26 Really Easy Crafts for Toddlers (Best Crafts for Little Hands)

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The best craft ideas for toddlers are the really easy ones – those with minimal fuss and maximum fun. The ideas featured here make the most of items found around the house and a few simple arty supplies, and will result in adorable artworks that even little hands can make, from a worm in an apple to a real working wind chime.

Diy Toddler Kazoo Craft

Diy Toddler Kazoo Craft VIEW CRAFT

Homemade instruments are a godsend – not only do tots get to indulge in some arts and crafts, but they get to make music once these simple kazoos are finished.

Leaf Suncatchers

Leaf Suncatchers VIEW CRAFT

These fall leaf suncatchers are a beautiful way to get toddlers playing outside, as they can collect the leaves as they walk and then arrange them on the contact paper at home.

Diy Dyed Rainbow Wooden Blocks

Diy Dyed Rainbow Wooden Blocks VIEW CRAFT

Grimm Rainbow Blocks are stunning toys, but they are incredibly expensive to buy. Make your own version with plain wooden blocks and liquid watercolors which give a stunningly vibrant result.

Toddler Shaker Craft

Toddler Shaker Craft VIEW CRAFT

The best crafts for kids are noisy ones (sorry parents), and this easy project shows you how to transform an almost-empty salt canister into a colorful shaker or drum.

Bubble Paint Toddler Craft

Bubble Paint Toddler Craft VIEW CRAFT

Little ones love getting messy, so they’ll really enjoy this activity which uses paint, washing up liquid, and water for blowing loads of colorful bubbles onto paper using a straw.

Nature Collage Suncatcher For Toddlers

Nature Collage Suncatcher For Toddlers VIEW CRAFT

Brighten up the home on a sunny day by making these paper plate suncatchers with your kids, using transparent contact paper, paper plates, and leaves, flowers, and other natural bits.

Finger Sponge Painting

Finger Sponge Painting VIEW CRAFT

Whether they don’t like paint on their fingers or you just want to mix things up, this simple method will enable them to ‘finger paint’ using sponge pieces and adjustable children’s rings.

Mesh Dabber Painting

Mesh Dabber Painting VIEW CRAFT

These homemade dabbers are a great way for kids to get stuck into messy painting without actually getting in a mess, and all you need is mesh, newspaper, and tissue.

Handprint Caterpillar Toddler Craft

Handprint Caterpillar Toddler Craft VIEW CRAFT

This cute caterpillar will be a favorite craft for kids who enjoy getting covered in paint, because this activity uses two different colors to create the creature’s body and legs.

Toddler-made Spring Suncatchers

Toddler-made Spring Suncatchers VIEW CRAFT

Add a bit of spring cheer with one of these sweet daffodil suncatchers – cut out the flower shape and let the little ones fill them in with pieces of yellow tissue.

Rainy Day Painting

Rainy Day Painting VIEW CRAFT

This is a creative twist on painting for youngsters to try when the weather is bad; the effect is awesome and can be turned into a unique piece of art.

Toddler Painting With Liquid Watercolors And Droppers

Toddler Painting With Liquid Watercolors And Droppers VIEW CRAFT

Toddlers will be fascinated as they watch the way the watercolor paints spread and mix on the water-brushed paper, while using the pipette encourages fine motor skills, too.

Flower Prints

Flower Prints VIEW CRAFT

Different tools make for different looks when it comes to painting, but how about using flowers in place of brushes, and dipping them in paint for a beautifully textured effect?

Diy Bird Feeders

Diy Bird Feeders VIEW CRAFT

If you can combine kindness with crafts for kids, you’re onto a winner, and these simple ideas will allow children to have some fun while providing wild birds with some much needed food.

Snow Painting With Markers And Water

Snow Painting With Markers And Water VIEW CRAFT

Make the most of snow days by taking the fun outdoors! Let the kids draw pictures or patterns on the snow, and then spray with water to get a pretty tie-dye effect.

Rubber Band Painting

Rubber Band Painting VIEW CRAFT

Clear the decks, apron up, and get ready for some paint-pinging fun, because this activity involves splattering paint on the craft paper by flicking the rubber bands – it’s so much fun!

Toilet Paper Tree Toddler Craft Using Fruit Loops

Toilet Paper Tree Toddler Craft Using Fruit Loops VIEW CRAFT

Fruit Loops are delicious, but they do lose their appeal when they go stale. Unless, that is, you use them to decorate one of these fab little cardboard tube trees.

Toddler Spin Art

Toddler Spin Art VIEW CRAFT

Add a salad spinner to your collection of kids’ craft tools and accessories and they will always have a fun activity to do, and some pretty paper plates to display on the fridge.

Toddler Pinecone Painting

Toddler Pinecone Painting VIEW CRAFT

There are so many ways for kids to make art, and this one makes use of nature as it involves rolling pinecones around inside a box to make different patterns with the paint.

Toddler Painted Wooden Blocks

Toddler Painted Wooden Blocks VIEW CRAFT

Get the kids involved in painting a set of wooden blocks – they can just be differently sized offcuts of wood – and then seal them to make sure the patterns stay fresh.

Yarn Stamp Art

Yarn Stamp Art VIEW CRAFT

Make a set of paint stamps by winding yarn around a wooden block and then dipping it in paint; it’s fun to make different patterns on the block for different effects, too.

Yogurt Cup Wind Chimes

Yogurt Cup Wind Chimes VIEW CRAFT

Yogurt cups are usually brightly colored, which makes them ideal for this kids’ craft idea which turns them from waste to windchime and even includes little jingle bells.

Craft Binoculars For Toddlers

Craft Binoculars For Toddlers VIEW CRAFT

Make use of those empty cardboard tubes (every home has them), and turn them into some make-believe binoculars using yarn and glue – perfect for young explorers on their first intrepid expeditions.

Apple Toddler Craft

Apple Toddler Craft VIEW CRAFT

This craft for kids is adorable, and will delight little ones as they make their own worm from a shoe lace and fruit loops, and nestle it inside a juicy red apple.

Salt Dough Flower Fingerprints

Salt Dough Flower Fingerprints VIEW CRAFT

Preserve their little fingerprints forever with these pretty salt dough flowers which incorporate a fingerprint into each petal, and can then be painted in cheery colors and hung on a colorful ribbon.

Clothespins And Sponge Painting

Clothespins And Sponge Painting VIEW CRAFT

Keep the paint off their fingers with this fun sponge and clothes pin art idea, which uses natural sea sponge in place of a brush to dab interesting patterns all over the paper.

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