70 Best Christmas Crafts for Kids of 2020 (Save this list!)

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A lot of kids get time off from school during Winter break. If you have just a single child, or a group that you need to keep busy and entertained, crafts are a great way to achieve both. This collection of Christmas themed crafts are also perfect for getting into the holiday spirit.

Kids Holiday Craft; Star of Bethlehem Ornaments

This simple holiday craft is designed for a good mix of child and adult interaction and cooperation. Adults need to handle the hot glue gun, while kids can help decorate and discuss the meaning behind the star. It can be used as an ornament, present tag, or wall decoration.

Kid Friendly Fluffy Christmas Tree Cone Crafts

Cone trees are a very common Christmas craft, in this take on the project though, the cone is homemade and the tree is rather fluffy, thanks to the use of chenille ribbon. You can decorate it with all manner of bits and use it as a centerpiece, or add a bit of yarn/elastic and wear it as a festive hat!

Time Capsule Style Ornaments For Kids

In this rendition of a time capsule ornament, kids can participate in almost every step. Using a printer, or handwriting on strips of paper, memories from throughout the year are placed inside the ornament. You can also print, or use a wallet sized picture to add even more memories.

M&M Wreath Activity For Young Kids

Simple and oh so sweet, this holiday wreathe project is a great activity for younger kids. It encourages sorting and color coordination, as well as following instructions. You can opt to use pom poms instead of candies, or even use glue for older kids to make a more lasting craft.

Homemade Snow Globes For Kids

In this inventive take on holiday snow globes, the momma behind this craft uses baby oil in place of water. The result? A very effective and sparkly snow globe! You can easily round up the materials used and kids will enjoy coming up with the wintry scene to place inside.

Sewing Optional Felt Christmas Tree Craft

In this highly interactive Christmas craft, kids can play for hours on end with decorating their own felt tree. You can use fabric adhesive, or sew the ornaments together, it is your choice. Kids of all ages will get a kick out of making and playing with this craft.

Cookie Candy Cone-Shaped Trees

This delectable candy themed craft is one that parents and kids can equally enjoy. While it is a far from health conscious treat, it does fit right in with the concept of a little holiday indulging. The candy trees make a great addition to small holiday parties, or as special treats.

Borax Crystal Snowflakes

Borax crystal projects have been around for a while, and in this variation, you can make simple and unique snowflakes that are covered in crystals. You have a lot of leeway when it comes to color schemes and you can make multiple snowflakes with a single batch.

Kid Craft Yarn Christmas Tree

This craft is great for younger and older kids because it is engaging and can encourage fine motor skills. It is also super simple and entertaining to make. Not entirely suitable for large groups, unless the kids are older, this is still a great family holiday craft.

Christmas Tree Sponge Painting Craft

Sponges make great stamps for painting since they are cheap and easy to shape. In this very kid friendly craft, kids can use sponge stamps to make their own color Christmas tree. You can use an assortment of shapes to help encourage creative thinking as they create their unique trees.

Easy to Make Felt Pennants

Pennants are great decorations for walls, they don’t take up a lot of space and can be easily changed throughout the year to change up your home, or room’s décor. In this simple tutorial, you are shown how you and your kids can make their own felt pennants for the holidays.

Quick DIY Reindeer Cork Ornaments

Wine corks are a pretty versatile crafting material that you can get from bottles of wine, or in bulk from just about any crafting store. In this quick little craft, you can use sparkly pipe cleaners and a few other simple components to transform them into reindeer.

Popsicle Stick Elf Kids Holiday Craft

Where would Santa be without his trusty elves? This Popsicle art project is great for the holidays and little ones. Despite being pretty straightforward, kids will enjoy how magically they seem to transform with the addition of ears and a fuzzy hat.

Easy TMNT Coaster Ornaments For Kids

Another franchise that is spanning generations, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are the inspiration behind these awesome ornaments. Using cheap cork coasters and your average craft supplies, even parents will be amazed at how simple this project is to assemble.

Mini Felt Christmas Tree Craft Project

Having a large, wall-sized felt Christmas tree can be fun, and in this project designed for a group, the concept is taken down to kid-sized proportions. Not only is it a great pick for groups in terms of ease, it is also a pretty thrifty craft to whip up.

Fun Crepe Paper Streamers

Crepe paper streamers are a great crafting material since they are easy to find and usually pretty inexpensive. In this simple craft, kids can fold and combine different colors to make their own festive holiday decorations. With an adult on hand to help with the glue and directions, it makes a great teamwork project.

Mini Winter Terrariums

Finding a purpose for empty glass jars can be a challenge at times. With this project though, you can use them to create studding and unique Winter terrariums using very few components. Older kids will enjoy picking out the animals and scrub for the scene, as well as pouring in the “snow”.

Kid Friendly Baker Twine Ornaments

Using similar techniques as paper mache, you and your kids can transform bakers twine into a beautiful caged bell ornament. Both kids and adults can partake in the construction and create unique designs each time. For a change, you can add multiple bells, or other Christmas charms.

Holiday Sun Catchers

Plastic beads are a versatile crafting material, and this project shows that you can turn them into pretty sun catchers. It should be noted that he crafter has some warnings about the melting process, as well as a link to an alternative method than the one she used.

Holiday Glitter Star Craft For Kids

This straightforward and easy to make craft is great for kids during the Christmas and New Years time. You can use either old book pages, or construction paper, and use a multitude of holiday colors. There is the simple suggestion to string them up like garland for the walls, or even the tree.

Sharpie Paint Mugs

This is a great idea for you and your slightly older, tween, or teenage kids to do together. Using sharpie paint pens and some imagination, you can easily transform plain cups into awesome keepsakes, or homemade gifts for family and friends.

Kid Made Graffiti Gift Wrap

What could be better than getting kids to help make presents? How about giving them in wrapping paper they also decorated? This clever little project points out how you can get your kids in on the decorating and wrapping fun.

Holiday Scented Homemade Play Dough

This very creative crafter offers not one, but four different recipes for making scrumptiously scented homemade play dough. While it should be advised that it is not a good idea for little ones that are still putting things in their mouth, older kids will love making and playing with these aromatic bits of dough.

Kid Craft Holiday Paper Plate Wreath

When it comes to making up crafts for kids, the simpler the better. In this particular project, the crafter offers a very simple but fun way for kids to make a pretty holiday wreath using paper and paper plates. The lovely little accent is a bow/flower made using the outline of the kid’s hands.

Simple Puzzle Piece Ornaments

Just about anyone who has owned a puzzle knows that pieces can end up missing or destroyed. Instead of tossing out the rest of them, you can use them to make pretty little ornaments with this tutorial. Kids can enjoy helping at just about every stage of the construction and they make lovely ornaments or gift tags.

Reindeer Thumbprint Family Cards

In this project, the whole family can get involved in creating cute and original Christmas greeting cards. All it takes is some paper, a bit of paint, and a few moments from each person to help make a complete reindeer family.

Indoor Snowball Kids Craft

This project is once that you can assemble with, or without the kids, but kids will definitely enjoy playing with the end result for years to come. Following the instructions you can either buy new socks, or finally find a use for unmatched ones.

Reindeer Clothespin Ornament Craft

Using the older style, or baby flat style, of clothespins and some paint, you and your kids can follow this craft and make up some adorable little reindeer. You can use them as ornaments, or make up a whole team to decorate the halls with.

Faux Taxidermy Ornaments

This particular craft is designed for older kids and parents to really work together on. Using simple items like plastic store bags and masking tape, you can create a wide assortment of animal heads to mount on the ornaments. This is great practice for manual dexterity and creativity and is a great project to incorporate learning about animals with.

Kid’s Fingerprint Clay Ornaments

Capturing little keepsakes from your children as they grow up is a popular concept for ornaments. In this lovely little project, one mother has found a way to make something that is both sophisticated looking, yet personalized for each child.

Simple Cardboard Rudolph Craft

Painting is completely optional in this simple cardboard craft. With the provided template you can easily whip up a while army of adorable and simple little reindeer. This is a great project for large groups and can be drawn out with more elaborate decorating options.

Kid Painted Holiday Message Board

In this fun and uncomplicated project, kids of all ages can enjoy painting and covering a canvas. Using different shades of paint and stickers like reverse stencils, it is amazing how neat the end results can be. You can follow the tutorial for the basics and come up with your own happy holiday message.

Easy to Make Edible Sleds

While most holiday projects leave you with a nifty new ornament, or wall decoration, this one in particular was a bit too tasty and cute to leave off the list. Using miniature candies and teddy grahams, this fairly simple tutorial shows you how to make fun holiday treats with your kids.

Twig and Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Craft

This project comes from a kid, so it is quite tested and kid approved. Using twigs gathered from outside and the ever versatile pipe cleaner, you can take inspiration and notes for how to make your own sparkly little holiday tree.

Vintage Style Christmas Tree Crafts

Vintage anything can be quite the rage for some crowds and in this nifty little project, you and your kids can make something new that is inspired by old nick-knacks. Using simple components, like a cone, pasta, glue and paint, you can get really creative and use it as an opportunity to play with patterns.

Toddle Easy Decorated Tile Coaster Gifts

If you ever find yourself in a pinch for time, or want something quick to make up for holiday gifts, consider this simple tile coaster project. The materials are all inexpensive, but the best part is that you can decorate them with kids as young as toddlers, with the right amount of supervision, of course.

Construction Paper Wreathe

This craft is a popular addition to many classroom activities during the holidays, which makes it a great choice for at home, or group activities. There are very few components, but it does take a bit of following directions, so keep that in mind when choosing an age group to work with.

Christmas Mice and Reindeer Candy Cane Crafts

In this quick little tutorial, you are shown how to dress up your candy canes for the Christmas tree in two different ways. The first is inspired by a famous crafter, the second is a very simple and traditional twist that is a cute pairing for the mice.

Kids Craft Santa Beard Disguise

This Santa beard craft was inspired by an overpriced version that this crafty momma saw in a store. Simple and sweet, your kids can enjoy helping make this one, as well as play with it. It is also a great idea for school play costumes or for use in home story time.

Fingerprint Christmas Lights Wrapping

Some homemade wrapping paper projects encourage kids to have free reign in the decoration process. If that is not entirely your style, try this craft instead. It involves some fun finger painting that can be guided, or random, depending on how crazy you want the lights to look.

Clothespin Holly Wreathe

In this simple little holiday craft, adults can choose to paint the clothespins with spray paint, or make a day of it by letting the kids hand paint them. While there as aspects better suited for older kids and adults, it is an easily adaptable project that young ones can still help with.

Paper Crepe Trees

Paper crepe streamers can be seriously under rated at times. In this little Christmas tree project however, you and your kids can be amazed as it is turned into the foliage of a cute little tree. While cutting should be left to older kids and adults, the addition of decorations and a topping is something young and old can enjoy.

Holiday Buckets For Kids

Hanging treats on the tree is a long standing tradition in many homes, and with this simple little project, you and your kids can make use of mini buckets for the task. Utilizing empty toilet paper rolls and construction paper, these lightweight buckets can easily hold a small load of treats, or toys.

Kids Finger and Foot Painting Crafts

In this collection of crafts, you are shown various finger and foot painting designs that you and your kids can try out. From cut little mistletoe toes, to troupes of snowmen, there are plenty of things to entertain kids of all ages with.

Holiday Angel Paper Plates

What is more versatile and commonly found around the home than paper plates? Well, there are plenty of items that fit that description, but in this particular craft, all you need is a plate, something to decorate it with, and either tape or glue. The directions are easy to follow and the end result is a cute new angel for your tree top, or home décor.

Kids Hand Christmas Wreath

Capturing the size of your kid’s hand is a popular way to involve them in crafts, as well as creating a keepsake for years to come. With this simple project, you and your kids can turn construction paper into a festive new wreath that is great for hanging up inside the home.

Kids Christmas Tree Shirt

This simple to follow instructional shows you how you can dress up a plain white shirt into a festive holiday top. Using painters tape as a guide, an older kid or adult can set up the lines, while younger kids can happily pour on the glitter.

Easy Bottle Cap Reindeer Craft

Very few words are needed to describe how easy this bottle cap project is. Using very few components, kids young and old can easily create a whole herd of new reindeer ornaments, which can double as added decoration for gifts.

Simple Glittery Popsicle Star

Stars sparkling in the night sky can add a special element to any holiday. In this basic tutorial, you are shown how to make your own festive stars with your kids. You can use them like ornaments, string them up for garland, or even hang them from the ceiling for an extra bit of sparkle.

Mini Paper Wreathes For Kids and Parents to Make

Re-purposing things from around the home is an excellent way to get new materials for holiday crafts. In this guide, you are shown how you can transform old telephone books into cut little wreathes that make great decorations for the home, tree, and presents.

Easy Paper Christmas Candle Craft

Utilizing more than one old material around the home in a single project is a great way to clean up clutter and redecorate the home. With this clever craft, kids can create perfectly safe and festive holiday candles that they can use to decorate the home, or their room with.

Felt and Cardboard Gingerbread House

Gingerbread houses are fun and fanciful to create, but the only problem is, that they are not always practical. The sugary sweetness can attract bugs, pose an issue for pets, or simple degrade too quickly. In this versatile project, you can make up fun new gingerbread house that has none of those problems.

Easy Paperclip Angels

If you are looking for a very basic craft project to fill a little bit of time, such as during a Sunday lesson, or to add with other projects, this one is a great choice. There is no complicated cutting or sewing involved, and the costs are pretty low.

Santa Down The Chimney Craft

In this comical take on Santa going down the chimney, toilet paper tubes and construction paper are turned into a jolly set of scenes that kids will have a lot of fun making. You can use them as mantle decorations, or let the kids use their imaginations and make up stories to go with them.

Cardboard Tube Christmas Gnomes

Just about everyone has heard of Santa and his elves, but not as many people seem to know about holiday gnomes. In this quick and simple project, a gaggle of crafty and clever little holiday gnomes will soon spring to life for your kids to play with.

Simple Scrap Paper Project

Just about anyone who has done some present wrapping or card making will have color holiday scrap paper around. Instead of tossing them all into the trash or recycling bin, set some aside from this creative little project that is great for a wide range of ages.

Cinnamon Stick Ornaments With Bells

Cinnamon sticks give off a wonderful aroma, which is often associated with the Fall and Winter seasons. Using just a few components, you and your kids can arrange and assemble these beautiful and enticingly scented ornaments. They make great additions to gift wrapping, or as gifts themselves.

Popsicle Stick Stable Ornament

If you are looking for a great and easy craft to include with stories about the Nativity, then this Popsicle stable would be great for you. You can leave the wood bare, have kids paint it, or you can opt to stain it for a more “grown up” look.

Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees

Cupcake liners are a great median for crafting because they come in a wide assortment of designs and are relatively cheap. In this great for groups project, you can turn them into ornaments, garland, or add them to presents for a special touch of holiday cheer.

Twig and Felt Christmas Trees

Combining found and normal crafting items, kids can enjoy a two part project that has them outdoors then inside. This also makes it great for helping enforce time limits during colder weather, since they will be too curious and busy with the other half of the project to complain about not being outside.

Popsicle Stick Christmas Soldiers

Using an assortment of sticks you’ve either collected, or that came in a crafting pack, these sharp looking soldiers will brighten up any holiday scene. These make a great addition to reading or discussing one of the holiday classics that involves toy soldiers, or even nutcrackers.

Foam Reindeer Picture Frame

In this very hands-on project, kids can create wonderful holiday themed frames to give as gifts to family members, or hang around the home. Some of the finer points of construction are best left to older kids and adults, but kids of all ages can help with the decorations.

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

Using multiple paper plates and construction paper, this very thrifty project is sure to entertain and engage kids for quite a while. The amount of painting involved is great for younger kids and those that enjoy such activities, while adapting the project to use paper and glue to cover the plates can tailor it for older kids.

Reindeer and Sleigh Egg Carton Craft

In this simple and sweet little craft, an old paper egg carton is turned into a sleigh with eight tiny reindeer. It is perfect to be accompanied by the reading of the old tale, “Twas The Night Before Christmas”, which only had his original eight deer.

Paper Crafts: Christmas Tree and Santa

This crafty momma shows you once more how to utilize scraps of paper into nifty crafts to keep kids busy during the holiday season. In addition to this though, she also shows you how to make an adorable, curly bearded Santa using construction paper.

Recycled Christmas Village

Getting kids in the spirit of the holidays, as well as recycling, can easily be accomplished with this guide that gives you plenty of ideas, and a few printable accessories. Turn old food and show boxes into a whimsical Christmas village with your kids this year, which you can recycle later, or use again and again.

Yarn Wrapped Stars For Kids

Using things as simple as yarn and star-shaped cutout, kids can make colorful little ornaments, which also make cute tags for presents, or wall hangers. This is a great one for kids of all ages as it encourages creativity while working on hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Easy to Make Popsicle Stick Triangle Tree Ornament

The buttons suggested in this craft make it less suited to really young crafters, but you can always opt to use stickers, or paint on the baubles instead. Utilizing the good old Popsicle stick, this project is great for large groups.

Easy Beaded Candy Canes & Snowman Pins

This extremely nifty and thrifty little craft project only requires two components; pipe cleaners and beads. If candy canes are not your thing, the crafter also included the guide for making cute little button and bead snowmen pins. The general age range would be school aged and up with strict supervision due to the small parts, pins, and need to clip the pipe cleaners for mini-sized canes.

Candy Canes and Pom Pom Wreath Quick Crafts

If you have some white paper, a ruler, and a red marker, then you can make up these clever candy canes in a snap. Though, if you prefer something that involves a bit more glue and pom poms, you can follow their second set of instructions for how to make their take on old fashioned ornaments.

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