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30 Relaxing Homemade Bath Bombs

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Bath bombs/fizzies are awesome, they can help moisturize and rejuvenate your skin. The only problem is that they can get kinda pricey, or are made with a lot of unnecessary chemicals. However, this collection of recipes will show you how to make them at home with less chemicals and for a fraction of the fancy store’s prices.

Simple Homemade Bath Bombs

Using all the basic ingredients, and your choice of oils, this guide gives you instructions that are rather versatile. If you follow the example, you will end up with a nice and soothing soak that is scented by lavender and chamomile.

DIY Oatmeal Bath Bombs

Calling upon the nourishing properties of oatmeal, this tutorial shows you how to make lovely little bath bombs that are great for yourself, or as gifts. You can dress them up with food coloring, or opt for a more organic look without it.

DIY All Natural Bath Bombs

Using all natural and organic materials, you can make up beautiful and fizzy bath bombs. The crafter here suggests using lavender or ylang-ylang for a soothing experience. You can easily use any organic essential oil you’d like though, it is all up to you.

Homemade Bath Bomb Tutorial

This tutorial has a lot of text to accompany it, and it is a good idea to read through it all. Coming from a crafter who lives in a humid climate, she shares her tips and experiences with making these somewhat delicate bath time goodies in a less than ideal environment.

DIY Lush Easter Egg Shaped Bath Bombs

For those who adore those cute little Lush bath bombs, but can’t bring themselves to spend the money on them, this is the perfect tutorial for you. Inspired once more by frugality, this thorough DIY can help you make your own dozen of heavenly scented bath bombs.

DIY Peppermint Bath Bombs

These cheery little peppermint scented bath bombs are an excellent choice for a homemade Christmas presents. The addition of mica powder gives them a snowy hint of sparkle that adds to their appeal for Winter time holidays, or as a soothing treat for yourself.

DIY Valentines Themed Bath Bombs

Valentines is another great holiday to make up some bath bombs as gifts, and this tutorial shows you how to make adorable little bombs with hidden surprises inside. While the latter bit is optional, it makes them rather appealing as gifts for teenagers or tweens.

DIY Natural Bath Bombs With Color

If you want to avoid anything synthetic in your bath products, you can follow this helpful tutorial that even shows you how to naturally color them. For people with sensitive skin, or those who simply prefer a more natural lifestyle, this is a great guide for you.

Pretty DIY Bath Bombs

The enthusiastic blogger behind this tutorial has a major love of bath time and feeling pampered. She gives you a lot of tips on sizing out a good bath bomb, as well as how you can dress them up for presents.

DIY Grapefruit Bath Bombs

Using aromatic grapefruit oil and natural beet juice for coloring, these colorful bath bombs are sure to delight. Taking a bit of guesswork out of shaping and proportions, this nifty blogger recommends using an ice cream scoop to measure out your bombs.

Easy DIY Bath Bombs

Going with simplicity and thriftiness, the crafter behind this guide explains how you can make your own luxurious bath bombs. They even give a list of common and easily obtainable items you can use to mold them, including something as simple as ice cube trays.

Cheap and Easy DIY Bath Bombs

With options for natural, or artificial, colors this thrifty little guide can walk anyone through making up some simple little bath bombs in just a few minutes. You can easily make a batch in the morning and enjoy them later that same evening.

4-in-1 Bath Bomb Recipe

The sisters behind this blog were definitely not fans of the store prices. So, after some thorough research, and a bit of experimenting, they came up with their own take on how to make luscious and moisturizing bath bombs. You can enjoy them for yourself and share with your family this year, without breaking your budget.

DIY Turmeric and Lime Bath Bombs

Using calming and all natural ingredients, these lime and turmeric bombs are supposedly a great way to unwind before bed. The blogger behind this particular guide makes an interesting suggestion about the baking soda you use; advising you to be sure it is aluminum-free.

Homemade Ocean Themed Bath Bombs

Creative and nautical in theme, this interesting guide shows you how to make lovely, decorative, and functional bath bombs. They make a great addition for anyone’s bathroom with a similar theme, and can really be a treat for yourself and guests.

Basic Bath Bomb Recipe

In this quick and versatile guide, you are given a few options, such as to have a fizzy bath bomb, or not. What some may not realize is that you can have a luxurious and aromatic bathing experience, without needing the fizzle effect, or coloring.

Natural Rose, Lavender, and Oatmeal Bath Bombs

If you are struggling with dry, itchy skin that is need of some intense tender loving care, these bath bombs may be just what you need. Using naturally soothing agents like oatmeal and lavender, the calming aromatic accent of roses help encourage a calming state.

DIY Salt Bath Fizzies

Taking a much less dramatic name, this smart mama wanted to share her recipe for making fizzling bath goodies that are sans artificial irritants, but still give a lovely vanilla aroma to your bath time. She also includes notes for a completely scent-free variant.

DIY Fall Scented Pumpkin Shaped Bath Bombs

These adorable pumpkin shaped and scented bath bombs are great for the Fall time. You can use regular food coloring, or naturally sourced versions to create the full look. Cinnamon is the key to its delightful aroma, but you can always opt to forgo it in case you are sensitive to it.

Lemon Bath Bombs With Sugar Flowers

If you want a cheery bath bomb, these yellow balls with a daisy accent are great for brightening anyone’s day. You can follow the guide to make them lemon scented, or opt for whatever fragrance you, or the intended recipient might prefer.

Big Orange Crush Bath Bombs

You can easily make these bright bath bombs with, or without the option of body glitter. Unlike a lot of bath bomb recipes, it also calls for almond oil instead of coconut oil. If you have nut allergies you may want to alter the formula.

DIY Luxury Bath Bombs

These colorful bath bombs are once more inspired by those available at Lush. Using premium ingredients, the beauty blogger presents a luxurious DIY alternative. The best part? Price per bomb still equals less than the store’s. The ones in the example use coconut oil and your choice of essential oil.

Really Neat DIY Bath Bombs

In this awesome DIY guide, the crafter not only gives clear step-by-step instructions, but also explains how each of the components work. You can follow the example given, or use it at a basis for making up your own unique bath bombs.

DIY Colorful and Scented Bath Bombs

In this amusing tutorial, one fitness loving blogger shares her musings and discoveries while trying to find a way to have her favorite bath time treat more often. With the simple instructions and the moisturizing combination of oils, these are sure to become your new favorite treat too.

Simple DIY Bath Bombs

With just a few basic ingredients, you don’t even need a mold to make up fun little bath bombs. You can use whichever essential oil for aroma that you want, or you can also opt to make these unscented. When it comes to shaping them up, plastic wrap can help form whatever shape you want.

Green Tea Bath Bombs

Using some rather professional style products, these green tea bath bombs are probably the closest to store made that you would be able to make at home. The products recommended by the blogger can be used more like a suggestion, but give you an idea of what to use.

Beer Time Bath Bombs

Not all bath bombs are girly or prissy. In this guide, one loving wife shares a way she can give the man in her life that loves baths the same fun experience of a fizzling bath bomb. She uses a touch of beer for scent, but also suggests some more mainly essential oils.

Lavender Bath Bombs With Surprises Inside

In this adorable DIY guide, one mom shows how you can make surprise filled bath bombs that will delight your little ones. When it comes to coming up with the treats, keep in mind the age appropriateness factor, especially if you make them up as gifts.

Lavender Butter Bath Balls

Taking a different twist on the fizzing factor, this recipe calls for bicarbonate of soda and cocoa butter to help soften and moisturize your skin. The addition of lavender buds and essential oil also add a relaxing element to using these bath bombs.

DIY Cocoa Bath Bombs

Cocoa butter combined with a teddy bear shape make these cute little bath bombs an amazing choice for holiday gifts. You can also take the optional step and add a touch of brown coloring with the addition of a bit of cocoa powder.

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