25 Fabulously Festive and Cute DIY Christmas Nails

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Dressing up your nails with some holiday cheer is a great way to express your love of the season. You can opt to celebrate the glory of Winter and snowfall, or go with classic icons of Christmas, like bells, presents, and Santa. No matter how you want to dress them up, this collection of nail art tutorials can help.

Easy Sparkly Christmas Tree Nails

Easy Sparkly Christmas Tree Nails VIEW CHRISTMAS NAILS

Christmas trees are exceedingly easy to incorporate into nail decorations, especially if you utilize the basic tools, like tape and decorations sized for your nails. In this fun and easy tutorial, you are shown that it doesn’t take expert level skills to create awesome looking holiday nails.

Christmas Light Nails

Christmas Light Nails VIEW CHRISTMAS NAILS

This fun and carefree nail tutorial utilizes paint brushes to create an iconic colorful string of lights across your nails. Step by step pictures and detailed instructions guide you every step of the way. Using a little bit of patie

DIY Santa Belt Nail Art

In this minimalistic tutorial, you are shown how all it takes it a bit of red polish and some standard gemstones for nails can create a cute holiday display. You can follow the example and embellish just one nail, or get really zealous and stud all your nails.

Candy Cane French Tip Tutorial

Candy canes are just one of many icons that people associate with the Winter holidays. In this charming and simple tutorial, you are shown how to spice up the standard french tip concept with a sweet addition. You can follow the recommendation of using a golden sparkly base, or mix it up and use a different holiday color, like a darker green tone.

Purple Snowflakes and Glitter

This charming bit of nail art is a fabulous twist on one of the oldest icons of Winter- the snowflake. Using sparkling shades of purple, along with milder and less sparkly tones, this guide is rather straightforward in describing the materials and process used to create the design.

Simple Snow Manicure

Using just two basic nail polishes, this easy to do nail art is perfect for people who enjoy the idea of a white Christmas. Taking a rich shade of blue and using a sparkly, white glitter, this tutorial is a great idea for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time, or just wants something simple, yet holiday themed.

Christmas Pudding Nail Art Tutorial

In this scrumptious tutorial, you are shown how to turn your nails into tasty drops of Christmas pudding. Also referred to as figgy pudding, this simple guide illustrates step by step how to create this delightful and whimsical holiday design.

Subtle Elegance Christmas Nails

For some occasions and personalities, the typical cheery holiday design is not entirely desired. In this classy illustration, one artists shows you how to dress up your nails with elegance and shine for the holiday season. It is erfect for sophisticated parties and people who prefer a more refined style.

Elf Inspired Nail Art

Inspired by the movie “Elf”, this charming example of nail art is an inspiring and colorful display of green, white and gold. You can follow the example, or use it as inspiration for your own take on an ode to Santa’s little helpers.

Jingle Bells Inspired Nail Art

Simple and sweet, this bit of nail art employs a bit of creativity and elegance. Jingle bells are a charming choice for decoration, especially since thanks to a certain song, they conjure up thoughts of sleigh rides through the snow and dashing Winter fun.

Santa and His Elves Nail Art

When it comes to Christmas time, Santa and his elves are some of the most recognizes symbols of the season. This delightful example of nail art employs nail polish and acrylic paints to create odes to these bringers of holiday cheer.

Wintry Nail Designs

This fan of Rainbow Honey nail polish entered a beautiful selection of Wintry designs into the 2014 nail art contest. She not only gives plenty of pictures, she also details about what she used to create the different designs, since she did three different styles.

A Plethora of Holiday Nail Inspirations

The main design featured on this blog post is a beautiful Winter scene created using a thermal polish and a nail stamp. However, the real treat is the gallery listed at the bottom that leads to 28 other Winter/Christmas nail art designs.

Gift Box Nail Art

One of the most undying aspects to Christmas time is the notion of giving. The festive present wrapped in a bow is a fairly simple but adorable choice for nail art. In this step by step guide, you are shown how to create cute little present decorations, which you can use as demonstrated, or incorporate into your holiday theme.

Adorable Penguin Nail Art

Step by step this tutorial walks you through creating one of the most beloved feathery icons of the Winter season. This is a great bit of nail art for anyone who like penguins and wants something simple and cute for the holidays. You can even spruce up the pattern with a little scarf about their necks.

Simple and Colorful Christmas Nail Art

Using two famously Christmas time colors and a steady hand, you can create this charming take on the French tip. By alternating red and green, and using an accent nail, you can get your nails into the holiday spirit with very little effort.

Festive Snowflake Stamps

The crafty artist behind this tutorial makes use of stamps and textured polishes to create a beautiful display of Winter beauty. Adding a bit of embellishment and dimension with a gem in center of a snowflake, this design is fairly simple in its concept and execution.

Holiday Nail Collection

Using a selection of holiday colors, like red, white, and green, this tutorial gives plenty of pictures and tips for recreating the collection of holiday designs they did. With the trusted technique of using tape to create borders, this crafty artist makes it seem simple and fun.

Christmas Tree and Snowfall Nails

Glitter can create some amazing snowfall effects on nails and in this example, you are shown how using minimal lines can create a beautiful landscape across your nails. The end result of which is a lone Christmas tree amid a snowy field.

Reindeer Nail Art Tutorial

What is Christmas without a nod to one of Santa’s best known helper, Rudolph? In this wonderful tutorial you are shown how to create your own team of cute reindeer with clear, step by step instructions and pictures in a slide show presentation.

Wintry Trees Nail Art Guide

Setting the background in a chilling shade of blue, this artistic rendition of trees in Winter is a beautiful and fairly simple way to decorate your nails. This is a perfect choice for people wanting to dress up their nails for the season itself, as well as give a nod to the holidays.

Adorable Troupe of Penguins Tutorial

This detailed and easy to follow guide can help you recreate all, or some, of a troupe of adorable penguins. They are decked out in different holiday costumes and are an excellent choice for people who love these tuxedo clad, waddling Winter birds.

Simple and Cute Snowman Nail Art

What collection of Christmas nail art would be complete without at least one snowman entry? In this adorable and simple tutorial, you can easily turn a white canvas of nail into a cute and smiling snowman. It is a great choice for those who want something simple and festive that is fairly quick to put together.

Cute Snowmen Nail Art Tutorial

This beautiful and simple tutorial illustrates how easy it can be to create a single accent, or whole troop of snowmen. Using a bold red background is a great way to make the white pop, but you can just as easily use a blue or green as well.

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