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Soothing DIY Aloe Vera Face Mask (Aloe, Lemon, Honey)

This might be a very simple face mask recipe, but like all the natural and simple things, it has exceptional effects on your skin. Aloe, lemon, and honey, these are three very cheap ingredients that almost everyone has in their pantry, fridge, and flowerpots. Each of them has exceptional health properties taken separately, but when combined you obtain a powerful anti-aging face mask, an intensely detoxifying concoction, and a real rejuvenation elixir. While honey and aloe deeply nourish your skin with enzymes, mineral salts, and vitamins, lemon cleans your face with mild fruit acid, washes away toxins, helps with sun spots, and leaves your face glowing!

DIY Aloe Vera Face Mask

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Nature’s Goodness in Mask Form

If you can get away with fewer ingredients, why not? This face mask is an excellent example of that because it requires just 4 ingredients and you probably already have them at home. I have an aloe vera plant, so I always have fresh leaves on hand. The rest are already in my pantry ready to go.

You’ll start by peeling back the aloe leaves to reveal the gel-like substance underneath. Make sure to choose aloe leaves that have a wider base so that you get more of the gel. I find that 2-3 leaves does the trick, but you may need more if the leaves of your plant are small.

Next, add the gel to your blender along with the lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and raw honey. Pulse to combine or until it resembles a thick liquid. This doesn’t take much time at all. Finally, use a cotton ball to apply the liquid onto your face and neck. Leave it on for about 10 minute and rinse off with warm water.

Will This DIY Aloe Vera Mask Work for Acne?

Absolutely, this mask would work for acne breakouts because the lemon juice and apple cider vinegar help dry out pimples and comedones, while the aloe vera helps to rehydrate the skin. Applied topically or taken orally, honey has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. (1)

Can I Use This Mask Everyday?

The best part about this face mask is it’s made with natural ingredients, providing moisture as well as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. (2) Combined, they have the potential to improve your skin quality without harsh chemicals. So yes, you can use this face mask everyday as long as you use the ingredients as instructed.

I Don’t Have Aloe Vera. Can I Use Aloe Vera Gel from a Bottle?

I wouldn’t recommend aloe vera gel that’s already been processed and bottled because it doesn’t possess the same healing properties as fresh aloe vera leaves. I highly recommend purchasing your own aloe vera plant because it’s easy to take care of and will provide enough leaves for you to use on a regular basis.

What’s the Difference Between Apple Cider Vinegar and Regular White Vinegar?

You may or may not have apple cider vinegar at home, so if you’re wondering if you can use any old regular vinegar, I’m afraid the answer is no. Unfiltered apple cider vinegar contains “The Mother,” which are strands of enzymes, protein and good bacteria that give the vinegar its murky appearance. The beneficial effects of ACV are attributed to the “mother” which is why it’s important to use unfiltered apple cider vinegar and not just regular vinegar.

Is It Safe to Leave a Face Mask on Longer than An Hour?

I know how relaxing it can be to rest and relax on a comfy couch with your favorite tv show on plus a face mask. Really, I do. However, I would recommend sticking to the instructions in this recipe just in case your skin reacts negatively to long wear. Leaving it on for 30 minutes isn’t a big deal, but hours and hours? Not necessary.

Can I Make This Mask and Store It in the Refrigerator?

I absolutely love chilling my face masks in the fridge for a couple of hours before applying. This doesn’t change the chemical make-up of the mask, but it is incredibly soothing and relaxing to apply a chilled face mask, believe me. I would absolutely recommend doing this before applying.

If you’re planning to make a large batch and storing it in the refrigerator, you could also do this and it would keep for 2-3 days. The limiting ingredient would be the aloe vera because it will eventually dry up and you would no longer have that gel-like consistency to your face mask.

DIY Aloe Vera Face Mask

Soothing DIY Aloe Vera Face Mask (Aloe, Lemon, Honey)



  • 23 aloe vera fresh leaves
  • 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tsp organic raw honey


  1. Peel the aloe leaves to obtain the gel, then add it into the blender, with the rest of the ingredients.
  2. Pulse to combine and obtain a thick liquid.
  3. Use a cotton ball to apply onto your face and neck, leave it for 10 minutes, then remove with warm water.

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