41 Fun (And Easy) Easter Crafts for Kids That You’ll Love Too

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Any holiday is a good excuse to get crafty with the kids, and Easter has the added advantage of (hopefully) sunshine, flowers, and cute fluffy animals. There are loads of fun, easy Easter crafts included in this selection to suit kids of all ages – some they can do alone, while others will need a helping hand from Mom or Dad, too, which is no hardship as we think you’ll love them as much as the kids.

Spring Chicks Egg Carton Craft

Spring Chicks Egg Carton Craft VIEW CRAFT

A great Easter craft that makes the most of recycling, these adorable egg carton chicks can be painted in a rainbow of colors and can be finished off with a pretty matching feather.

Plastic Easter Egg Flower Bouquets

Plastic Easter Egg Flower Bouquets VIEW CRAFT

This is a simple craft for kids to do and will make a beautiful gift for Mom, as it involves using colored plastic eggs to create a pretty Easter bouquet.

Clothespin Bunnies

Clothespin Bunnies VIEW CRAFT

Wooden clothes pins lend themselves to making bunnies – once the mechanism is removed and they’re glued together, they come with readymade ears and paws just waiting to be painted.

Easter Egg Potato Stamping Craft

Easter Egg Potato Stamping Craft VIEW CRAFT

Potatoes are the perfect shape for printing eggs when cut in half, so use any potatoes which have seen better days and carve patterns in the cut side before dipping in paint.

Spring Chick Planter

Spring Chick Planter VIEW CRAFT

How darling are these little planters? Perfect as gifts at Easter (or just to brighten the home) plain pots can be painted before being decorated with chick-style feathers, beaks, and features.

Easter Bunny Paper Plate Craft

Easter Bunny Paper Plate Craft VIEW CRAFT

Paper plates are great for when your little ones want to get crafty, and this Easter bunny mask is the perfect example – it’s easy to make and will provide hours of dressing-up fun.

Popsicle Stick Carrots

Popsicle Stick Carrots VIEW CRAFT

These craft stick carrots would make great decorations for an Easter egg hunt, and they’re fun and easy to make, too, using popsicle sticks, paper, glue, and bright orange paint.

Easter Egg Suncatcher

Easter Egg Suncatcher VIEW CRAFT

This pretty Easter craft activity is super easy to do, and doesn’t even involve any gluing – just vibrant tissue paper, contact paper, and string or yarn to hang it up with.

Easter Candy Jars

Easter Candy Jars VIEW CRAFT

These candy jars are ideal for giving as Easter gifts, but you’ll want to make extra so you can keep some at home because they’re adorable, and perfect for holding candy treats.

Marshmallow Easter Bunny Craft

Marshmallow Easter Bunny Craft VIEW CRAFT

There’s something about marshmallows that just looks fluffy, which means they’re ideal for making these cute bunny outlines with funny googly eyes, whiskers, and the sweetest pom pom nose.

Tin Foil Easter Egg Art

Tin Foil Easter Egg Art VIEW CRAFT

Aluminum foil makes these Easter eggs a joy to create and display, as the markers used to draw colorful patterns all over gives them an almost stained glass window effect.

Salt Dough Easter Eggs

Salt Dough Easter Eggs VIEW CRAFT

The home always looks drab when the Christmas decorations come down, but fortunately Easter is just around the corner, and these salt dough Easter tree egg ornaments make delightfully cheerful replacements.

Bunny Rabbit Handprint Craft

Bunny Rabbit Handprint Craft VIEW CRAFT

Handprint art is cute all by itself, because those tiny little fingers will make great memories one day. These Easter bunny prints, however, are a whole other level of cute!

Fingerprint Bunnies And Chicks

Fingerprint Bunnies And Chicks VIEW CRAFT

No two fingerprints are the same, which means that every single one of these fingerprint chicks and thumbprint bunnies will be totally unique, too, especially when they have the little details drawn on.

Bunny Masks

Bunny Masks VIEW CRAFT

Turn the kiddos into sweet little bunnies this Easter with this easy step by step guide which shows you how to create rabbit masks from card and fluffy white cotton balls.

3D Paper Eggs

3D Paper Eggs VIEW CRAFT

There is a free downloadable template included with this post which allows anyone to create these really pretty hanging Easter egg ornaments using vibrantly patterned craft paper, a stapler, and thread.

Cork Chicks

Cork Chicks VIEW CRAFT

There’ll be chicks galore when you introduce a child to this simple but effective Easter craft, using just a wine cork, yellow paint, a marker, and orange paper for the beak.

Paint Filled Eggs

Paint Filled Eggs VIEW CRAFT

Eggs are synonymous with Easter, and that makes this fun activity perfect for this time of the year; fill emptied eggshells with different colored paints and SPLAT! them at a blank canvas.

Bunny Paper Bag Puppet

Bunny Paper Bag Puppet VIEW CRAFT

Small paper bags equal big Easter fun when you add ears, whiskers, and a fluffy pom pom nose, and this how-to guide even comes with a free printable template to make your own.

Tissue Paper Easter Suncatcher

Tissue Paper Easter Suncatcher VIEW CRAFT

With Easter comes spring, and that hopefully means a little ray of sunshine, too, so use the free template or design your own, and make these fun suncatchers with the kids.

Lolly Pop Bunnies

Lolly Pop Bunnies VIEW CRAFT

Look how cute these lollipop bunnies are! Using Tootsie Pops as the body, simply add pipe cleaner ears, pom pom features, and sparkly paws to create the best sweet treat ever.

Tissue Paper Baby Chicks

Tissue Paper Baby Chicks VIEW CRAFT

This is a fun craft for kids to do with minimal supervision needed, because they can glue the yellow tissue paper squares any way they want to make the chick’s body appear fluffy.

Easter Egg Dolly Craft

Easter Egg Dolly Craft VIEW CRAFT

A watercolor effect can be achieved with markers and water in this painted doily egg craft, which makes it perfect for when you want maximum results with minimum mess.

Pom Pom Chicks

Pom Pom Chicks VIEW CRAFT

Pom poms have been a favorite craft project for generations, and you can put that tradition to good use by making these exceptionally sweet fluffy Easter bunnies with tiny googly eyes.

Hatching Chick Craft

Hatching Chick Craft VIEW CRAFT

This free template will give you the basis for creating adorable hatching chicks which slide in and out of their half shells, and can be decorated as carefully or chaotically as your kids like.

Chick Finger Puppets

Chick Finger Puppets VIEW CRAFT

Kids of all ages will have hours of fun and creative play when they make these super sweet Easter chick finger puppets which, although they are simple to make, look brilliant when completed.

Plastic Spoon Easter Characters

Plastic Spoon Easter Characters VIEW CRAFT

Plastic spoons might seem innocuous enough, but they can be used to great effect in a number of craft projects, including these awesome spring ideas like ladybugs and cute Easter chicks.

Watercolor Dipped Painted Easter Egg Art Project

Watercolor Dipped Painted Easter Egg Art Project VIEW CRAFT

These dipped painted eggs can be used in a number of ways over the Easter period, as gift tags, for instance, or tree decorations, or even strung together to make a pretty, colorful garland.

Easter Tulip and Candy Arrangement

Easter Tulip and Candy Arrangement VIEW CRAFT

Add a little Easter fun and color to a bunch of blooms by filling a glass vase with jelly beans and Peeps, and adding a smaller vase in the middle for the flowers.

Paint Chip Easter Garland

Paint Chip Easter Garland VIEW CRAFT

You can make this garland super vibrant or stick to a color scheme to match the décor; either way it’s a great way to use up a stash of paint chips.

Easter Kids

Easter Kids VIEW CRAFT

There’s no end to the ways in which kids can decorate these funny egg people, and with the free included template they can print out and ‘dress’ them in brightly colored outfits, too.

Easter Grass Egghead Craft

Easter Grass Egghead Craft VIEW CRAFT

This is a great Easter craft that will keep them enthralled for days as they watch and measure how much the eggheads’ ‘hair’ is growing – switch things up and use cress, instead.

Paper Mache Easter Eggs

Paper Mache Easter Eggs VIEW CRAFT

This is a lovely way to give kids some Easter candy, and would look lovely under an Easter tree; just like a real egg, you have to break it to reach the contents.

Paper Plate Sheep Craft

Paper Plate Sheep Craft VIEW CRAFT

Every crafter needs a stack of paper plates, because they make a great base for creating all sorts of projects, like Christmas wreaths, underwater creatures, and this fabulous Easter woolly sheep.

Easter Footprint Canvas

Easter Footprint Canvas VIEW CRAFT

Toddlers will adore making this sweet Easter picture, because it involves painting their feet and having them stand on the paper to create the delightful carrot and cheeky little bunny.

Easter Chick Cupcakes

Easter Chick Cupcakes VIEW CRAFT

It’s easy to turn ordinary cupcakes into a clutch of chicks by icing them, and then dipping them into yellow-dyed coconut shreds before adding candy eyes and a jelly bean beak.

Paper Roll Chicks

Paper Roll Chicks VIEW CRAFT

These paper roll chicks will bring a smile to any Easter Sunday as each one is like a little ray of sunshine, and they can be used to hold their chocolate eggs, too.

Plastic Spoon Flowers

Plastic Spoon Flowers VIEW CRAFT

Grab a handful of colored plastic spoons and your kids can make these sweet spring flowers, before ‘planting’ them in a glass filled with shredded paper ‘dirt’.

Shaving Cream Painted Easter Eggs

Shaving Cream Painted Easter Eggs VIEW CRAFT

For a real hands-on craft for kids, these shaving cream painted eggs are as much fun to make as they are to look at, and they make fabulous Easter decorations.

Mini Wooden Easter Baskets

Mini Wooden Easter Baskets VIEW CRAFT

These miniature Easter baskets are so cute and they can be painted in any color you like, which is handy if you have more than one child to make for.

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