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Green Tea and Chia Seed Face Mask (Honey, Frankincense Oil)

An antioxidant superstar, green tea has an intense detoxifying action, both inside and out. Applied on your skin, its compounds absorb the toxins and excess water from cells, leaving your skin clean and smooth. It is an excellent remedy for the puffy face look, detoxifying the lymph nodes and vessels. Chia seeds nourish your skin with essential minerals such as magnesium, but also with protein to support the birth of new healthy cells. Their jelly-like texture absorbs toxins and impurities, complementing the green tea action. Add a drizzle of honey for probiotic protection, and also for reducing aging signs and fine wrinkles.

Green Tea Honey Face Mask

Green Tea Honey Face Mask

Green Tea and Chia Seed Face Mask (Honey, Frankincense Oil)



  • 2 tbsp brewed green tea, cooled
  • 2 tsp chia seeds
  • 1 tsp organic raw honey
  • 23 drops Frankincense oil


  1. Combine all the ingredients into a small bowl, and set aside to allow the liquid absorption by the chia seeds.
  2. Apply on your face in a thin layer, and leave it for 20 minutes.
  3. Rinse with warm water, then apply your favorite moisturizer.

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