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DIY Infinity Scarves (Makes the Perfect DIY Christmas Gift)

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Have you seen someone where a cute infinity scarf this fall? Well they are super easy to make, and best of all you can pick which ever pattern you want.

DIY Infinity Scarves- this is so easy to do!

If you want to make a few as gifts for the holiday this is the perfect trendy present!

First we’ll start with what we need:

2 yards of fabric and matching of spool thread
sewing needle
sewing machine

First we’ll start off by cutting the two yards (which should be 70 to 75” long) into a strip that is 20” x 72”. Now when you buy your fabric you can get either 36” to 44” in length. If you want to make two, get the 44” and cut it in half so your dimensions are 22” x 72”.

scarf fabric

Now that you have cut your fabric using your ruler and a marker to make your measurements, fold the fabric long wise in half to it should be 10” x 72” with the pretty side of the fabric is facing in and the back of the fabric facing out.

measuring the scarf

*I know there are a lot of numbers and measurements but this is very flexible based off how long you want your scarf to be*

Pin your fabric together about 6 inches apart.

Using your sewing machine, sew the open side together all the way down the long end of the material. Once the fabric is sewn together, turn it inside out so that the pretty pattern side is facing out and the stitching is facing in.

sewing infinity scarf

Take the two ends of the scarf and pin the stitching/hem’s together along one side. Make sure your scarf is not twisted but is smooth and allow the two hems of the scarf to touch back to back.

scarve step

Using your sewing machine again, sew the two ends of the scarf together being careful not to overlap on any other parts of the scarf.

*This is by far the hardest part*

Once you feel like you’ve sewn as much of the fabric as possible from here we are going to finish it by hand.

(on mine I was able to sew about 3/4th of the scarves ends together before I couldn’t anymore. Stop where you feel comfortable because the rest is easy to do by hand)

With the remainder of the opening of the scarf, from here we will see where our seam was when we sowed the edges together. Continue using that crease that forms from the stitching and take your needle and thread and place the needle into the fabric from the inside to the outside.


Once the first stitch is in place. The knot of the tread should be hidden inside of the scarf with the tread coming through the top. From here carefully take the needle and at the crease pull the needle through and up the crease creating a small stitch in the inside. Match the place where you pulled the tread up from directly across to the opposite crease and do the same. You should see small lines going across the two creases. Pull the tread taunt and they should disappear! Continue to the end and finish off the tread by tieing a knot, or placing your needle into the same stitch 4-6 times. (this should be the only tread that is exposed)

And you’re done!

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