31 Imaginative Clothespin Crafts That Are Easy (And Affordable)

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Many crafts for kids can be done using things you have lying around the house. If you happen to use wooden clothespins, you and your kids can try out these easy, affordable, and imaginative projects which look absolutely delightful, like the sparkly dragonflies and fairies, or the scary dragons and zombies. Or, if you’re looking to furnish a Barbie doll’s mansion, there are even beautiful wooden rocking chairs to be made.

Superhero Counting Clothespin Craft

Superhero Counting Clothespin Craft VIEW CRAFT

Help them do their sums superhero style by making a set of number cards, and turning clothespins into wooden caped calculating crusaders to mark the numbers as they count.

Clothespin Alligator

Clothespin Alligator VIEW CRAFT

This is a snappy little craft idea for kids, especially those who like to walk on the wild side because this clothespin crocodilian is sweet and scary at the same time.

Mini Clothespin Airplanes

Mini Clothespin Airplanes VIEW CRAFT

Little aviation fans and lovers of Disney’s ‘Planes’ will delight in this simple but fun clothespin craft idea, which turns painted clothespins and popsicle sticks into colorful flying machines.

Clothespin Foil Robot

Clothespin Foil Robot VIEW CRAFT

You can buy the kit for making some sensational foil clothespin craft projects, or you can take inspiration from the pictures in this post and cobble together your own colorful metallic robot.

Clothespin Mermaids

Clothespin Mermaids VIEW CRAFT

Kids can really go to town with their designs when they have a go at making these simple clothespin mermaids, as they paint their outfits and cut the paper tailfins to match.

Clothespin Button Cars

Clothespin Button Cars VIEW CRAFT

These little wooden cars are awesome; the kids may need a little help from Mom or Dad, but they can paint them in their own designs and then race them around the house.

Clothespin Paper Head Puppets

Clothespin Paper Head Puppets VIEW CRAFT

There is so much fun to be had with these superb ‘talking’ puppets; they can be made to resemble any person or even animal and used in a play or fun game.

Slothespin Road Signs

Slothespin Road Signs VIEW CRAFT

Make interchangeable and moveable road signs using black painted wooden clothespins and either draw or print out the signs themselves and attach them by opening and closing the ends.

Mini Clothespin Foosball Table

Mini Clothespin Foosball Table VIEW CRAFT

This genius idea will keep kids entertained whether they’re at home or on the move, as the foosball table is made using a cardboard box so it’s lovely and light, but sturdy too.

Rainbow Fairy Dolly Pegs

Rainbow Fairy Dolly Pegs VIEW CRAFT

Wooden dolly pegs are perfect for making adorable little fairies – let the kids loose with colored markers, fabric scraps, and glue so they can decorate and dress their fairies in style.

Military Clothespin Airplanes

Military Clothespin Airplanes VIEW CRAFT

Ideal as a prop for teaching world history, or just as a nostalgic toy, these military airplanes are made using clothespins and craft sticks before being painted with wartime insignias.

Clothespin Monster Bites

Clothespin Monster Bites VIEW CRAFT

Encourage the kids to keep their rooms tidy by making one or more of these funny, ferocious monster bites which will hold lightweight objects firmly in their big, toothy mouths.

Clothespeg Bees

Clothespeg Bees VIEW CRAFT

A mess-free, glue-free craft for kids is a parent’s dream, and this quick activity will let them make a swarm of adorable busy bees using a dolly peg, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes.

Clothespin Catapult

Clothespin Catapult VIEW CRAFT

Set the kids to work creating their own clothespin catapult, and they can challenge each other to see how far they can fling any number of (house and people-safe) objects.

Clothespin Penguin Craft

Clothespin Penguin Craft VIEW CRAFT

These little penguins are really sweet, and can be glued to Christmas cards for a unique 3D effect, or used as toys for a winter wonderland play session – either way, they’re adorable.

Queen's Guard Peg Dolls

Queen's Guard Peg Dolls VIEW CRAFT

Get the London look with these fabulous Queen’s Guard Peg Dolls, which are resplendent in their red, white, and black uniforms, rosy cheeks, and black pom pom ‘bearskin’ hats.

Clothespin Bunnies

Clothespin Bunnies VIEW CRAFT

If you’re pushed for time or have run low on supplies, this fun Easter craft for kids uses only wooden clothespins and markers (and paint if desired) to produce sweet little bunnies.

Clothespin Animals

Clothespin Animals VIEW CRAFT

The animal world is your oyster with this fun project; cut out animal body shapes from cardboard, decorate them accordingly, and then attach wooden pegs for their legs and heads.

Dragon and Unicorn Clothespin Puppets

Dragon and Unicorn Clothespin Puppets VIEW CRAFT

Whether they like their mythical creatures sweet or scary, this project uses a clothespin to create an opening mouth for either the dragon or unicorn, which they can also color in.

Clothespin Art Center

Clothespin Art Center VIEW CRAFT

This is such a cool craft for kids to display their art, and it’s non-messy as it uses crayons, paper, and glue – just take a look at the crayon-themed clothespin hangers!

Clothespin Chair

Clothespin Chair VIEW CRAFT

If you’re looking for furniture for your child’s dolls, grab a handful of wooden clothespins and follow this guide to create a fabulous wooden rocking chair that’s sturdier than it looks.

Button Clothespin Daisy Flowers

Button Clothespin Daisy Flowers VIEW CRAFT

The kids might need help with the gluing in this project, but once it’s done they can arrange their peg-on petals and leaves to form beautiful button blooms.

Clothespin Zombie Puppet Craft

Clothespin Zombie Puppet Craft VIEW CRAFT

This is a great idea for a Halloween party activity – a zombie whose head opens to reveal his brains! It’s not as gruesome as it sounds, and is super easy to make.

Clothespin Cat in the Hat

Clothespin Cat in the Hat VIEW CRAFT

So you’ve probably used dried pasta to make jewelry as a child, but did you know you can make a cool-looking Cat in the Hat, too? This guide will show you how.

Minion Clothespin Craft

Minion Clothespin Craft VIEW CRAFT

When you see yellow and blue you will possibly think of the Minions, but when you add facial features and googly eyes like the ones in this post, there’s no mistaking them!

Clothespin Flower Fairies

Clothespin Flower Fairies VIEW CRAFT

Wooden dolly pegs are the perfect shape for making adorable little figures, and with the addition of rhinestones, ribbons, and pretty faux flowers, they make the sweetest little fairies, too.

Clothespin Shark

Clothespin Shark VIEW CRAFT

Cut out the shark pattern in blue and white card stock, and then set the kids to work creating this ferocious sea creature as he opens his mouth to catch his lunch.

Clothespin Mummies

Clothespin Mummies VIEW CRAFT

This is an easy but fun activity for kids which will encourage their fine motor skills, as well as provide them with the perfect ‘dolls’ for a gruesome Halloween.

Butterfly Clothespin Snack Bags

Butterfly Clothespin Snack Bags VIEW CRAFT

Let the kids loose with markers, gems, sequins, and glitter to decorate a painted clothespin, and then use it to hold a snack bag full of treats in the shape of butterfly wings.

Clothespin Catterpillars

Clothespin Catterpillars VIEW CRAFT

Your fridge will look wonderfully colorful when it’s covered with these clothespin caterpillar magnets, and covered it will be because they’re so much fun to make, the kids won’t stop at one!

Clothespin Dragonflies

Clothespin Dragonflies VIEW CRAFT

These wooden dragonflies can be decorated with paint or markers, and even with sparkly gems, while the wings are made using shimmery pipe cleaners in a pretty corresponding color.

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