67 Christmas Tree Skirts for People with All Tastes

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Don’t just use a sheet around the base of your tree this year! We have put together this list so you can find any type of skirt for any size tree, style or taste. With all these options there is no excuse to not find the perfect tree skirt to express your holiday cheer, place your gifts, and protect your floors.

Gone are the old-fashioned single color tree skirts or even worse just using an old blanket to catch all those falling needles. Today, the Christmas tree skirt market has expanded to include any and all types of skirts for any kind of person or décor. In this list, we give you the very best skirts and the widest variety to choose from so you can find the perfect tree accessory this holiday season.

Prancer Holiday Christmas Tree Skirt 48″ Diameter

We started our list with a traditional looking tree skirt that is a tan cotton fabric with festive “Prancer” reindeer circling the center. The 48” diameter means that it will fit almost any size tree with plenty of room for gifts. This skirt is also part of an optional matching set, pillows, blankets and other home decorations, which can be found by searching the same pattern name.


Firefly Imports Christmas Burlap Tree Skirt Under The Tree, 60-Inch

For the rustic Christmas tree décor, this natural Burlap fabric tree skirt has a simple round design and reaches a wide 60” diameter. This large style tree skirt will fit even the largest trees and includes a slit in the back to close the skirt with decorative ribbons.


Lenox Holiday Nouveau Christmas Tree Skirt

This skirt is made from a great cotton/polyester, machine washable fabric accentuated with green holly leaves and red ribbon. The measurements are 5’x5’ so it will fit great around small-large trees and also has a slit with fabric ties to close it. The pattern on the fabric is part of the Holiday Nouveau collection that has several other matching holiday décor items.


Gold Treeskirt with Handwork Details

An elegant tree skirt that has hand embroidered scroll and scalloped designs with embroidered gold sequin for extra sparkle. It has a 48” diameter and comes in a neutral ivory color so it will match all different Christmas tree themes.


Jasper Woven Holiday Christmas Tree Skirt 48″ Diameter (red plaid)

Another skirt that is part of a holiday collection, this classic red/green/gold plaid skirt is 100% cotton and machine washable. The durable fabric is soft and woven like a blanket so it can catch needles easily and be comfortable for pets and/or kids to lay on too!


Embroidered Pine Cone with Handcraft Pintuck Border,Silvery

This is a gorgeous modern take on the tree skirt that has a 90 cm diameter and designed for mini or small trees! It comes in a silver shimmery satin fabric with embroidered blue berry accents and a silver pintuck border.


Red Burlap Ruffled Mini Tree Skirt 21″

Another 100% cotton skirt meant for smaller trees or miniature tree setups, this red burlap skirt is a mix of casual and rustic. The ruffles add extra dimension fringes on the edge and at only 3-feet diameter this skirt is great for mini to small sized trees.


Gold Poinsettia Tree Skirt

A skirt with a unique, stylish design, it’s shaped like a giant poinsettia with the petals wrapping completely around the tree. The eight adjustable petals are made of a shimmering polyester fabric that comes in three different colors (red, gold, silver) with cute sequin accents for extra holiday twinkle


39.5″ White Christmas Tree Skirt with Silver Sequin Trim

Here is a simple felt skirt that is small and modest with subtle silver sequin trim, sequin stars and decorative modern sequin tree. It has a small diameter and designed for smaller trees – the trunk hole will not fit around standard size Christmas trees.


Bucilla Felt Applique Chtistmas Tree Skirt Kit Candy Snowman

For the decorator who likes to DIY, this kit is filled with everything you need to make a felt tree skirt with a snow man theme. The kit includes the plain green 43” skirt, the embroidery floss, the stamped felt snowman pieces, needles, accent beads and instructions.


Deluxe Embroidered Pine Branches Cherry with Pintuck Border

A fancier tree skirt made from faux burgundy/cherry silk with embroidered golden pine branches and a pintuck border. The skirt comes with a foam filling and taffta lining so that it doesn’t fall flat under the tree – it also has matching burgundy buttons to close it.


Christmas Tree Skirt Plush Shaggy Faux Fur White Round

This is a super fluffy shag-inspired faux fur skirt that is so plush and gorgeous for a luxury décor feel. It is cut into a round shape with slits in the back so it can be adjusted to fit your tree just right. The protective fabric is machine washable and comes in a variety of colors to fit any tree décor.


Santa and Frosty Friends Christmas Tree Skirt

A whimsical tree skirt that has cartoon snowman, Santa, candy canes and presents appliques on a red 36” round skirt. Perfect for catching needles and protecting floors, the skirt is also a hit with kids who love Santa and his friends.


Elegant Gold Embroidery Burgundy Christmas Tree Skirt

This skirt is great for a formal decoration or household as it has a beautiful golden floral pattern embroidered on a deep burgundy skirt. At 52” across it can fit under small-large trees and made of polyester so be sure to only dry clean this elegant skirt.


Faux Silk Centre,Glitter Sequin Border – Burgundy

Another fancy, formal burgundy skirt that would fit in perfect with formal decorations or as a sparkling accent piece. The border is made out of glittery red sequin and the skirt is filled with foam and taffta for extra fullness. It has a 50” dimeter, Velcro strip fastening, and looks expensive but is actually really affordable


NFL Christmas Tree Skirt

Do you have a football fan in your life or maybe a tree that is decorated with NFL ornaments? This 52” skirt is a great way to tie in their passion or sports memorabilia and it comes in 5 different NFL team colors and logos.


Kurt Adler Tree skirt with Crystal Lace Snowflakes

Perfect for underneath a white or flocked tree, this skirt is a beautiful white/ivory color with a 54” round design. Made from polyester fabric, the snowflakes that circle the tree are made from crystal and white lace and the ribbon is white satin for a wintertime feel.


Christmas House Tree Skirt, 41″ – Red with White Trim

One of the most affordable skirts on the list, this traditional round red tree skirt is a great alternative to just using a sheet to hide your tree stand. It has a 41” diameter and features simple white reindeer graphics and a wavy edged border with white trim.


Quilted Faux Silk Christmas tree skirt, Holly Leaves Embroidery Border

For a thick quilted appearance look no further than this ultra-lux multi-colored tree skirt. The faux silt quilted section is light green and the border is dark red with holly leaves embroidered around the border. The 50” diameter means it will fit almost any size tree and the buttons on the back make it easy to fasten and adjust.


Mossy Oak Camouflage Christmas Tree Skirt

If you have a hunter or outdoorsman in your family or circle of friends, this camo skirt will be perfect for them to put under their tree. The 48” diameter skirt has mossy oak camouflage pattern and an olive green fur trim


Gold Beaded Tree Skirt with Ruffled Satin Border

A creative take on the traditional round skirt, this one has a ruffled, round panel satin border that forms a flowery petal like outer edge design. Inside the sequin border is an eight-point golden satin sequined star that lays onto a tan background.


Tree Skirt, Peace On Earth, 28-Inch

This super mini tree skirt is printed with a Nativity themed cartoon picture and the saying “Peace on Earth” which is sure to inspire faithfulness throughout the holiday season. The 28-inch circumference is great for tiny trees and the darker color blue/brown undertones of the skirt will help it match almost any color décor


Red Velvet Tree skirt with White Fur Trim

Fabric taken straight from Santa’s wardrobe, this red skirt is lined with white faux fur just like Santa’s suit and hat. The middle is solid red polyester, machine washable (air dry) and it has a 48” diameter.


Woodland Collection Burlap Tree Skirt with Faux Fur Trim Border

A mix of casual and fancy, this burlap and faux fur skirt is the perfect blend of decorative tastes. There is a shimmery snowflake embroidered around the center hole with silver stitching and the dark grey fur make this burlap skirt extra cozy. This vendor even offers matching stockings to tie in the skirt to your other home décor.


Red Tree Skirt with Ornament Design, 48-Inch

The funky ornament design on this red tree skirt is a great way to add some fun to your holiday trimming. The ornaments have all different designs like polka dots and stripes in red, green, and white and the round skirt has a thin wavy white border.


Pink Christmas Tree Skirt 48″ *Tulle*Handmade*

A unique take on the traditional tree skirt, this one is handmade from a lovely pink and purple tulle that looks like a tutu around the base of your tree. At 48” in diameter this skirt will fit perfectly around 5’ or 6’ trees but it does come in multiple sizes.


Patchwork Red Suede with White Sherpa Lollipop Design

This skirt looks just like a peppermint candy, perfect for the sweets lover or gingerbread style tree! It is made from red suede fabric contrasted with white Sherpa patchwork which is sewn together in the shape of a giant 50” lollipop.


52″ Large Vintage Style Tree Skirt

Just as the title describes it, this vintage style skirt is perfect for old school deco style. The round red skirt is a muted red and has an ivory Santa, his sled being pulled by his reindeer (an iconic image) with “Merry Christmas” written in Old English font. To make it even more spectacular, they added an ivory border on this large 52” skirt complete with real jingle bells!


Polar Fleece Snowflake

This is a very silky soft luxury fleece skirt that is padded with foam for extra fullness. The round 50” diameter shape is accentuated with a white faux fur lining and the inside is a beautiful silver color with white snowflake and polka dot designs


Champagne Tree Skirt Sequin

For some super bling added to your holiday season, this skirt is sure to wow your guests! The champagne colored sequins will go with most holiday themes but it comes in other colors too. The 48” diameter fits medium to large sized trees, there is a mesh backing so it is soft on floors and is hand wash only


Reindeer applique embroidery with plaid border silver

A mix of modern and traditional, the embroidery and fabric of this 50” skirt will be sure to match both decorative tastes. The silver fabric and white embroidery make it look modern with the red plaid border and reindeer add a traditional feel.


Owl Embroidery Light Green ,Red Border,

Let’s not forget about the other wintertime animals, this skirt features super cute owl designs. Great for a children’s tree or young-at-heart decorator, the felt is bright green with a cherry red border and also has cute little Christmas trees along with the owls dressed in a wintertime scarf and hat.


Timberland Christmas Holiday Tree Skirt 48″ Decoration

Another vintage-style skirt, this one is slightly more intricate as it has a snowy winter cottage illustrated print with “Bless Our Home This Christmas Season” printed in a lovely rustic font that matches the border. The skirt is a tan color and all the embroidery is in dark green thread with dark green buttons to fasten it round the back of the tree.


Aqua Shield Reindeer Run Tree Skirt

The Aqua Shield skirt isn’t a regular fabric skirt (it is made from polypropylene and keeps all moisture, dirt and needles from touching the floor underneath. The back is lined with non-slip rubber and the front has reindeer designed ridges to help catch moisture and comes in 19 different color options.


Imperial Home Christmas Tree Skirt 36″ – Red & White

This traditional red and white skirt is perfect for the home that loves Santa. There is a cute little Santa with trees and snowflakes in middle of this round white skirt and has a red border. The 36” diameter means it is meant for small-medium trees and there are two buttons on the back to secure it.


Burlap Ruffled Christmas Tree Skirt Burgundy Stenciled

This skirt is rustic or farmhouse inspired with a tan burlap center and burlap burgundy ruffled border. There are burgundy stars printed and a message in cursive font stenciling and you can choose from the sayings “Believe” or “Merry Christmas” to go around your tree.


Cabin Christmas Mini Small Miniature Tree Skirt

Instead of using a traditional round skirt, mix it up with this rounded petal-like scalloped edge. The tan skirt measures 21” diameter which is meant for mini to small trees and has a charming picturesque winter cottage scene printed in burgundy on each section. There is a slit opening to fasten it, a burgundy border and it’s 100% cotton – safe for machine washing.


Red with Green and Gold Holly 18-inch Mini Tree Skirt

This super mini tree skirt has a lovely holly branch and leaves printed on a glittery bright red fabric. In between the gold/green holly, there are elegant swirl patterns making this 18” skirt a very classy way to show off your mini tree.


Christmas Tree Skirt Crochet Pattern

For the crocheter or crafter who wants to make their own skirt, this pattern will help them design a hexagon type skirt with rows of red/green accent borders. The pattern is meant for beginner to intermediate crocheters and can be customized with different colors or striping variations.


Mud Pie Holly Berry Tree Skirt

An elaborate take on the burlap design, this skirt has an intricate “red holly berry toile print” design on a tan burlap with the message “Twas the Night Before Christmas” written in Old English font around the border. The skirt measures 58” making it perfect for large size trees and has fringed tassel trim around the edge


Burgundy and Gold Christmas Tree Skirt

One of the most elegant looking tree skirts on the list the embroidered gold Baroque Design on deep burgundy fabric exudes a regal style. The embroidery is accented with sequins for extra sparkle and the round skirt has a faux fur golden/gray border with a Velcro closure.


Black Taffeta Reversible Tree Skirt *Handmade*

A super modern and geometric print that is sure to catch the eye, this black and silver 57” skirt is handmade in the USA and reversible. One side has more white space with a black ribbon pattern and the other side is the opposite negative color scheme.


Christmas Messages Chalkboard Style Rug Tree Skirt

As chalkboard art and designs become more popular, why not extend the fashion to your holiday décor? This skirt does exactly that with a chalkboard type print and various holiday messages written at different angles, sizes and fonts. It has a 58” diameter with a subdued red border trim and is 100% cotton/machine washable.


Nest & Noel 56″ White Velvet Tree Skirt With Nativity Scene

For the Christian household or those who love the Christmas story – this skirt celebrates the night that Jesus was born. The golden beads form the Christmas star and border that surrounds a golden embroidered nativity scene. The skirt is 56” in diameter and the golden accents are set on a white velvet background


StandUP Tree Skirt – Drum

If you want a different look than the traditional skirt under your tree look no further than this 3D “stand-up” skirt. It really isn’t a skirt but a drum that is made from coverstock (durable hard paper) that assembles easily and hides the tree stand easily. This drum style is available in several different colors and works best with trees 5’ or taller.


20″ Purple Satin Mini Christmas Tree Skirt with Metallic Trim

A non-traditional mini 20” tree skirt is not a holiday color but instead a metallic purple color. The purple satin middle is accented by a metallic glitter border with 2 loop and hook fasteners in the back.


Kurt Adler Red/Green Poinsettia Scalloped Treeskirt

This 48” skirt is a graceful, simplistic design that is awesome for a floral lover. The festive red poinsettias blend in well with the red background and has scalloped edges with a green border. The poinsettias also have green leaves that match the border, gold stitching and twinkling sequins in the center of the flowers.
50. Highland Holiday Decor Plaid Design Christmas Tree Skirt, One Piece: We had to include one classic and traditional skirt, this one is a red and green plaid design all the way around. No fancy frills or glitter with this basic skirt but it is large enough (56”) to fit most any size tree and timeless design will share your holiday cheer for years to come.


Highland Holiday Decor Plaid Design Christmas Tree Skirt, One Piece

We had to include one classic and traditional skirt, this one is a red and green plaid design all the way around. No fancy frills or glitter with this basic skirt but it is large enough (56”) to fit most any size tree and timeless design will share your holiday cheer for years to come.


Christmas Tree Skirt-Grinch

This is a funky-retro tree skirt that would fit into any hipster or 1960’s inspired décor. The aqua fabric has cute green trees, sleds, red reindeer and an assortment of small presents and white snowflake-like swirls. This 42” skirt is dry clean only to prevent the fun colors from fading.


Velvet Red and White Cardinals Treeskirt

A festive way to add some Christmas cheer to your tree – a beautiful skirt that features an original Christmas icon, the cardinal. The white skirt measures 48” diameter and has two red cardinals seated on top of holly branches with a bright red border.


Star Wars Christmas Tree Skirt – 48 inch

If you have a Star Wars fan in your family or a tree styled with gadgets and Star Wars memorabilia, this skirt will be a perfect addition to the collection. With a 48” diameter it will fit most small to medium sized trees, it has the Star Wars yellow logo in the black fabric center with all the space crafts (including the Death Star) flying inside the red border.


26″ Traditional Green and Red Velveteen Christmas Tree Skirt

Unlike our other small tree skirts this one is a classic green with a red border. The 26” diameter is designed for mini trees and the rich velveteen fabric adds a cozy element to your decorations. The colors will match almost any Christmas theme and there are discreet hook and loop fasteners to close it.


54″ Tree Skirt, Christmas Ashore

Designed for Christmas on the coast, this tree skirt will fit great with tropical, seaside decorations. At 54” diameter the sandy colored skirt will fit almost any size tree and has a sea horse, starfish and sand dollar embroidered on it. There is also embroidered white swirling rope designs and sandy/tan ribbons to close up the back.


Earth Rugs TSA-300 Round Tree Skirt, 20″, Honey/Vanilla/Ginger

Meant for the Earthy style home or eco-conscious decorator, this skirt is made from 100% jute twine braided into striped rows that make up a 20” diameter skirt. This makes it super durable and water resistant that will only need to occasional spot cleaning.


Black and White Checkered Fabric Christmas Holiday

If you have a Nascar fan or car enthusiast this 52” skirt will fit their taste perfectly as the checkered pattern and color scheme looks exactly like the checkered flag at the end of a car race. The center is black satin, outlined with ruffled red satin and a velvet checkered fabric for the border.


Blue/White Round Merry Christmas Snowflake Tree Skirt

A subdued royal blue color and simplistic design makes this skirt a staple for the subtle non-traditional décor. The white snowflake and swirl design is situated in the center with the message “Merry Christmas” below it written in classic white cursive.


Gray and Silver Crisscrossed Christmas Tree Skirt with Black Velvet Border

This skirt is meant for a chic alternative decorator and would match well with a black or white tree. The center is silver and gray diamond quilted design with a beaded trim that outlines the velveteen black border. There are three hook and loop fasteners to close this 48” polyester skirt.


Christmas Tree Skirt in Pretty Oatmeal (tan) Rustic Christmas Handmade

A custom, handmade to order skirt is great for those who love one-of-a-kind creations. The oatmeal colored cotton fabric has gorgeous swirl embellishments and 1-2 large satin bows to tie it around your tree or table centerpiece. Made to order, there are two sizes available 24” and 42”, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.


Tailored, Burlap with Dressmaker Details of Banding & Buttons

Like a pencil skirt that is worn, this pencil tree skirt hugs tight and has a super trendy design. The skirt has a 30” diameter and made to have a tailored look with customizable buttons and fabric colors. The banding creates a unique looking border and the pattern has the spot of fastening as a focal point instead of pushed to the back.


Sequin , Satin , Burlap Christmas Tree Skirt

A mixture of rustic and formal, this handmade skirt is created from tan burlap or champagne colored satin and a border with sequins with mesh backing. There are multiple colors of fabric, sequins and sizes that can be customized to your tastes.


Mitten Tree Skirt, Ruffled Tree Skirt, Burlap

If you aren’t into traditional Christmasy skirts but still want to show off some holiday sentiment, this mitten skirt is a great alternative. The mitten appliques on this burlap tree skirt are in various color schemes and “tied” together with white swirl ribbon. The ruffle can come in ivory or red and this skirt can be made in three different sizes 40″, 50″ and 58″.


Juco Monogrammed Christmas Tree Skirt

For those who love monograms, this simple tan burlap skirt will showcase the initial or family monogram that can be completely personalized. The skirt is 48” and comes with 100% cotton ruffled border (in the same color) with ties to secure it around the tree stand.


54″ Christmas Tree Skirt in a Deep Red w/ Hand cut and sewn flowers

One of the more intricate tree skirts on the list, this one is handmade from durable felt with felt flowers staggered in two rows around border. The flowers also have a beaded center and this skirt comes in four different size options 54”, 60”, 65”, and 72”. The skirt pictured is solid red but the vendor offers many different fabric color and flower color combinations.


Aqua Red Tree Skirt, Reindeer Tree Skirt, Retro Christmas

This is a funky-retro tree skirt that would fit into any hipster or 1960’s inspired décor. The aqua fabric has cute green trees, sleds, red reindeer and an assortment of small presents and white snowflake-like swirls. This 42” skirt is dry clean only to prevent the fun colors from fading.


Christmas tree skirt in green velvet has 4 inch long beaded trim (fancy small tree)

This ornate mini tree skirt will turn any tabletop or bookcase into a fancy centerpiece. It is made from green velvet fabric that has a leaf pattern printed on it and is 19.5”. The ornate beaded trim has wooden, crystal and gold beads and stretches out another 4” creating an elegant, sparkling that spills over the edge of the display surface.


Seuss Christmas Tree Skirt

If you love Dr. Suess or the “Cat in the Hat” – this skirt is a simple but classic design that can be customized to almost any color scheme. Pictured is the traditional colors from the hat in the “Cat in the Hat” story and the stripes are a fun wavy design. Large ribbons secure the skirt in the back and there are three sizes 40”, 50” and even 60” for extra-large tree displays.


Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

For the intermediate to advanced crafter – this quilted pattern, available for instant download, has such an intricate and sophisticated design you will use this skirt for years to come. The DIY skirt is a star shape (not round) and the quilt pieces are diamond cut. The vendor says it is easy enough to complete in one day but will require sewing and plenty of fabric!


6 DIY Christmas Tree Skirts for People with All Tastes

Pom Pom and Sequin Tree Skirt

For the DIY decorator, these instructions will show you how to make your own tree skirt with a customizable sequin message. It is simple to make and won’t require any sewing. The final accessory is the pom-pom border which you can pick your own color and/or style that fits with your holiday set up.

Galvanized Tub Tree Skirt DIY

Another 3D style tree “skirt” these DIY instructions will show how you can make a Crate and Barrel inspired skirt. It is made from a galvanized circular tub that has a vintage silver sheen and the fit can be adjusted for your specific size tree

Scalloped Felt Tree Skirt

Instead of buying a tree skirt, use this tutorial to make a custom one! The simple pattern only needs felt pieces cut into scalloped shapes and attached to a circular fabric. Pick whatever colors match your tastes and create this DIY tree skirt in about 2 hours for less than $20.

Tutu Skirt Tutorial

We included a pre-made tutu style tree skirt on the list but these instructions will show you how to make one yourself. The tutorial will require some skill with a sewing machine and many yards of tulle fabric. You can customize the pattern in any color or size with this innovative tree skirt design

New Sew Felt DIY Skirt

This pattern also resembles another felt and flower skirt that we featured on this list but with these instructions you can DIY. This simple tutorial doesn’t require any sewing and is great for crafters at any skill level. All you need is felt, a hot glue gun and a creative vision to create this flower and felt skirt!

Free Tree Skirt with Buttons Sewing Pattern

This PDF sewing pattern does require a sewing machine and some crafting skills but the finished product is totally worth the effort. This DIY tutorial is the most “professional” looking but you can still add your own personal touches to it. The buttons to secure the two ends are what makes the pattern detailed but it’s sure to be a product you will be proud of.

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