloween party!

Monarch Butterfly Wings (Kid)

Butterfly wings on store shelves can cost an arm and a leg, but you can make some for a lot less. These wings are easy to make and are sure to add the perfect finishing touch to any butterfly or fairy costume! All you need is some felt, glue, and a sewing machine to complete these wings.

DIY Birthday Cake Costume (Adult)

Be the life of the party in this costume that turns you into a slice of birthday cake! This sweet treat of a costume only requires some cutting and gluing which is perfect for even the crafting challenged. Decorate your cake however you would like. You can even add sprinkles!

Minecraft Costume (Kid/ Adult)

Minecraft is a popular game with kids and adults so why not turn yourself into your favorite boxy character for Halloween? All you need is a box for your head and some paint to decorate it like a Minecraft character. Then you can add some extra accessories like a sword.

DIY Sushi Costume (Infant)

This is a super easy costume to throw together for your infant and can easily be eyeballed to suit the size of your child. All you need is some fabric and a little sewing ability to put this one together. Add a white onesie for the rice and you’re little one is set to go!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Costume (Kid)

This stress free costume is easy to make and absolutely perfect for Halloween! It requires minimal sewing and in fact most of the detailing is glued on. It’s that easy to dress up your little one in a delicious peanut butter cup costume.

Swan Dress Costume (Adult)

If you’re looking for an elegant costume that is sure to turn heads try making this one up for your next Halloween soiree! It was inspired by Bjork’s Oscar swan dress from a few years ago. It takes some time to make but the end results are astounding!

Great White Shark Costume (Kid/ Adult)

This great white shark costume is perfect for the little or big shark in your life! All you need is a gray sweatshirt and some extra fabric for detailing. Add some gray sweatpants and you’ve got yourself a little shark costume! The best part is that you can scale it up for an adult.

Sweat Suit Dragon Costume (Kid)

Does your child love Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon? Well this is the perfect costume for you! The main part of the costume requires a black sweat suit and then some extra fabric for the finishing touches. It is not difficult and can be put together in a snap.

DIY Skeleton Costume (Infant)

This skeleton costume is easy to make with a grey sweat suit set and some white fabric for the bones. It does require some sewing, but the end results are both spooky and adorable! This makes the perfect Halloween costume for those cold October nights.

Gnome Costume (Kid)

Gnomes are adorable and make for easy and cute Halloween costumes for your infants and tots! For the girl’s outfit pick a sleeveless dress and pair it with a cap sleeve and collared shirt. Make a red gnome hat out of felt and presto! You have an adorable gnome costume.

DIY Flapper Girl Costume (Adult)

Flapper dresses are super easy to make and instantly turn you into a flapper girl from the 1920s. Just find a mid-thigh length dress and glue some fringe on the whole thing. Add a few embellishments to emphasize a dropped waist look. Throw on a sequined headband with feather and you’re done!

No Sew Mermaid Costume (Kid)

Kids love mermaids and we love costumes that require little to no sewing. This easy to make costume requires several different materials including crochet elastic tutu waistband, tulle, ribbon, and some fake flowers. All you need to know how to do is cut and tie. If you can do that you’ll be golden!

Last Minute Storm Chaser Costume (Kid/ Adult)

In the event that you get invited to a Halloween party last minute this is a quick costume you can put together at the drop of a hat. All you need is a plain t-shirt, neon fabric paint, glow in the dark fabric paint, stencils, a head light, and a wind breaker.

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