34 Most Creative Christmas Tree Toppers of All Time

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The best part about decorating your Christmas tree is the ability to make it your own. You don’t need to duplicate the standard replicas you see in most department stores. Get creative with your tree this year by showing off some personality! Here are the top 60 most creative tree toppers of all time to make your tree stand out.

Christmas Snowman Top of the Tree Hugger

There’s nothing cuter than a jolly snowman hugging a Christmas tree! This top of the tree hugger will give you the feels this holiday season. It features a darling snowman with a carrot nose, black top hat, red mittens and a matching red scarf that dangles down your tree for a cozy look.


Whimsical Poinsettia Tree Topper

This beautiful handmade arrangement marries all the essentials of Christmas together. It features peppermint and checkered ribbons and three large red glittered cycas leaves complete with a lime green poinsettia and grass. Pick out the candy and assorted ribbon of your choice for a personalized touch unique to your home.


Metalwork Snowflake Tree Topper with Jewels and Pearls

Bling out your Christmas tree with this gorgeous silver metal snowflake topper complete with jewels and pearls. It stands 13 inches high and is a great high quality tree topper for less than $20. This elegant tree topper would go great on a tree with jeweled or other delicate ornaments


Deluxe Three Ribbon Christmas Tree Topper Bow

This beautiful handmade bow tree topper is perfect for a fun and festive tree. It’s made with an assortment of ribbons to make your tree pop no matter where you put it. It features a 22 inch bow with ten hanging tails that drape approximately 24 to 36 inches down your tree.


Papyrus Origami Christmas Tree Topper

This gorgeous gold colored star tree topper was given a five star rating by reviewers. It’s handmade out of premium Papyrus gold foil wrapping paper and custom made for a perfect addition to fit any sized tree. It comes in three different sizes: mini star, regular star and jumbo star.


Willow Tree Starlight Angel Tree Topper

This simple yet elegant tree topper is handcrafted by Willow Tree. It features an angel framed by a radiant sun shaped star with pierced metal, encrusted glitter and painted resin. It stands 12 inches tall with a 4.7 star rating and makes for a beautiful addition to your angel collection.


Gold Ribbon and Burlap Tree Topper with Burlap Streamers

Handmade in the USA, this Christmas tree topper is perfect for any burlap lover. It has added wire support to give the bow strength and keep it firmly in place on your tree. This 12 inch topper fits trees that are eight feet and up and features several seven foot long burlap streamers.


Top Hat Christmas Tree Topper

This top hat tree topper is perfectly hand crafted with the right amount of holiday cheer to perk up your tree. With three different sizes to choose from, Frosty the Snowman’s favorite hat features a peppermint candy front and center with a glittery red bow for a look that pops against the black back drop


Starburst Christmas Tree Topper

This multi-colored starburst tree topper is a steal at less than $13. It features blue, gold, red and green glittery balls in the formation of a star that draws your eye to the top of the tree. This topper would go great with other modern ornaments and some glittery tinsel.


North Pole Elf Christmas Tree Topper

Whether you’re an elf lover in secret or all your friends are aware, this is the perfect tree topper for you. It features a cute little elf with a Santa hat holding on to a candy cane striped north pole. He’s as soft as a teddy bear and will steal your heart with a jolly grin that only comes around once a year.


Star Wars Darth Vader Tree Topper with LED Light Saber

This Darth Vader tree topper is officially licensed by Star Wars. It features a battery operated Darth Vader complete with a light saber that looks perfect on your Star Wars themed Christmas tree. It also makes the perfect give for all your Trekkie friends and family members


Golden Crown Christmas Tree Topper

With a five star rating, this gold crown Christmas tree topper is the perfect way to celebrate the prince or princess in your household. It’s made of metal and wire for a strong foundation that will hold up for Christmases to come and stands eight inches high and seven inches wide.


Creepy Skull Christmas Tree Topper

When you aren’t ready for Halloween to end but still want to celebrate Christmas, this creepy skull tree topper is there for you. Have the best of both worlds and scare the heck out of your guests when they come over and see this sitting on top of your tree.


Antique Glass Christmas Tree Topper

Go back in time with this beautiful pink and silver antique glass tree topper. Made in the 1920-1940 era, this hand painted glittery tree topper is perfect for those who love a vintage look. It stands 16 inches in length and would pair well with other antique ornaments for a complete set.


Cypress Home Bristol Owl Tree Topper

A cute little find under $20, this Bristol owl tree topper comes from the Cypress Home Santa Baby Collection. It measures approximately 8.66 x 3.94 x 11.81 inches and fits most regular sized trees. It’s the perfect tree topper for owl lovers or anyone looking for something a bit different this year.


Kurt Adler Light Snowflake Tree Topper

The perfect way to light up your home is with this gorgeous white and blue snowflake tree topper. It comes with a total of 10 LED lights and is approximately nine inches tall. It illuminates a radiant blue and white color that’s perfect for leading Santa and his presents straight to your tree!


Candy Christmas Tree Topper

This super cute candy Christmas tree topper looks so tasty you’ll want to eat it. It features a festive cupcake front and center with matching candy and ribbons for a fun flare to any tree. It’s made with three different types of ribbon and is constructed from wire so it will hold up for the long haul.


Cat With Star Christmas Tree Topper

This elegant and playful tree topper is perfect for the devoted cat lover. It features a seated cat reaching for a silver star in a handmade aluminum material. It’s sturdy enough to handle a fall if your four legged friend decides to climb up your tree for a closer look.


Original Mario Bros. Perler Bead Star

Showcase your love for Mario Brothers by sporting this handmade perler beaded star tree topper. It comes with a five star rating from over 600 reviewers and is guaranteed to hold up throughout the years. Contact the seller for any custom order request and receive a free ornament in return when you order.


Vintage Style Quilled Star Tree Topper

If you’re looking for a unique vintage tree topper unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, you need this. It comes in three different colors and has lots of sizing options for the perfect fit. The toppers are handmade with durable card stock by a process known as quilling. All toppers are finished with a clear epoxy and metallic toppers are coated with a lacquer.


Rustic Metal Deer Christmas Tree Topper

Perfect for the deer hunter family or enthusiast, this rustic metal deer tree topper has a wonderful rustic look and feel to make any tree stand out. It measures approximately 17 inches high and 10 inches wide and will work for most trees that are six feet or taller.


Beach Nautical White Starfish Christmas Tree Topper

Christmas might be approaching but that doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking of your favorite sandy beach! This white starfish tree topper would be the perfect accent for a tropical holiday vacation home to melt away the gold winter blues. It’s made with four different sized real starfish and attaches to your tree with a ring mounted in back.


Red Peppermint Striped Christmas Tree Topper

This elf stocking hat may be the cutest thing you have ever seen. It comes in two different patterns complete with peppermint striping and would be an awesome addition to any Christmas tree! It measures approximately 18 inches high and nine inches wide and is made of acrylic yarn for a soft touch


Reindeer Christmas Tree Topper

This handmade plush reindeer tree topper was given a five star rating by reviewers. It’s made with plush felt, cotton stuffing, embroidery thread and a tongue blade to keep the topper firm and in place. It only weights seven ounces for a light topper that won’t be overbearing on smaller sized Christmas trees


Big Sky Carvers Angel Bear Tree Topper

Teddy bear lovers will go crazy over this adorable tree topper. It features a friendly black bear holding on to the top of your tree along with an ornament for the perfect holiday touch. The bear stands five inches high and is from the Big Sky Carvers Bearfoot Bears collection.


Kurt Adler Classic Yoda Tree Topper

This tree topper is the perfect gift for anyone who loves Yoda or Star Wars. It features an adorable ten inch tall green Yoda dressed in Santa’s hat and outfit. When the holiday season is over, this figurine doubles as a table top. May the force of the holiday season be with you!


Metal Art Mermaid Christmas Tree Topper

For an underwater themed Christmas tree this year, go with this metal art mermaid. It stands nine inches tall and nine inches wide and is handmade out of recycled metal. The mermaid is hand painted and her curly hair is styled with the same recycled metal for a perfect topper at a beach home or whenever you need tropical thoughts


Wood Carved Snowman Christmas Tree Topper

This unique, one of a kind wood carved snowman tree topper is cute as button with a blue scarf and carrot nose. It’s made from antique wood and marine fishing net float from the coast of Maine. The figurine measures approximately five inches tall and two inches wide, including his arms, which are made from real twigs


Kurt Adler Snoopy Lighted Treetop Figure

If Peanuts or the Charlie Brown movie are among your favorite holiday classics, you need this Snoopy lighted treetop figure! The official licensed Peanuts tree topper features Snoopy in a Santa hat with his trusty friend Woodstock peeking out from behind. It stands nine inches high and comes with four replacement bulbs and two fuses.


Winterberry Snowman Head Tree Topper

Your search for an adorable snowman tree topper is over. This polyester snowman topper comes with a winterberry themed top hat and matching scarf along with rosy cheeks and a carrot nose. When it’s time to take the tree down, you can leave this little guy around your house all winter long as a table piece


Flying Pig Metal Art Christmas Tree Topper

Nothing says unique like a flying pig as your tree topper this year. Break out of the ordinary with this little guy who comes in at nine inches long and 11 inches tall. The metal sculpture is hand cut and hammered from recycled metal and can be painted any color you want.


Handcrafted Silverware Angel Tree Topper

I bet you didn’t know your silverware could double as a garden angel! This unique and beautiful tree topper is a handmade collection of silver spoons that are welded onto a rusty spring for a darling angel appearance. It would look great on a rustic themed Christmas tree or with lots of shiny ornaments.


Lighted Tinkerbell Christmas Tree Topper

This retro style lighted fantasy Tinker Bell tree topper features a fully sculpted figurine covered in glitter sitting on top of a cone shaped tree complete with Mickey Mouse shaped ornaments. A few batteries are all it takes to light up this wonderful Disney collectors piece for a magical Christmas experience.


26 DIY Most Creative Christmas Tree Toppers of All Time

Pom Pom Tree Topper

This pom pom tree topper is the perfect way to show off your creative side. You can choose any pom poms you like and merry them together in a perfect formation to express your uniqueness for a one of a kind Christmas tree no one has ever seen before.

Beaded Star Tree Topper

This homemade beaded tree topper is surprisingly easy to make and is the perfect touch for an elegant Christmas. You’ll need a handful of beads, a 1.5 mm wire and pliers. If you have a minute to spare, the author of this post shows you how to make your own beads out of air dry clay.

Fun Balloon Tree Topper

If fun is your middle name, you need to make this balloon tree topper. Customize it by blowing up a Northstar balloon of your choice, cut the loose ends and tags off, tie it to your tree with flash wire and enjoy a tree as fun as you are!

Twine Ball Tree Topper

If you’re looking to get extra crafty this year, try making your own twine ball topper for a finishing touch on your tree that looks better than store bought. You’ll need some jute twine, a glue gun, balloons, cling wrap and Mod Podge with a foam brush applicator

Little Angel Tree Topper

Good things come in small packages. This little angel tree topper is the cutest way to top off a smaller Christmas tree. Make it at home and bring it into your office or church for a festive look that your family and friends will want to copy!

Double Sided Lighted Tree Topper

If you’re looking to get dad or other men in the family interested in crafts, try presenting them with this double sided lighted tree topper project. Have them carve out the star shape from a piece of plywood and ask them to help you decorate each side with lights, Christmas patterns and tinsel!

Giant Bow Christmas Tree Topper

Make your Christmas tree look like a present itself with this giant bow tree topper project. You’ll need a giant holiday bow, a bow template, a white cardstock, a pencil, scissors, hot glue and a stapler. In a few easy steps, you’ll have a homemade Christmas tree topper perfect for getting you in the holiday spirit.

Toilet Paper Roll Tree Topper

Don’t know what to do with all those old toilet paper rolls? Make them into a tree topper! You’ll need four toilet paper rolls, a ruler, pencil, scissors, glue, straight pins, a paint brush, spray paint and a non stick work surface such as a Styrofoam tray. Give them as gifts and no one will ever know where you got your supplies from!

Starburst Tree Topper

Looking for an easy craft to do with the kids? This one does not require many supplies, is perfect for little hands, does not make a mess and is done in no time at all. All you need to start is a supply of white and silver pipe cleaners and two hands for twisting and turning them into the perfect Christmas tree topper

3D Paper Star Tree Topper

Follow these directions to make the perfect 3D star for a tree topper that is just waiting for you to put your final touches on! Paint your finished project a Christmas color, slap a festive pattern on it, cover it in glitter or glue some tinsel trim on to make the perfect 3D tree topper no one else in your family will have

Bow Tree Topper Tutorial

For the perfect tutorial with just the right guidance on how to make your own spectacular bow tree topper, click on this project right away. Your finished product will be amazing and beautiful for a perfect Christmas tree you can humbly brag to your friends about creating all by yourself.

Owl Tree Topper

This cute little owl tree topper is just waiting for you to make a nest for him. Start with a store bought owl of your choice and follow these easy directions to make a home for your new little guy right on top of your Christmas tree for a nature inspired woodland holiday.

Lighted Starburst Mirror Christmas Tree Topper

Add some shine to your tree with this DIY lighted starburst mirror tree topper. Materials needed include some BBQ skewers and garden stakes, a flat round mirror, hot glue, a string of lights, and some spray paint. Click the link for some easy to follow instructions on a fool proof tree topper to bring out your creative genius side.

Foraged Christmas Tree Topper

If your Christmas theme this year is nature, you need to make this foraged tree topper. The best part is that you can collect some of the materials for this project in your own backyard. Get the kids involved or take a solo nature walk around the block to gather your favorite tree or bush branches

Christmas Tree Bow Topper

Nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit quite like making your very own tree topper bow. This project will only set you back five dollars or so depending on the supplies you purchase and will be sure to fill your heart with joy anytime you glance at your crafty Christmas project

Rustic Christmas Tree Topper From A Wrapping Paper Roll

Tired of throwing away all those empty wrapping paper rolls when you’re done wrapping gifts? Turn them into a Christmas tree topper! With some tape, scissors and pipe cleaners, your friends and family will have no idea where the base of your topper came from. Reduce, reuse and recycle your way to a better looking tree.

Moravian Star Tree Topper

Grab an old book the next time a rainy day has you stuck inside and create this Moravian tree topper for a craft you can be proud of. It helps if you have an old book of Christmas carols lying around to really get you in the holiday spirit.

Glitterly Death Star Tree Topper

If you’re a diehard Star Wars fan, this DIY tree topper has your name written all over it. You’ll need some silver glitter, black acrylic paint, masking tape, Mod Podge, and a plastic round ornament. Host a death star themed Christmas party and have your guests make one to take home!

Christmas Tree Bow

This classic bow will breathe life into your tree. You can make it your own by selecting your favorite ribbon or use several ribbons together to make a unique bouquet that will last you many years. No messy glue or tape needed. This bow is held together by floral wire.

Angel Tree Topper

Easy to make yet elegant to look at, this angel tree topper is the perfect craft to make this holiday season. You’ll have a blast shopping for materials, which include an angel dress pattern, a pair of wiggly eyes, blonde doll hair, a white Styrofoam ball and some spray adhesive to hold it all together

Monogram Tree Topper

Get the family involved in this project to showcase the first initial of your last name. Hit up your local craft store for a letter, two clothes pins, a glue gun and some spray glitter for an inexpensive way to make your tree look spectacular. Drape your letter with some ribbon for an extra glamorous touch

Paper Star Tree Topper

Fold your way to a perfect DIY star tree topper with these easy to follow instructions. This neat craft can be personalized by using the paper of your choice for a unique way to showcase your tree. Leftover paper can be used to make paper star ornaments for a matching finish

Simple Wooden Tree Topper

Sometimes simple is best. This project requires little effort but delivers big results. You can make your own wooden star or purchase one from a craft shop. Print off some sheet music or use your favorite paper, glitter and ribbon to decorate. This craft looks great when paired with wooden ornaments

Star Tree Topper

Create your own star tree topper this year instead of buying one for a custom look you can be proud of. Pick out the pattern you want to use, follow these folding instructions, glue them together and add some finishing touches like glitter, lights or tinsel to complete the look.

Weeping Angel Tree Topper

You can turn just about any angel figurine into a weeping angel with these easy to follow instructions. This weeping angel was inspired by the one in the movie Blink. You’ll need an angel tree topper with moveable arms and hands, stone textured spray paint, sealer and a ventilated place to spray

Starburst Tree Topper

If you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive project to give your bare tree some love, try this project today. You’ll need some wooden skewers, a Styrofoam ball, a piece of PVC pipe and spray paint with the color of your choice. For less than $10, you’ll have a fancy looking tree topper that no one will know wasn’t store bought

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