8 Homemade Fabric Softeners You Need to Try


Using a homemade fabric softener saves you from the high cost of store bought brands, and produces similar if not better results. You can make these cost-effective softeners quite easily, and you may already have several of the ingredients in your home right now.

These homemade fabric softeners work better than store-bought cleaners, and they are all-natural!

1. DIY Laundry Softener

Fabric softener can be a bit pricey, and is often more expensive ounce for ounce than the low-cost hair conditioner she’s using in this recipe. You’re clothes will come out soft and smelling good, just like they do with store bought softeners.

2. Jillee’s Homemade Fabric Softener

Jillee is using a pretty popular recipe consisting of vinegar mixed with cheap hair conditioner. Her exact portions are a little different than most, and should provide good, consistent results you can rely on each time you do a load of laundry.

3. Hillbilly Housewife’s Fabric Softener

Here’s another instance of vinegar and hair conditioner mixing together to form an effective and budget-friendly fabric softener. A good tip they give is to add in baking soda to wash your clothes, and then the fabric softener during the rinse cycle.

4. Fabric Softener with Conditioner

This recipe goes one step further to enhance the smell and effectiveness of your fabric softener. They add in essential oils, in this case lavender, so it’s going to provide plenty of scent, but not so much as to be overpowering. The scent of the hair conditioner matters, so choose wisely.

5. Discount Queens’ Fabric Softener

She’s calculated this out to be a penny per load, which is pretty impressive and something that anyone doing a massive amount of laundry each month can appreciate. She points out that you have your pick of the litter when it comes to hair conditioners since there’s so many different scents.

6. Homemade Fabric Softener Recipe

This recipe does away with the hair conditioner and just uses essential oils diluted in vinegar. She’s used two different oils, lavender and cypress. You can either follow this recipe exactly or mix and match with your favorite oils until you find a scent you like.

7. Easy Homemade Fabric Softener

There are only two ingredients in this fabric softener, and you can even use it in a fabric softener ball so that it is released at the right time. It’s a simple mix of baking soda and vinegar with the right amount of hot water added.

8. DIY Fabric Softener Crystals

These crystals are made from epsom salts and essential oils and will definitely do the job of getting your clothes as soft as can be and smelling divine. You can choose which oils you want to use, and can make a mix or just use your favorite one.

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