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How to Make Overnight Green Apple Sangria (yum!)

If you enjoy making sangria as much as I do, then you’re definitely going to want to bookmark the recipe that I’m going to share with you guys today. It will show you how to make an incredibly tasty batch of overnight green apple sangria that you–and anyone you make it for–will love!

How to Make Overnight Green Apple Sangria

It’s all thanks to a brilliant blend of ingredients that all blend together perfectly to give this sangria its outstanding flavor. You’ll be using one bottle of dry white wine along with ½ cup of Green Apple vodka for your alcoholic mixers, and then adding in some apple juice, one large green apple that has been cored and sliced, four whole cloves, and a single cinnamon stick. Leave this mixture to sit in the fridge overnight, and then top it with a can of lemon lime soda and serve over ice.

Green Apple Sangria

Of course, if you’re a huge apple person, you’re probably interested in trying different types of sangria with different types of apples. Right? Right. Here are some other recipes that I highly recommend if you’re interested in trying out other apple-based sangria recipes. I’m partial to my green apple, but I thoroughly enjoyed these as well:

Green Apple Sangria

Can I Get Drunk Off of Sangria?

Speaking from personal experience, I can verify that sangria, can indeed, get you drunk.

It is made with wine, after all. Assuming you don’t dilute it with fruit juice (please don’t!), a glass or two of sangria can get you nice and buzzed. However, some sangria recipes incorporate brandy or Triple Sec, so that will add to the alcohol content per glass.

Green Apple Sangria

Can Sangria Sit Overnight?

Sangria gets better as it sits–just not for too long. If you let it sit overnight, it’s great for allowing the flavors to meld together but don’t store it for longer than 4 or 5 days. I find that the fruit sometimes gets sour or mushy, which can spoil the whole batch.

Overnight or even 2 to 3 days should be fine, though!

Green Apple Sangria

Why Is My Sangria Cloudy?

It’s normal for your sangria to become slightly cloudy after letting the fruit sit overnight or for a few days. However, if you’re using already opened wine for your sangria, you might want to check the wine thoroughly to make sure it’s still good.

Cloudy wine that hasn’t been soaking fruit yet is close to spoiling and will not make for a good batch of sangria.

How to Make Sangria Sweeter

I’m actually not too big on adding sweetener to my sangria, especially when using sweet wines. However, if you’re looking for that extra punch, you can add a few tablespoons of simple syrup or even Stevia to your recipe.

Bear in mind that simple syrups add calories and sugar to your sangria, so if you’re looking for something low-calorie, syrups are not the best idea!

Green Apple Sangria

How to Make Overnight Green Apple Sangria (yum!)



  • 1 (750 ml) sweet white wine
  • ½ cup Green Apple vodka
  • 1 ¼ cup apple juice
  • 1 large green apple, cored and sliced 
  • 4 whole cloves
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 can lemon lime soda


  1. In a large pitcher combine the apple juice, sweet white wine, green apple vodka, cloves, cinnamon stick and apple slices. 
  2. Cover with plastic wrap.
  3. Let chill in refrigerator overnight. 
  4. Top with lemon lime soda. 
  5. Serve over ice.

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