45 Cool Crafts for Kids – Genius Craft Ideas for Girls and Boys

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Need a way to keep your kids busy and also engage with them? Then look no further than this list of amazing ideas to keep your kids entertained from start to finish. There are great projects here for younger and older kids. Nothing is greater than the creativity of children and these crafts aim to unleash just that!

Fall Yarn Wrapping

This craft is great for kids that need to work on their fine motor skills and it couldn’t be easier. Just get some card board an cut out fall shapes like leaves or pumpkins for your kids to wrap yarn around. It will create one of a kind artwork while they work on their fine motor skills!

Beaded Pumpkin Kids’ Craft

For a fun fall craft try making these with your kiddos. All you need are some orange and green pipe cleaners, orange pony beads, and scissors. As long as your kids can string beads they’ll be able to make these pumpkins in a snap!

Rock Caterpillar

This project is a great way to get your kids into the garden and excited about it. Just have them paint some small rocks and then pale them in a row in the garden so it can “guard” all of the wonderful produce growing there!

Pumpkin Apple Stamps

Need something for your preschoolers to do this fall? Then try this craft out! Simply cut an apple in half and it becomes a stamp. Then give them a shallow dish with some washable paint in it and they’ll be able to stamp pumpkins on any project!

Giant Clay Beads

Kids love making their own jewelry and this craft is the perfect way to mix up jewelry making! Just have them help you make giant beads out of polymer clay. Once they are baked your kids will be able to add them to their next jewelry creation!

Clothespin Butterfly Treats

For a fun way to get the kids involved in goody bag making try this easy craft. Get some clothes pins, glue, pompoms, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. Have them create the bodies of the butterflies with the craft supplies. Then clip it onto a small snack bag so the snack becomes the wings. It’s that easy!

Chevron Perler Bead Necklaces

These necklaces are the perfect project for your older kids and is even a fun activity at their next birthday party. All you need are perler beads, a chain, and large jump rings! It’s that easy to make some adorable and creative pieces of jewelry.

Sweet Sand Art Necklaces

Sand art is making a comeback and this craft is a fun way to create edible sand art. All you need are some pixy six and a small container. Have your kids layer their favorite flavors in the containers for the next movie day!

DIY Foam Dough

Need a simple craft to keep your kids busy? Then try this craft. They’ll love squishing cornstarch and shaving cream together to create this foam dough for an afternoon of fun! It’s an easy craft to do outside and with younger kids as long as they are supervised.

Kids Yarn Sewing Projects

This easy to make first sewing project is perfect for elementary school age children. All you need is some burlap, yarn, straws, and a plastic daring needle. It gives them a chance to work on fine motor skills while making a project they can be proud of!

Hello Kitty Toilet Paper Roll Craft

This easy to make craft is great for those kids that love Hello Kitty. It requires minimal supplies which makes it a perfect craft to do at your child’s next birthday! Just make sure you have plenty of used toilet paper rolls, paint, and embellishments for the kids to decorate their creations with.

Crazy Pasta Sculptures

Turning every day objects into modern sculptures is absolutely fun! Try making a fun pasta sculpture with pipe cleaners and painted dried pasta. Your kids will love their creations and it will keep them entertained for hours! Make them the new centerpiece at dinner to start a discussion about shapes and colors.

Woven CD Catcher

This particular craft is perfect for older kids. All it requires is some yarn and an old cd! Have your kids wrap the yarn around the cd in the design of their choice. They can even add extra embellishment with sharpies on the parts of the exposed cd!

Collage Portraits

These fun portraits are made from scraps of paper and your child’s creativity. Just have them simply make portraits of family members out of scrap paper and glue. They make wonderful gifts and yet are as simple as can be! Try them today for an easy way to entertain your kids.

Outdoor Mobile

This simple project is perfect for younger and older kids a like! All you need is some nature items like leaves and sticks that your kids can collect while on a walk outdoors. Then when you get home you can turn the items into a nature mobile with some string and an embroidery hoop!

Wooden Coasters

These gorgeous coasters are so easy to make that a toddler could do it, but that doesn’t mean your older children won’t enjoy it also. Just get some wooden coasters and paint them with acrylic paint. Then seal them off with some Mod Podge. It’s that easy to make coasters!

Hula Girl and Mermaid BFF

Who knew toilet paper rolls could be so fun?! Well with this craft they can be. Just use some paper and pens to create these wonderful paper dolls that can be used again and again. The project is great for birthday parties too!

DIY Cardboard Box Lap Tray

This is the perfect project for your older elementary school kids! They can help you make this wonderful light lap tray that can be used for art or even their homework! It’s a great afternoon or rainy day project. Let them get creative with the painting and embellishments.

Perler Bead Bowl

There are tons of fun to be had with perler beads! Try this craft that turns them into a beautiful bowl to store anything from jewelry to keys! Let your kids get creative with their color choices and the placement of the beads. It’s that easy!

Bread and Peanut Butter Bird Feeder

Kids love birds and this bird feeder is a great way to involve your kids in nature! Just get some bread, cookie cutters, peanut butter, and bird seeds. Cut the bread into fun shapes and cover them in peanut butter and bird seeds!

Painted Macaroni Necklaces

This craft is perfect for your young kids and can be easily made with some dry pasta, paint, and string. They can create fun “pixel” pieces of jewelry to wear over and over again! It’s a great two part craft that will keep your kids entertained for hours and they’ll love their new jewelry!

Glitter Slime

It can be difficult keeping your older kids entertained on their days off from school, but this craft will cure that! With this recipe your kids will be able to make their very own reusable “slime.” And the best part is they can play with it afterwards!


If your kids love colors or stained glass windows this is a great project for them. With these easy templates your kids will be able to turn your windows into stained glass windows! All you really need is some card stock, glue, and tissue paper.

Leprechaun Trap

If you are looking for a fun craft this Saint Patrick’s day try this one! It’s great for young elementary school children and will definitely get them in the Saint Patrick’s day spirit! Just make sure you have plenty of green paper and creativity!

Painted Picture Frames

Crafting with kids can be tons of fun! With these easy to decorate frames your kids will have a ball of fun and are perfect to frame your children’s photos. They may make a mess, but embrace it! You never know what kind of art you’ll get from your children.

Twirling Twig Mobile

This wonderful craft is not only art, but it is also a chance to teach your children some basic physics. All you need are some twigs, yarn, and a rock to make this wonderful STEAM project at home! Get your kids into science and nature all at the same time.

Pinecone Turkey Craft

Around the holidays turkey crafts rule the home from paper hand turkeys to these adorable ones made with pinecones, pony beads, and pipe cleaners. They are so simple that it can be adapted for a child of any age! Give it a try today.

Pretty Wire Trees

This craft is perfect for older children and gives them the opportunity to create a beautiful piece of art that imitates nature! All you need is some wire, your favorite embellishments, and your imagination and creativity to make these wonderful artistic trees.

Toilet Roll Biplane Craft

If your little tike loves airplanes then this is the perfect project for you! Together you can create this adorable biplane with some popsicle sticks, cardboard, and paint. It’s a great way to get your kid interested in crafting and at the end they have a wonderful new toy they can play with!

Cosmic Suncatchers

Suncatchers are amazing and kids love watching them as they reflect their different colors. With this simple DIY project the kiddos can make their very own sun catchers! Just grab some glue, a plastic container lid, and some food coloring.

Paper Roll Tea Cups

This craft is fantastic for your little ones that love having tea parties! Amazingly, these tea cups are made with toilet paper rolls, paint, and a little creativity. It’s a great way to get your child into creating something they can actually use! Plus you can teach them about recycling.

Picture Frame Vase

These adorable vases made with mason jars are the perfect gift for anyone! And the best part is that the kids can do most of the work. It’s super easy and requires minimal supplies. When it’s done you can frame any photo that will accompany the flowers of your choice!

Milk Painting

Milk painting may sound odd at first, but it is a great way to keep your kids occupied for a few minutes and also teach them about colors! All you really need is some milk, food coloring, and paper. Fill a shallow dish with milk and put a few drops of food coloring in the milk and let your kids swirl the colors.

Watercolor Heart Garland

This simple project only requires watercolor paper, watercolor paints, and some string or twine. It’s super was to make and also comes out stunning. It’s the perfect way to decorate for your next gathering! The best part is your older kids can do this craft practically on their own.

Egg Box Easter Chicks

For a unique and simple craft try this one out with your little ones. It’s a perfectly adorable project to make for Easter that will add a festive touch to your spring time gathering! And you’ll be able to recycle those card board egg cartons from all of those eggs you dyed.

Fancy Feathers

This super fun craft is great to make with the kids and only requires white feathers, fabric markers, and scrap paper. It’s great for young and older children! For your next gathering you can add these feathers to your table setting for a touch of color.

Puffy Paint Snowman

Snowmen are a fun winter time activity, but if you don’t wanna go out in the snow then this is a great craft for your kids. It’s quick and easy for kids of all ages and all you need is some glue, shaving cream, and accessories for your snowman. Add glitter for an extra special snowman!

Cork Reindeer Ornaments

Have some corks leftover from those bottles of wine? Then this is a great craft for your kids! With some glue, pom poms, pipe cleaners, and ribbon you can turn humble corks into adorable reindeer ornaments your kids will love putting on the tree!

Sparkling Snowflake Ornament

These adorable snowflake ornaments are simple, yet elegant. All you need are some silver pipe cleaners, and crystal like beads of your choosing. You might have to help them cut the pipe cleaners and twist them together. Let your kids get creative with their shapes just like real snowflakes!

Yarn Christmas Tree

Kids love putting out decorations they have made and these are the perfect craft for that! All you need is some yarn, a foam craft cone, craft glue, and beads or buttons. Simply help your kids glue the yarn around the foam cone and then let them decorate it how they like!

Moss Terrarium

This kid-friendly moss terrarium is perfect any time of the year to keep your kids entertained. All you need is a glass container like a mason jar, small pebbles, activated charcoal, potting soil, moss, and other decorations. You can even have your kids collect things on nature hikes for an added element of fun!

Solstice Lanterns

These beautiful lanterns are a perfect project for your kids and only require four materials including mason jars and paint. They come out absolutely beautiful and allow you and your kids to take full advantage of the cold, dark winter months! Just throw some tea lights in them and use it at the dinner table!

Graffiti Gift Wrap

For a simple craft for your little ones try having them make gift wrap that you can actually use. It will keep them occupied and give them something to be truly proud about. The best part is that they can be as creative as they want!

Rainbow Jellyfish

Help your kids make these adorable colorful jellyfish with some foam balls, pipe cleaners, and their imagination! It’s super easy and they can make them any color they want! When they are finished you can hang them in the window or in their bedroom for a fun decoration!

Found Object Initial

On hikes have your kids collect rocks, sticks and other nature items. Then all they need to do is paint a wooden letter brown and glue their items to the letter. It’s that easy to create beautiful art from nature!

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