40 Egg Carton Crafts to Add to Your Must-Try List

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Got egg cartons? Put them to use with these fun egg carton crafts. From bunnies to seasonal crafts you’ll find new and interesting ways to use up those egg cartons that always seem to pile up.

Egg Carton Easter Checkers

These chicks and bunnies will hop their way into your heart as they hop through your kids’ hands. Made from egg cartons and set on a plywood board (which can be made from other materials, like cloth for easier storage), this project is sure to be an Easter/Springtime hit.

Sinuous Egg Carton Snake Toy/Puppet

Perfect for puppet theater, rainy days, and kids of all ages, this simple snake toy/puppet utilizes egg cartons in a whole new way. The uncomplicated construction makes it especially easy for beginners, and there is a lot to decorate for kids old enough to hold a paintbrush.

Crafty Toy Camera Made From Egg Carton

Click, click, I’m ready for my close up! What kid doesn’t enjoy using their imagination and playing with a toy camera? This fairly clever project uses ordinary items like an old egg carton, felt, yarn, and cotton balls to create and amazingly adorable toy camera.

Beautiful Autumn Wreath Made From Egg Cartons

Nothing can make a door or entryway quite so homely as a beautiful wreath. This nifty project gives you the basic concepts behind creating an Autumn themed wreath using very basic supplies. You can easily take the versatile design and apply different colors for each season.

6 Sea Creatures Made From Egg Cartons

Jump into some nautical fun with this small collection of crafty sea critters made from egg cartons. Each one is pretty cleverly designed and noncomplex to make, so much so that you and your kids are sure to have hours of fun making and decorating them.

Egg Carton Choo Choo Train

All aboard! Using basic crafting supplies, an egg carton and a toilet paper roll, you can make an awesome choo choo train using this crafty design. They can easily become your child’s next favorite toys, as well as be put to use in party centerpieces.

Egg Carton Flowers For Vase or Garland

Lovely and unique, this basic design for making flowers out of egg cartons can be altered in a variety of ways. You can either following the directions, or taking a detour and using alternate coloring methods, and still end up with a beautiful new decoration for your home or work space.

The Quintessential Egg Carton Rose

These egg carton roses can be painted, dyed, or covered in glitter and displayed in a variety of ways. Bundled together, covering frames, or strung on garlands/mobiles, these roses are sure to become a staple for many other projects. Kids and adults of all ages are sure to love putting these together.

Mod Podge Egg Carton Flower Display

Mod Podge sparkles (or really any type of sparkles) add a glittery bit of glamor to this lovely wall display. Using a canvas (or even big of board) you can make a beautiful bit of 3-D wall display of egg carton flowers.

Egg Carton Jingle Bells

Elementary and festive, these egg carton jingle bells can be painted to match any holiday or occasion, not just Christmas/Winter. The basic design and easy to follow instructions make them a great project to entertain small and large groups of kids.

Secret Message Egg Carton Pumpkins

The only thing better than a quick and effortless craft project, is one that can be modified to fit your needs. These secret message egg carton pumpkins can easily be adjusted to fit different themes and can easily become a new family holiday tradition.

Egg Carton Kitty Cats and Other Animals

These egg carton kitty cats are absolutely purr-fect. With just a few quick cuts, some painting, and glue, even your really young craft enthusiasts can making these felines. There are also links to other egg carton critters, from the same crafter, that are also kindergarten-age friendly.

Egg Carton Ice Cream Cone Garland

Nothing says Summer festivity like ice cream cones. This basic and fun to make garland utilizes yarn, egg cartons, and pom-poms to make a carefree and colorful decoration that is sure to be a hit at your next hot weather party.

Creative Bird Masks Made From Egg Cartons

While there are a lot of variations on the egg carton mask project, these creative bird-themed designs really catch the eye. They can be decorated for kids or adults and have a lot of potential for any costumed occasion, such as Halloween or animal themed parties.

Simple Egg Carton Bats and Ghostly Leaves Garland

What is better than a festive Halloween garland? How about one that is really easy and fun to make?! This pretty garland is comprised of bats and ghosts that are sure to keep the kiddies entertained during and after their creation.

Flowery Egg Carton LED Lamp

Have you ever wanted a new lamp but didn’t feel like spending a fortune for one, or just couldn’t find one that you liked? This unique egg carton flower lamp uses a lot of ingenuity and creativity to make a lovely lamp that you can easily customize to fit any color scheme.

Fairy Crown & Bracelet Made From Egg Cartons

What little kid doesn’t adore playing dress up? This fancy crown and bracelet set is perfect for your kids when flights of fancy are on the menu. It is a great project for Easter time, when you are likely to have some spare egg cartons and plenty of kids to entertain.

Lady Bugs Made From Egg Cartons

Lady bugs are one of the most popular insects among kids today. They are small, cute, and colorful, just like this adorably easy project. You can use this as one of a group of projects, or work it into a lull where you need something simple to do for entertainment.

Egg Carton Dragon Puppet

Rawwr! Damsels beware and knights prepare! With this nifty and quick to make puppet, your little ones will happily dive into some medieval adventures. There is some decorating aspects that younger kids might enjoy, but overall a lot of the construction will be up the adult, or older kid.

Panda Made From Egg Carton

This adorable little panda looks like he came straight from the zoo. With a short list of basic crafting supplies and detailed instructions, you and your kids can have a whole family pandas in no time. As a bonus, this blogger has a whole collection of egg carton zoo creatures as well.

Egg Carton Bee

There will be something buzzing about your crafting area if you take on this nifty little project. Cute, uncomplicated, and a great companion activity for lessons about them, this design is the “bee’s knees”. It is suitable for kids as young a pre-school age, with direct supervision.

Sunflowers Made From Egg Cartons

This crafty little project uses very basic art supplies and egg cartons to create bright and beautiful sunflowers. The easy to follow instructions make it ideal for younger kids and quick projects. You can set up your flowers on a variety of backgrounds, or easily work them into a collage.

Mini Egg Carton Whales

These pretty little whales are sure to make a splash during arts and crafts time. Designed to be quick and easy, they are the perfect addition to any sort of nautical themed activity, be it a party or lesson about marine life.

Egg Carton Tree

What better way to celebrate the spirit of Earth Day than with a great art project using recycled materials? This simple egg carton tree would make a wonderful compliment to any number of lessons about nature, trees, or the earth.

Art Inspired Egg Carton Lions

Sometimes projects are chosen to compliment a larger lesson, and sometimes they are the core that helps kids really connect with what is being taught. This egg carton lions project can be done with, or without the included lessons suggestions and kids are sure to enjoy it.

Egg Carton Flower Bow

While tearing into a present is almost universally fun, there are many people who enjoy wrapping them just as much. This neat tutorial walks you through the steps that turns a simple gray carton into a fancy bow. You can also use the design as part of a wreath or poster.

Mini Chest Made From An Egg Carton

What is better than using part of an egg carton in a craft project? How about using the whole thing? This basic design is all about decorating and re-using egg cartons, turning them into kid friendly organizers and toys that parents and kids can agree to love both making and using.

Egg Carton Heart Wall Art

No matter if it is Valentines, or you simple adore hearts, this simplistic projects shows you that classy art can be made with just about anything. The design utilizes very few materials, so it is great for a thrifty craft session.

Egg Carton Cow

Puppies and kitties are traditionally considered the pictures of cuteness, but this uncomplicated egg carton cow project gives bovine their own share of cute points. Made using everyday objects, the young-kid friendly instructions made it a good choice for kindergarten age and up.

Sweet Heart Egg Carton Candy Dish

Coming from a mother of multiples, this down to basics egg carton heart is dressed up in a pretty sweet way. It makes a great gift idea for Valentines and is simple enough to fit into even a hectic day.

Groundhog Egg Carton Critter

February 2 is Groundhog’s Day, and is a traditional day for making predictions on how much longer Winter weather will last. With this absolutely adorable project, you and your little ones can make a mini groundhog, complete with closeable den.

Cookie-Cutter Ornaments Made From Egg Cartons

While the design used in this scenario is based around puppy dogs, the process for turning egg cartons into molding material has near limitless potential. You can use it to make things like ornaments and little plaques for walls/doors, your imagination is the limit.

Egg Carton Bulletin Board

Have you ever pondered getting a bulletin, or cork, board, but didn’t feel like spending a lot of money on one? This basic design can help you turn egg cartons of all sizes into a thrifty and useful bulletin board.

Fortune/Surprise Eggs Made From Egg Cartons

Anyone who has participated in an Easter Egg hunt knows that sometimes it is just plain easier to not use real eggs for the actual hunt. Lost eggs can create quite a bit of mess, but thankfully this crafty idea can give you a fun alternative to real or plastic eggs.

Halloween Candy Boxes Made From Egg Cartons

Ever wanted to make up something really neat for a Halloween party favor, other than handing out a basic treat bag? These cute enough to cuddle monster-themed candy boxes are made from egg cartons and decorated with everyday craft supplies.

Teacup Cards Made Using Egg Cartons

These amazing 3-D cards are a wonderful way to give someone a cheery message and invite them for a cup of tea. Inspired by a competition, these nifty egg carton teacups can be re-used for other themes as well, such as cocoa in Winter.

Ghostly Graveyard Made From an Egg Carton

Little boys and ghouls delight! This amazingly easy egg carton craft entails making your own spooky and fun graveyard scene. This one is ideal for projects that you don’t want to do a lot of cutting, but still want a lot of hands on potential for kids of all ages.

Bunny Mask Made From Egg Carton

There are a lot of different masks you can make from an egg cartons, and this bunny half-mask really illustrates how easy it is to get creative with them. The clear instructions also show much younger kids can help with both the construction process.

Egg Carton Flower Fairies

Enchanting and sweet, the flower fairies in this project are great for slightly older kids to assemble, while kids of all ages will enjoy decorating and playing. Using wooden beads, string, paint, and an egg carton, this guide shows you all the basics for making the dolls.

5 Little Ducks Habitat

Themed around the nursery rhyme ‘Five Little Ducks’, this creative habitat is a perfectly contained play set that your kids will enjoy using for hours to come. The instructions include tips for how to decorate the background and how to make the little ducklings that can be used to act out the story.

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