100 Creative DIY Christmas Stockings

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With these awesome DIY Christmas stocking ideas you’ll have everything you need to make great-looking stockings with materials you might have on hand already. Tis the season to save by making your own stockings!

Don’t get one of those mass-market stockings this year! Instead, create your own homemade Christmas stockings and make a lifetime of memories.

Recycled Sweater Stockings

What is more fun than getting to re-use old clothes? How about turning them into something new and exciting? This design gives crafters the layout for making beautiful stockings from old, or thrift shop bargain sweaters. You and your family will be sure to love these amazingly simple and charming stockings.

Drop Cloth Stockings

Drop clothes have a lot of use around the home, one use that a lot of people overlook is turning them into stockings. In this clearly laid out project you can watch as simply elegant stockings emerge from a very common and ordinary material.

Simply Embellished Drop Cloth Stockings

The ever versatile drop cloth finds itself being transformed into a very simple stocking with a beautiful touch of color and style. Perfect for those who enjoy splashes of artfully placed color on plain backgrounds, teens and adults will love this dainty project.

Large Cuffed DIY Stockings

When one woman and her husband decided to start a tradition by making their own stockings, the end result was share worthy. In this guide the blogger has beautifully laid out the steps with pictures that she and her husband took to make their own cuffed stockings, so that others can have the same fun.

Personalized Embroidered Stockings

For many people the thought of embroidering may be a bit intimidating, but in this well laid out project it seems very easy. The clear instructions, pictures, and tips can help even the novice crafter create a beautiful new stocking in no time.

No-Sew Fleece Christmas Stockings

Some people enjoy the idea of being able to make fun and interesting things without needing a sewing machine. This fully detailed project provides patterns for baby and adult sized stockings and an instructional video to help you put together your own lovely fleece stockings.

Lovely DIY Felt Stockings

Whimsical and charming, this crafting guide gives you some creative designs for sprucing up any stocking. The abundance of crisp photographs provides the inspiration to create your own felt customizations that can be added to homemade or store bought stockings.

Full Pattern Homemade Stockings

Who doesn’t enjoy well written and illustrated tutorials? In this guide you are given patterns, pictures, and all the instructions you need to make wonderful homemade stockings. There is even a section on how to make a lovely bow, if you want to decorate your stocking like theirs, or just stop at the basic pattern.

Creative Recycled T-Shirt Stockings

In this very detailed and step-by-step instructional, complete with pattern download, you will find a very unique way of recycling old t-shirts. If you have old Christmas themed shirts, character shirts, or any pattern you think would make a lovely stocki

Ultra Simple Homemade Stocking Design

In this beautifully simple tutorial you will find step-by-step instructions for making a simple, classical stocking. They also add in a few basic ideas for how to customize, or dress it up, but the real beauty of the tutorial is how open it leaves the end product to your imagination.

Woven Burlap Stockings

Burlap is such a basic material and is surprisingly overlooked by many people when it comes to making cozy crafts. This easy to follow tutorial gives you all the help you may need in creating truly beautiful woven burlap stockings that have an elegant and rustic charm.

Door Stockings

While the concept of hanging a lovely wreath on your door at holidays is nothing new, this crafty blogger shares her personal tradition of hanging what she calls door stockings. In the tutorial you will find how she turned store bought materials and regular crafting materials into truly beautiful decorations for any door.

Thrifty Naughty/Nice Stocking Makeover

Have you ever wanted a great idea for making over one of those plain stockings that seem to flood the shelves at holidays and just seem to beg for some decoration? This tutorial tells you how you can use inexpensive crafting supplies to makeover a plain stocking into a playful and fun statement.

Collage Sweater Stockings

Finding a new purpose for old clothing can be a great project for teaching younger family members the importance of being creative and thrifty. This gorgeous collage sweater stocking design is one thrifty momma’s way of making her own version of a seriously overpriced stocking she saw in a store.

Stiletto Boot & Ice Skate Stockings

In this project the blogger gives a brief overview on how she made these two unique and something to talk about stockings. They are perfect for the diva or athlete in your family and can be customized to fit a wide variety of preferences.

Scrap Cloth Homemade Stockings

The story behind this stocking design is as cute and touching as the idea of making these stockings for your family. A free pattern layout and plenty of concise instructions make this an ideal project for novice crafters and a project you can do on your own, or turn into a family activity.

French Grain Cloth Stockings

More inspiration than detailed design, this blogger’s love of artistry shows you how to turn something as simple as French grain cloth into a rustic, yet classy, stocking. With a touch of antique lace and any basic stocking pattern, you can create these wonderful stockings.

DIY Copycat Stockings

If you have an old stocking laying around then you have the basic pattern for making your own version of it. With detailed instructions on how to construct fully a customized version of the original, this copycat style project project for the whole family.

Homemade Traditional Cuff Stockings

Inspired by the traditional stocking and good old DIY spirit, this design project can walk even the most novice crafter through with ease. Detailed instructions give you a very basic pattern that you can customize with any type of material or embellishment.

Lined Stocking With A Cuff

For some people, all you need to do is study something for a day or two to figure out how to recreate it. For those who don’t have that gift, this design project can help anyone create a lined stocking with a thick cuff and plenty of space for goodies.

No-Knit Knitted Stockings

Knitted stockings are absolutely adorable, but unfortunately knitting is very much an art that not everyone can be great at. In this fun tutorial, one craft mother gives instructions on how to get a knitted stocking with actually knitting.

Simple Gold,Silver, & White Stockings

Made using a very basic pattern, this school project illustrates how remarkably simple and easy it can be to make a very lovely stocking. You can follow the tree embroidering or make up your own design to decorate it with.

Felt Snowman Stockings

The snowman is a wonderful icon of the holidays and Wintry weather, and in this project you will find some pretty easy to follow instructions for making a cute snowman themed stocking. The crafter gives very clear instructions along with a pdf for the cutouts.

Basic Lined and Cuffed Stockings

Beginner friendly and traditional, this stocking project is one that older kids and adults can enjoy taking on together. You can use a wide variety of materials with the suggested batting, so the sky is the limit on how unique you make them.

Sweater Sleeve Stockings

While a lot of sweater based stocking designs utilize the body of the garment, this rather creative project makes use of the long sleeve portion to maximize stuffing potential. If you want a different take on the stocking style and plenty of room to fill up with little, or tall, goodies, this is the stocking for you.

Inspired Cowboy Stocking

After making up an adorable little girl’s stocking that resembled an old Mary Jane show and stockinged leg, this pair of crafty ladies came up with a cute cowboy inspired design. You can follow their freehand example, or print a boot picture to trace.

Crocheted Santa Stocking

For those who enjoy crocheting, this adorable little project will delight. The crafty lady behind this project gives very detailed instructions for how to crochet the stocking from start to finish. While not for the beginner to create, it would make a lovely gift for anyone who adores old St. Nick.

Quilted Ruffle Stockings

These ruffly and quilted stockings will make it look like you spent a pretty penny on them, but the truth is like most homemade stockings, you don’t need to buy a lot material, if any. In addition to making beautiful stockings, the blogger also offers a tutorial on tree skirts in a similar style as well.

Very Easy Felt Stockings

How easy is very? How about small kid friendly in terms being able to participate in the construction and design. The blogger behind this fun project talks about making these stockings in second grade, so making them can be a great family project for the holidays.

Super Simple Stocking Pattern

If you really want to make stockings, but are afraid you just don’t have the skills, this super simple stocking pattern may be just right for you. Complete with printable patterns and easy to follow instructions, the crafter behind this blog makes it seem like anyone could be successful in making these simple stockings.

Thrifty Placemat Stockings

The thrifty crafter behind this blog found a great way to make really chic stockings; use fancy placemats! In this very basic tutorial you can learn how turn a gorgeous Christmas placemat into an elegant new stocking. The real beauty though, is that you can recycle old mats, or use thrift store treasures.

Repurposed T-Shirt/Scrap Stockings

Why buy something new when you have everything you need at home to make something new? In this clever project, one crafter shows you how easy it is to repurpose old t-shirts and scrap bits of cloth into stripy and festive stockings.

Polka-Dot Stockings

Fun, quirky, and something that will have you seeing spots is this nifty polka-dot stocking design. Made using burlap, fleece, and felt, this very well illustrated guide really lays out all the steps. With its uncomplicated pattern and instructions, both young and old family members can enjoy this project.

Easy Patchwork Stockings

Patchwork quilts and decorations are wonderfully whimsical, rustic, and comfortingly homely at the same time. In this well written tutorial, you can see step-by-step just how easy it is to make pretty patchwork stockings that make for beautifully functional decorations.

Felt-Lined Sweater Stocking With Poinsettia Accent

In this rendition of a sweater stocking, only cable sweaters are advised. The cable texture not only give the stocking its uniquely classy look, it is also easy to work with. Complete with a pretty simple to make poinsettia accent, this project is great for people looking for something easy, yet elegent.

W.T.W.T.A. Max Stocking

Where the Wild Things Are is a timeless tale about a kid named Max who did not want to go to behave, or go to bed. This charming, not for resell, tutorial is the perfect project for parents to make with own little fans of W.T.W.T.A..

Fanciful No-Sew Stocking

These stockings are perfect for all those who have an aversion to sewing, or want a Christmas project that younger family members can enjoy. Sparkly and fanciful, boys and girls will both enjoy the candy theme that covers these stockings with splashes of color.

Science Fiction Themed Stockings

“Take me to your crafter” is what these stockings just scream (in a robotic voice of course). If you have any fans of good old fashioned science fiction that includes spaceships, ray guns and robots, then you are going to love this project.

Cuffed Burlap Stockings

Using very basic components and a bit ingenuity, this Disney fan has come up with a creative use for character stamped burlap. You can use any type of patterned burlap you like since this cuffed stocking pattern is pretty straightforward.

Cotton Fabric Stockings

Designed for use with a standard cotton fabric, this project is excellent for beginners, or people looking for a relatively painless stocking project. The blogger includes free pattern downloads and picture assisted instructions for each step to help maximize the user friendliness.

Fully Lined Burlap Stockings

Using their knowledge about bag making, this crafter’s design tutorial for burlap stockings is really top notch. They show you how to create a very cleanly lined stocking that will not only look beautiful, but will keep its contents cozy until Christmas.

Totally Easy DIY Stockings

Do you know how easy it can be to make your very own stocking? This crafter found that is compared to the simplicity of making a pillow, or pillow case. In their tutorial you will find out what they learned, as well as tips and pointers for how to really make a unique stocking.

Stocking Sewing Tutorial

If you love to sew, or are just getting acquainted with the craft, this detailed tutorial will teach you a lot of useful tricks that you can use to make awesome, fully customized stockings with and more. This is not really suited to younger kids, but middle-school aged and up might enjoy learning something new.

Classic Cuffed Stockings

These are called classic, even though the examples are far from your traditional red felt and white fur composition, but you can use any color fabric you like. The sleek design and sturdy cuff set this stocking apart in that it works equally well for mere decoration, or stuffed to its brim with goodies.

Basic Lettered Stockings

The couple behind this project wanted to present a no frills method of making stockings that had just a flourish of added decoration. This quaint tutorial will give you a very flexible design that takes little time to assemble, making it perfect for large families, or group projects.

Stitched Felt Stockings

Combining the charm of knitted textures and the ease of felt working, this crafty stocking design is quite charmingly simple to create. You can use a wide variety of color combinations for different decors, or stick with the example scheme.

No Sew Decorative Stockings

Who says all stockings have to be pretty -and- useful? This quick and easy design project is based around the concept of using very basic tools, such as stencils and hot glue, to make very classy looking stockings. While they may look beautiful, the hot glue element does mean they are more decorative, or ideal for very light loads.

Recycled Fleece Pajama Stocking

There is no lack of fleece pajama sets in the world, and if you have an old pair, or find some at a thrift shop, then you can make this awesome stocking. The very easy construction is great for beginners, or people who don’t have a lot of time, but still want something that is unique.

Mario Themed Stocking

If you, or someone you know, loves Super Mario, then this creative stocking design is perfect. Simple to make with easy to follow instructions and printable patterns, this is a great project to work on with slightly older (8+) kids and up.

Tattoo Heart Felt Stocking

Two things that don’t normally travel in the same train of thought are tattoo culture and Christmas time, but in this project you will find they work quite well together. In this lighthearted project a beautiful tattoo style heart gives stockings a quaint sort of charm.

Recycle Flannel Stocking

Flannel shirts are very rustic, warm and cozy. With this design project you can take your old and warn flannels, or rustle some up from a thrift shop, and create a charming new stocking. The artist behind this quaint project also provides free patterns for decorations you can use on the stocking.

Quilt As You Go Stockings

For those of you enjoy quilting, this step-by-step project is perfect for you. The end result is a beautiful quilted stocking that has endless potential in terms of design combinations. You can follow the basic design, or add in some felt accents for a more personalized touch.

Vintage Tablecloth Stockings

In an effort to find new and creative ways to reuse things around the home for crafts, this DIY enthusiast has come up with a lovely stocking pattern using vintage tablecloths. While you can use any old tablecloth as your base material, the style used in the guide really adds to the old time appeal.

Basic Wide Cuffed Stocking

If you’ve ever had difficulty finding exactly what you wanted you could relate to the author behind this design. Not too long, not to wide, and just enough cuff to add something personal, this uncomplicated tutorial is perfect for making “no nonsense” stockings.

Old Fashioned Stockings

Have you ever pondered what happened to the older style stockings that had a nice and broad opening and body for storing full-sized dolls? Well with this retro stocking project you can recreate that ample style once more. The pattern works well with either retro or modern style materials.

Coffee Bag Stockings

For many people the morning would be impossible without a cup of coffee, and for some it is a lot more than a wake-up aid. For the java enthusiasts in your life that lives and breathes coffee, this project is perfect.

Paper Bag Stockings

Instead of buying new materials, or using old clothing that could be donated, this project calls upon being environmentally friendly by using paper bags to create stockings. With little need for complicated instructions, this guide is very to the point.

Elf Boot Stockings

Inspired by the whimsy of Santa’s little helpers, these adorable stockings are sure to get attention as they hang by the fire. You can opt for the basic pom pom frills, or change up to tinkling bells, either way this project is sure to delight and spark the imagination of those around.

Helvetica Personalized Stockings

The premise behind this stocking is that you put more time into the personalization than you do in constructing the general stocking portion. Using a reverse applique technique, the crafter gives detailed instructions for how to create these rather sophisticated stockings.

Geeky Fun Transformers Stockings

In this adaptive project, that is designed for people at all levels of craftiness, you can add to an existing stocking, or make from scratch. The basic pattern given is themed around using minimal effort to customize a stocking and show off your geek pride.

Stitch and Flip Super Quick Stockings

Do you want a new stocking but don’t want to spend a lot of time making one, or need to make a lot of stockings in a hurry? This nifty little stitch and flip design takes mere minutes to put together and produces a simple, yet pretty stocking that you can add flourishes too.

No Sew Vintage Style Stockings

If you have no skill with sewing, or just want a break from the old needle and thread, this clever and simple project might be for you. Using very basic cloth and fabric glue, these vintage stockings make excellent holiday decorations.

Wool Christmas Stockings

Classy, sophisticated and simple are three good words to sum up these stockings. Made using basic, but quality materials, this tutorial is filled with detailed instructions and tips for alternate methods of personalizing them. As a bonus, the construction time is modest, making it a really easy project.

Quilted Elf Stocking

Pointy toe whimsy and charmingly rustic quilting combine in this lovely little project. No matter if you have been quilting all your life, or if you are just getting into it, the difficulty rating of this project is “novice friendly”.

Denim Blue Jean Stockings

Most people will find themselves with at least one pair of blue jeans in their closet that haven’t been worn in years. For whatever reason it keeps missing the donation pile, usually because you want to use them in some type of craft. Well, this darling stocking project will have you collecting old jeans to use.

Very Simple Felt and Button Stockings

If one could call something both whimsical and refined at the same time, these precious stockings would fit the bill. Designed to inspire a sense of innocent childhood whimsy, they are also trimmed and refined to fit into a grownup sense of décor.

White Poinsettia & Pearl Stockings

If you adore the idea of a “white Christmas”, this beautiful and artful stocking design will suite you just fine. The design uses simple patterns to build up an easy to make poinsettia and accents the whole piece in glimmering pearls, which easily conjure up the image of a snow covered field.

20 Minute Ruffled Stockings

Thrifty and creative are two very proper adjectives for this project. If you don’t have a lot of money, but want to spruce up an inexpensive stocking, this is your project. This quick and easy tutorial shows you how to add ruffles to a store bought piece, as well as how to make a simple one from scratch.

Anna and Elsa Themed Stocking Makeovers

Frozen continues to be one of the most popular Disney movies of the last decade, so it is no surprise that there is an abundance of design ideas inspired by it. In this quick and easy tutorial you are show how to take thrifty stockings and turn them into character inspired works of art.

Traditional Fur Trimmed Stocking

There are some that would debate on what defines a real traditional stocking. For some, the basic cloth sock with a broad cuff is it, while others firmly believe that the cuff has to be fur (usually faux). For those who fall into latter school of thought, this project understands you.

Swedish Dala Horse Stocking

Inspired by Dala horses, this fanciful felt stocking is a delight for kids of all ages to help make, or receive. It even has enough of an olden appeal that it would also be well suited to senior family members.

Peek-A-Boo Reindeer Stockings

This project is one that kids and parents are likely to equally enjoy doing together. The adorable reindeer seem to be ever ready for some games. With the help of the easy to follow instructions, even beginner crafters can tackle this one.

No-Sew Burlap Stockings With Ribbons

Who says you have to know how to sew well to be able to make gorgeous handicrafts? Coming from a busy momma blogger, this quick and easy no-sew burlap project proves how clever you can be with glue, scissors, and paint.

Easy Plaid Stockings With Fluffy Trim

Nothing quite says nostalgia like a plaid stocking with fluffy trim. This quaint little project is perfect for a classically themed display. Built to serve both form and/or function, you can attach the hanging loop with either hot glue, or sew it on for added durability.

Quick and Easy Vintage Felt Stocking

Ready, set, create! This ridiculously simple stocking design has a wonderful vintage vibe that will leave you feeling taken back in time. You will also find yourself wondering how something so quaint did not take longer to assemble. Its quick build time makes it great for large group projects, while its simplicity caters to a broad age group.

Simple Christmas Stockings Without Padding

If you want the very epitome of a simple cloth stocking that has not lost any holding capacity due to batting and padding, this is the project for you. The project provides all the patterns, instructions, and tip anyone may need to make pretty, simple, and highly functional stockings.

Tinsel Typography Stockings

What is niftier than tinsel? How about tinsel typography! In this basic tutorial you are shown how to turn the simple pattern they provide into a tinseled masterpiece. You can also apply the techniques to already existing stockings and future projects as well.

Paw Shaped Stocking For Pets

What holiday would be complete without something for the four legged members of your family? In this tutorial you are shown how to make a paw-shaped stocking, so “Fluffy” and “Rover” can join in the celebrations. The versatile pattern can be adapted for both dogs and cats.

Minecraft Creeper Face Stocking

One of the most iconic games of the last decade, Minecraft has a fan base that extends to all ages. One crafty mother came up with a creative twist on the classic felt stocking as a gift for her son, though through sharing it has also become a gift that keeps giving.

Felt Snowflake Stockings

No one enjoys paying too much for trendy décor. The thrifty crafter that made this tutorial assembled suggestions for where to get good deals on materials and how to make a homemade version of one of West Elm’s fanciest stockings.

Crazy Flannel Christmas Stocking

Using crafting squares from a Moda charm pack and basic sewing skills, this artful project turns chaos into purpose. Step by step instructions clearly layout how to create this seemingly complicated, yet simple stocking, making it an a great choice from even beginners.

Easy, Yet Sophisticated Stockings

These stockings will have you seeing spots, spots of sophistication that is. Not only are elegant, they are easy to assemble, and come with a very unique suggestion for personalization that you don’t see in other projects. The tutorial gives great suggestions on how to add flourishes, but the simple design also leaves it rather open to whim.

Cloth and Fused Fleece Beginner Stockings

One, two, three… sew! Designed for novice and young crafters alike, this cloth and fleece stocking keeps things basic. The main pattern calls for a different style of personalization, which steps away from the traditional monogram and suggests a wooden substitute.

Easy Knit Stockings

For the knitting inclined, this simple pattern provides instructions for a festive and stripy stocking. To further make the project beginner friendly, the instructions are color coded by row to help you keep track of when to switch between the different colored yarns.

Duck Tape Stockings

There are plenty of jokes about traditional gray tape and its many fine engineering qualities. In this colorful tutorial though, the decorated version of this wonder tape is put to use to make truly unique pieces of Christmas art in the form of stockings.

Gold Leather and Fur Stockings

If you adore decadence this is the stocking tutorial for you. You can use real or faux leather with the instructions provided. The fluffy white trim provides a tasteful accent for the gold coloration, or you can opt for a different color pallet, such as silver.

Chic Gold and White Stockings

Beauty and simplicity combine in this elegant design for homemade Christmas stockings. With plenty of pictures and instructions, it is easy to put together. According to the crafter, it took a lot of trial and error to get just right, so they made sure to also include plenty of construction tips in the tutorial.

Utensil Stockings

What better way to dress up utensils as the dinner table for a holiday party than but presenting them in a mini stocking? These cute little stockings have a lot of potential uses beyond holding utensils, as they also make great party favor and small present, or gift card bags.

Canvas and Burlap Stockings

The combination of two very durable and steadfast materials means these stockings should last a long time. Despite being comprised of utilitarian fabrics, the patterns provided produce a very quaint, if not somewhat rustic design, which can be altered with little effort.

Positively Whimsical Stockings

The examples given for this project conjure up images of whimsy with a touch mischief, or even chaos. While you can feel free to choose different colored accents, the basic outline will always give it a look of being far from ordinary.

Muslin and Fabric Stockings

It is not often that you come across a design that contains a lot of basic elements that somehow combine into something unique. The key here is in the crafter’s touches to the trim, personalization, and quaintly buttoned hanging loop.

Ruffled Drop Cloth Stockings

Out of most of the drop cloth stocking designs out there, this one really stands out in terms of how elevated the basic materials seem. In this tutorial, the right amount of embellishing can fully transform drop cloth into something elegant.

Anthropologie Inspired Stockings

Here is another design project inspired by the desire to be thrifty and still get something trendy. Based loosely on designs by Anthropologie, this colorful stocking tutorial will leave you feeling chic, if not amazed by how simple it was to make.

Basic Sleek Stocking

Sometimes all you want is a sleek and simple stocking for holding a modest amount of presents. This particular tutorial provides exactly that. With a very no frills approach, these stockings are easy and quick to make, which is perfect for when you nee a lot of them.

Mini Magnetic Stockings

Why is it that making something smaller also makes it ten times cuter? In this nifty tutorial one momma gives her design for mini magnetic stockings, as well as ways to use them for a different spin on “Secret Santa” gift giving.

Toy Story Woody Inspired Stocking

One of the easiest to recognize series of characters today, “Toy Story” has been delighting audiences since the first one was released. In this project, the iconic cowboy character Woody is given another starring role; as the centerpiece for this western-style stocking.

Custom Printed Homemade Stockings

Mixing technology and good old fashioned craftiness, these custom printed stockings are a great way to give the members of your family something unique. For those without access to a printer, or the necessary fabric sheets, you can just as easily stick with traditional embroidering.

Handmade Stockings With Pom Poms

In this picture filled tutorial, one crafter was inspired by the simplicity of a different design and decided to make their own version of a stocking, based loosely on it. Forgoing any batting, and opting for a different style of trim, this pom pom accented stocking is sleek and sophisticated.

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