37 Kid-Approved Duct Tape Crafts – Must-Try Duct Tape Projects

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In recent years duct tape crafts and even clothing have become popular. With these easy tutorials you’ll be able to create your very own stylish duct tape creations that will amaze! From clutch bags to head boards you’ll become an expert at all things duct tape. Try them today!

Head Board

If you’re bed is lacking a head board and you want a more sophisticated look then try making a duct tape head board on your wall behind the bed. The possibilities are endless! Get as creative as you like with the colors and the design. The nest part is it is easily changed if you want a different head board.

Duct Tape Decorated Garden Hose

Take your garden hose from glum to glam with some duct tape and creativity! Pick your favorite colors and have fun creating a one of a kind hose that will be easy to spot from afar. In fact, when you lay it in the grass it won’t disappear!

Duct Tape Wreath

If you love artificial leaves, but don’t want to pay a small fortune for one try making this. It’s modern design is sleek and so easy to make! All you need is a foam ring and the duct tape of your choice.

5 Minute Duct Tape Hair Clips

These wonderful and fun hair clips take only five minutes to make. Just grab your favorite decorative duct tape, some hair clips, and small embellishments of your choosing. Put it all together and you have a fabulous nee hair clip!

Tiny Duct Tape Bow Gift Garland

If you are looking for a new and innovative way to package birthday or holiday gifts you can make these tiny bow garlands. It’s a fun way to add your personal touch to any gift giving opportunity and the best part is it only requires some duct tape and twine!

Custom Blinds Using Duct Tape

To make these customized blinds all you need is a plain sheet blind and some duct tape. You can make any shapes you choose, but the easiest design to make are these crosses. It’s a fun and inexpensive way to add a personal touch to your room!

DIY Duct Tape Pennant Pencil Pouch

Back to school is the perfect time to get some personalized supplies, but those adorable pencil pouches can cost a small fortune. These adorable pennant pencil pouches are perfect for your kids. There are tons of styles and you can even use school colors!

Duct Tape Pool Bag

Looking for a custom pool bag that also resists water? Then try this DIY project. All you need is the bag of your choice, some duct tape and any embellishments you want to add. It’s that easy to make a poolside bag that will turn heads.

Cute Custom Duct Tape Gift Bags

Sometimes you just can’t find a gift bag or box that will fit your gift, but fear not; with these simple duct tape bags you can get creative and make them any size they need to be! Plus, you can personalize them with the recipient’s favorite colors or designs.

DIY Duct Tape Clutch

This is the perfect last minute DIY clutch that can be made in a snap in any colors or designs you like! Just grab some card stock, duct tape, and button stud and you’re set to go! Give it a try today for something simple and yet chic.

Duct Tape Flip Flop

This is the perfect way to enhance those inexpensive and plain flip flops. Just get some duct tape in your favorite colors or designs and put the tape over the straps in any pattern you like! It’s super easy and a great quick fix to jazz up your boring sandals.

Duct Tape Stool

For a unique and easy way to turn a stool into something amazing try this DIY project. All you need is a wooden stool, some paint, and the duct tape of your choosing. Paint the stool the way like and then cover the top with duct tape in any design.

Make Furniture From Upcycled Cardboard

A lot of times beach furniture can weigh a ton, but not with these easy DIY projects made of nothing more than cardboard and duct tape. The table and chair together weigh less than four pounds and can easily be taken apart and put together!

DIY Balloon Stand

This adorable stand is easily made with cardboard and duct tape. It’s perfect for selling balloons or even lemonade! It’s a great project for kids to help out with and comes out so cute. Make one today and try spreading some cheer while also making a little cash!

DIY Candy Corn Yard Sticks

If you don’t want to spend a small fortune on Halloween decorations then this is the perfect craft for you! These festive candy corn lawn stakes are simple and yet are the perfect way to greet trick or treaters on October 31st.

Heart Shaped Basket

These heart shaped baskets made with duct tape are perfect around valentine’s day or even for anniversaries! With this easy DIY tutorial you’ll be able to make the baskets in a snap in any colors you like. Give it a try and have fun creating a beautiful basket to use on Valentine’s day.

Duct Tape Bat Pumpkins

If you don’t have a lot of time or patience for carving pumpkins then this is the perfect way to get ready for Halloween. Grab some duct tape and mini pumpkins to create these spooky designs that are amazingly simple!

Duct Tape Mummy Jack O Lantern

If you love Halloween, but don’t have time to carve your pumpkin try this DIY project. Grab some white duct tape and wrap it around your pumpkin to look like a mummy. Then add some black eyes and voila! Before you know it you have a wonderfully spooky pumpkin.

Duct Tape Ruffle Trees

For an easy holiday craft that you can use over and over again try making these ruffle trees. They’re simple and make a perfect side table decoration during the holidays. It’s also a great craft idea for kids. Give these a try today!

Duct Tape Pendant Lamp

Are your lamps looking a little tired? If so try sprucing them up with some duct tape and your creativity. This is a wonderful way to make a lamp shade with a personal style. With this step by step tutorial you’ll be able to create this beautiful project quickly!

Spring Lucite Trays

Want to make your home feel more like spring? Then try this project for a quick fix. Grab your favorite duct tape and add it to the sides or bottom of a clear lucite tray. It’s a cheap and effective way to create a seasonal piece that can be used year round!

Duct Tape Bead Bracelets

Making a bead bracelet couldn’t be easier with this DIY project. All you need is some duct tape and plastic straws. It’s super easy to make beads in the colors of duct tape that you choose. Have fun and try creating different sized beads!

Fashion Duct Tape Necklaces

You can make these simple and stylish necklaces with some duct tape, a chain necklace, and jump rings or small brads. Just use your creativity to make these wonderful necklaces that will turn heads at any gathering! The best part is they are made from relatively inexpensive duct tape.

DIY Duct Tape Studded Bracelets

If you love those studded bracelets you see in the store, but want them at a lower cost then try making these. Just get some duct tape in your favorite colors and button studs. They are stunning and perfect for those nights out at a concert!

Duct Tape Bike Makeover

If your bike could use a fresh paint job, but is going to cost a small fortune try this idea instead. Just grab some of your favorite duct tape and create a fun and funky design that will truly set it apart from all the others!

DIY Monster Party Hats

These party hats are absolutely adorable for birthday and even Halloween parties! They can be made with store bought paper hats and duct tape. These monsters are sure to be a hit at your next gathering. Don’t worry if some come out a little wonky because they are supposed to be monsters after all!

DIY Duct Tape Succulents

Love the look of succulents, but don’t want to deal with soil or the upkeep? Then make these duct tape plants! They even look like the real thing. There are a ton of green duct tapes out there for you to experiment with!

Easy Duct Tape Vase

Want an easy way to create a customized vase? Then look no further than this DIY project. All you need is an empty plastic container, some duct tape, and your imagination! It’s that simple to make a beautiful and quick vase.

DIY Binoculars For Kids

These easy and simple DIY binoculars are perfect for your little tikes. You just need some toilet paper rolls and your kid’s favorite color duct tape. They are sure to provide hours of endless fun! And once they are complete your kids will have a new toy to use.

DIY Duct Tape and Recycled Boat

Toy boats can cost a small fortune, but not with this cleverly recycled and duct taped boat. All you need are a couple of water bottles, card board, and duct tape. Get as creative as you like, it is guaranteed to provide hours of fun for your kids!

Totem Pole Banks

For a unique and stackable bank for your kids try this project. You can even make each section of the totem pole a different category for the money to be sorted into such as to spend, to save, and to give. It’s a great way to teach your kids about how to save and spend their money!

Duct Tape Pocket Notebook

Ever wish your notebook had a pocket? Well now it can with this easy to make duct tape pocket that can sit on the outside of your trusty notebook. It’s the perfect way to keep your papers organized on the go!

DIY Doodle Pad

Do your kids tend to go through their doodle pads in a matter of minutes? Then try making a few of these fun and customizable pads to have on hand for all of their art. They’re super easy to make and design with duct tape!

Spinning Garden Bee

If you love those garden decorations that spin with the wind then try this craft on for size. With just duct tape and some string you can make this adorable garden decoration that will delight the young and the young at heart.

King For A Day Crown

This simple crown is perfect for any birthday or even father’s day. And the best part is that the kids will be able to help create it! Make it in any color and embellish it with fun items like gems or fleurs de lis!

Interlocking Castle

For this fun and inexpensive castle grab some card board and duct tape. The coolest part of the castle is that it is interlocking and can be taken apart to store flat. Just create different shapes and scenes for your little ones to play with!

Duct Tape Cake Toppers

Those fancy cake toppers can cost a small fortune at a kitchen store, but with these simple DIY duct tape toppers you can get the same effect at a fraction of the price. Follow these DIY tutorials for some elegant cake and cupcake decorations you can make in a snap!

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