22 Adorable (And Cozy) DIY Family Christmas Pajamas

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There are a lot of family traditions for the holidays, among them is the tradition of having special pajamas for Christmas. While you can find plenty available in stores, making your own is a wonderful twist on tradition that the whole family can get in on.

Toddlers Pajamas From 2XL Long Sleeve Shirt

Re-purposing, or up-cycling is a wonderful way to save costs and help the environment. In this tutorial, you are shown how an old long sleeve shirt can be turned into a fun new pair of pajamas for a toddler. The craftiness and simplicity of this project makes it great for people of all skill levels.

Quick and Easy PJ Bottoms

This flannel creation is marvelously easy and simple to put together. You can use a wonderful Christmas patterned material and pair is with a cozy holiday shirt for the perfect set of pajamas during the holiday season. The best thing about his tutorial is that you don’t need a lot of experience to follow it.

Shirred Voile Pajama Pants

In this crafty tutorial, you are shown how to make comfy pajamas pants based on actual measurements, which means it is easily customized for anyone in the family. You can use your favorite Christmas pattern voile, or similar material, and follow the instructions just the same.

Old Fashioned Christmas Pajamas

Thanks to this absolutely adorable guide, you are not only given a free PDF for the patterns (in 4T size), you are shown how to assemble old fashioned pajamas! You can adjust the sizing to fit your needs, in case you want to make a set for the whole family.

Easy Way to Make Matching Christmas Pajamas

When you are crunched for time and still want to throw together a great set of holiday pajamas that match, this handy guide can help. Utilizing the concept of adding matching decoration to existing clothes, it is a clever way to get everyone in fashion for the holiday, without taking a lot of time.

DIY Pajamas For Christmas or Anyday

Using a mix of store bought and hand made, this guide shows you how you can easily customize a set of holiday, or anytime, pajamas that have matching tops and bottoms. While it may take a bit more effort to make than other projects, the end results are awesome and thrifty.

Simple and Easy Flannel Christmas Pajamas

Making pajama pants is really not so complicated as one may think. In this crafty guide, you are shown how to make your own patterns for future use. You can follow the guide and make them with an elastic waistband, or get creative and turn them into drawstring clostures.

Baby Pajama Button Shirt and Pants

Button down pajama tops are absolutely adorable, and in this guide, you are walked through how to make cute, button down pajamas for a baby/toddler. They include a link for the pants tutorial as well and both are pretty easy in concept and execution.

Pillow Case Style Pajama Dresses

Pillow case style dresses are one of the easiest to create. In this modified tutorial, you are shown how to create adorable Pajama dresses. For people who live in warmer climates, this is a great way to deck your little (or big) girls in a lovely new holiday gown.

Sweaters into Baby/Toddler Pajamas

Sweaters are cozy and warm, and in this tutorial, you are shown how to turn old, or thrift store treasures, in awesome new pajamas for your baby or toddler. The creative way in which you can easily craft one piece suits with minimal cutting and sewing is amazing.

Holiday Pajamas Tutorial

You don’t need a fancy pattern to make awesome new Christmas pajamas for your family. Using existing pants as your guide, you can follow this tutorial for creating a new pair in no time. The crafty lady behind this project also gives links to other helpful
sewing guides as well.

15 Minute Up-Cycled Shirt Into Little Girl’s Pajamas

If you have 15 minutes and an old shirt, you can use this tutorial to create a new nightgown for your little girl. Following the clear pictures and instructions is a breeze, and the end results are pretty nifty. You can use old items from your closet, or take advantage of a thrift store find.

Reversible Pajama Pants

These pants take a bit more effort than the typical pajama project, however the end results are pretty much worth it. Imagine using two adorable Christmas fabrics, or using two different holiday themes in one pair of pants! Think of how stylish you and kids could be, as well as the space you could save with a set of reversible pants.

Faux Flap Union Suit Baby Pajamas

What this guide lacks in a PDF, it makes up for with plenty of pictures and instructions. The end result of which is an out of this world adorable one-piece pajama. Perfect for the precious baby or toddler in your life, nothing quite says cozy and quaint like a union suit.

Christmas Eve Pajama Pants Tutorial

At times the holidays can be extremely hectic, which means some of the projects we wanted to get done, don’t get attention until the last minute. If you adore the Christmas day pajama tradition, then this is the tutorial for you. You can pick any holiday fabric you like and choose between plain or ruffle-trimmed pajama pants.

Idea For Personalized Pajama Pants

In this simple guide, you are shown how to make really nifty pajama pants. While she defers to some links for details, you can follow along and get some great tips that you can also use in other sewing projects.

Footsie Pajamas For Christmas

Have you ever wished you pajamas had footsies on them? In this tutorial you are shown how to add feet to just about any type of pajama pants. Not only does the clever momma behind the guide show you how to add footsies to pajamas, she also links to guides for making the rest of the example pajamas.

Fold Over Modification For Pajama Bottoms and Sleeves

While footsies are great on the bottom of pajamas, they can be a bit warm at times. A great alternative to them is having a fold over. Fold overs can be uses on pant legs and sleeves and provide and easily removed, yet never lost, cover for your hands and feet.

Drop Bottom Baby Pajamas

Made as a one-piece, this amazing tutorial shows you how to make an adorable sleeper for a lucky baby. The crafting specialist behind the guide gives lots of detailed pictures and notes about how to construct them, based off a basic one-piece.

Fleece and Matching Shirt Tutorial For Christmas/Winter

Making matching pajama tops and bottoms is a lot less complicated than you may think. In this crafty guide, you are shown how to make up some warm and snugly fleece pajama pants with a decorated shirt to match. You can easily do this in a Christmas theme for your family in no time.

Easy Sew Pajama Pants Patterns

Providing a free pattern and lots of enthusiasm, this guide for making pajama bottoms is very beginner friendly. You can pick out your favorite holiday fabric and make up the whole family a pair in a breeze. As for matching tops, you can use a pre-made shirt or use a fabric that matches your favorite holiday sweater.

Thrifty Family Christmas Pajamas

The thrifty momma behind this project really shows how much you can save by making your own clothes. Using fleece blankets that were on sale and decorating up basic t-shirts, she shows you how to make amazing, matching Christmas pajamas for the whole family.

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