35 Really Cool DIY Pine Cone Crafts for a Fun Christmas Activity

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Pine Cones are a plentiful and practically free for most people, all you have to do is pick them up from the ground. In this collection of crafts and DIY projects, you will see how to transform these gifts from nature into a wide assortment of colorful and creative decorations for your home.

Pine Cone Firefly Craft

Nothing can inspire a child’s imagination like the practice of starting with one material, or object, and turning it into something that seems completely different from what it started out as. In this instance, kids will love turning simple little pine cones into fanciful fireflies.

Christmas-Themed Pine Cone Centerpiece

Nothing says holiday cheer like a nice centerpiece, and in this tutorial you are shown how to turn pine cones into into a beautiful and cheery centerpiece that would look lovely just about anywhere. This is due to it not only its simple charm, but also because it has all the seasonal colors in a tasteful arrangement.

Frosty Pine Cone Garland

Using good old Epsom salt and some crafting adhesive, you can create a frosted look on just about anything. In this project, pine cones are “frosted” and strung on festive ribbon that is perfect for seasonal decorating, or as a festive touch to holiday parties.

Yummy Edible Pine Cones

These scrumptious pine cones are not only packed with a good bit of healthy fiber, they have a tasty coating that makes them a delight for kids and adults alike. If you have are having a Fall or Winter party, these would be an excellent addition to the table.

Pine Cone Forrest House Craft

Pine cones, pine straw and leaves are used in this creative project that will keep kids engaged and entertained for hours. This is an excellent project to include with lessons about the woods, or general nature awareness, and because of the materials used, it is a great project for people on a tight budget.

Inexpensive Winter Wreath With Pine Cones

The beautiful wreath in this project is not only a wonderful choice for decorating your home, it is a very thrifty and easy to do project. Building up from a simple grapevine wreath, the addition of pine cones gives it a very simple, but elegant and wintry appearance.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree Craft

Using pine cones and terracotta pots, this basic craft is lovey and simple. Since you can opt to scavenge for pine cones, the costs to complete it is very low. The overall look and materials used make this particular craft more likely to appeal to older kids and teenagers.

Pine Cone Spiders

Using pipe cleaners and googly eyes, kids of just about any age can enjoy creating these cure and easy to make pine cone spiders. This type of craft is a brilliant example of how to engage the imagination and make something fun out of what is normally considered debris.

Cheap and Beautiful Pine Cone Wreath

This absolutely gorgeous pine cone wreath is made from a re-purposed wire hanger. The creative use of pony beads and hot glue really makes this a remarkably unique and easy to construct project. You can also opt to leave the pine cones plain, or decorate them with paint, or even frost them with Epsom salt.

Pine Cone Christmas Swag

This gorgeous bit of swag for you halls is a perfect way to deck the halls with a bit of holly. The verdant greens and softly glistening pine cones in this project are tied together with a brilliant and festive bit of burlap ribbon, although you can easily change it to match your home’s décor.

Lovely Old Book and Pine Cone Wreath

The combination of old book pages and earthy colored pine cones really gives this wreath an antique feel that would work really well with neutral tones. It is also a great way to re-purpose raggedy old books that have outlived their purpose as a book.

Hanging Pine Cone Wall Art

In this charming bit of wall art, all you need is a frame, some ribbon, and pine cones. The end effect is a stunning bit of decoration that has depth and texture. While it may sound like a lot of work, this project is actually very easy to complete and can be done on a whim.

Mini Pine Cone Wreath

You can use small any size pine cone for this project, thought keep in mind it will take quite a few and smaller sized cones create the look featured in the guide. One of the best aspects about this craft, aside from how inexpensive it is, is the fact that it looks like something you would pay a lot of money for.

Owl and Hedgehog Pine Cone Craft

At times, nothing is cuter than a little bit of critter crafting. In this simple and fun to do project, you can easily transform pine cones into adorable owls and hedgehogs. The ease at which these can be done makes it a great crafting project for younger kids, or large groups.

Reindeer Pine Cone Craft

Mini pine cones work best for this craft, though you may want to experiment with large ones as well. The basic design calls for some cloth, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, ribbon and pom poms, all of which are extremely low cost and easy to obtain.

Pine Cone Owl Ornaments

These absolutely adorable mini owls work best with smaller pine cones. Aside from that, the crafty lady behind this project made sure to include a free template to ensure anyone can master making them. While they are called ornaments, these lovely little birds would look cut around the home as well as a tree.

Rainbow Fairy Pine Cone Craft

This particular project will bring delight and color into your day. Children would absolutely love making and playing with these whimsical pine cone fairies. Their simple construction and cheery colors would make this a great project for times you are stuck inside due to bad weather and could use a little happiness.

Pine Cone Crown and Wand

What is better than flimsy toy crown from the store? How about a colorful crown that your child got to help paint and make themselves? In this charming little DIY project, one mom found inspiration from her daughter to create a bright and colorful crown and wand using pine cones and paint.

Pine Cone Skier Craft

If you are a fan of putting up holiday villages or winter scenes, this craft project is a great one. Using pine cones and a few other basic crafting supplies, you can create a whole troupe of whimsical skiers that look sort of like snowmen.

Royal Penguin Pine Cone Project

Anyone who is a fan of penguins is sure to love this project. Modeled after the royal breed of penguins, this fanciful crafting project is great to include with lessons about these flightless birds. If penguins are not your thing, but you want a critter craft with pine cones, there are links to other animal projects they’ve done as well.

Pine Cone Christmas Angels

Simple and sweet, these angels are sure to brighten anyone’s day with their adorable smiles. You can make them in a flash, and they cost very little given the simple supplies used. If you want a simple holiday project that would be great for church groups, this could be it.

Pine Cone Wreath Placeholders

Absolutely elegant is a good way to describe these pine cone placeholders. Using crafting wire and a bit of creativity, you can really fancy up your next Fall or Winter dinner party with these. They are also a great idea for larger gatherings as well, such as weddings.

DIY Pine Cone Garland

Using just a bit of twine, some glitter, and of course, pine cones, you can make a simple and festive garland in no time. This makes a great decoration for the Fall and Winter season, or as part of decoration used for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Scented Pine Cone Fire Starters

Have you ever wanted to make something that was pretty and functional? This pine cone fire starter project is a great way to make up easy to use starters that are also imbued with a pleasant fragrance. You could use patterned wrappers to make them look more decorative and store them on the mantle until they are needed.

Golden Pine Cone Topiaries

Window shopping in home stores can often be a great source of inspiration, not only for finding things you want to use for decorating, but also encouragement to find ways to make them at a much lower cost. In this project, one lady figures out how to make a marvelous store quality topiary for a faction of the price.

Collection of Pine Cone Animals

In this adorable collection of pine cone critter crafting, you are shown how to make a tall penguin, a fuzzy owlet, and a curious little mouse. The supplies needed are very basic and chances are, you may already have them all on hand, making this an extremely thrifty project.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder Tutorial

All it takes is some bird seed, peanut butter, and a bit of ribbon and you can make an all natural bird feeder for your feathered friends. It is a great way to teach kids about animals and the environment, as well as helping out local wildlife.

Pine Cone Gnome Craft

Simple and sweet, these pine cone gnomes are a wonderful craft that the whole family can enjoy. All you need, in addition to some freshly foraged pine cones, is a bit of felt and a large wooden bead. You could easily get kids of all ages involved in collecting the cones and making these lovely gnomes.

DIY Clay Pine Cone Ornaments

Pine cones are not a part of the end result, but they are the source of decoration in this beginner friendly guide. You can opt to paint the finished ornaments, or leave them pale for a very artsy appearance. While not as inexpensive as some pine cone ornaments, it is still a lot better than buying some from the store.

Candy Corn Pine Cones

Inspired by another icon of the Fall season, these candy corn painted pine cones would be absolutely lovely as part of a harvest or Halloween décor. You can even add some extra sparkle to them by frosting them in matching glitter.

Ombre Painted Pine Cone Tutorial

For this particular project, you can try to collect some fresh pine cones, or you can opt for the pretty pre-cleaned ones from the store. No matter which way you go, this simple, yet gorgeous, design project is a great way to blend nature and art together.

Pine Cone Spheres Tutorial

Using smaller pine cones and a bit of hot glue, you can transform a plain foam ball into an elegant and rustic piece of decoration. You could even imbue a bit of essential oil into them to turn it into an easily renewable air freshener.

Golden Pine Cone Door Wreath

In this brief guide, you are shown a wonderful example of how you can take old things and make them new again. Using a picture frame as the base, this squared wreath is covered in gold painted pine cones and embellished with old book bunting and burlap.

Crafty and Cheap Pine Cone Decorating Ideas

What is better than finding something great on sale? How about finding an actual use for it? In this nifty little blog post, one crafty lady shows not one, but three creative ways to make use of old, or clearance shelf pine cone decorations by giving them a new face.

Cheese Ball Pine Cones

In this recipe/craft, you are given a guide to creating one of the tastiest pine cones ever. Not only do all the flavors used in the crafting go together marvelously, it really looks like a big pine cone. If you really want to wow some holiday guests, try adding one of these to the table.

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