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Homemade Craft Kit in a Jar – Cool Craft Gift for Beginners

Today I’m going to be sharing the perfect gift idea for any of your loved ones who are starting to develop an interest in crafts as a hobby. It’s a guide for making a diy craft kit that’s not only super easy to set up, but it’s also an incredibly thoughtful gift for craft lovers as well.

Homemade Craft Kit in a Jar

You simply need to take a large jar and add in a few basic craft supplies that are perfect for getting started with: clips, some Japanese washi tape, a tape runner, chalk marker with chalk tags, and scissors.

Craft Kit Gift

Of course, those items are merely suggestions to get you started on your own unique craft kit. Flex your creativity a bit and add in a few extra items if you would like you that are unique to them.

Craft Kit Gift

Craft Kit Gift

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Craft Kit Gift

Homemade Craft Kit in a Jar – Cool Craft Gift for Beginners


  • Clips
  • Washi tapes
  • Tape runner
  • Chalk marker
  • Chalkboard tags
  • Scissors


  1. Add all the items into a large jar.  
  2. Decorate the jar as you wish.

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