30 Best Homemade Brownies of All-Time

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Homemade brownies always work to make your house smell like someplace special, and these brownie recipes are sure to make your friends and family happy. Each recipe takes brownies to an entirely new level with tasty ingredients and a few surprises along the way.

1. Cookie Dough Brownies

Let’s get the brownie party started with cookie dough, since there’s really no better place to start. These brownies are packed with the taste of cookie dough and are a hybrid between chocolate chip cookie and brownie. Milk is definitely not optional!

2. Double Malt Brownies

Malted milk powder and malted milk balls provide the double malt action in these brownies. You’ll get a nice crunchiness on the top of these from the malted milk balls, and there’s plenty of cocoa powder used in the brownies so the taste will be double chocolatey too.

3. Pecan Turtle Brownies

These brownies taste like they have pecan turtles baked right into them, but you don’t have to buy any turtles to make them. They replicate the taste by providing the caramel and pecans, and the brownie serving as the source of chocolate flavor.

4. Caffeinated Coffee Brownies

Get your caffeine buzz on with these coffee brownies. They taste like the coffee is infused right into them because it is. You end up using two tablespoons of espresso powder, and for the uninhibited she says you can double this for even more coffee flavor. Go big or go home, right?

5. Quadruple Chocolate Brownies

Why stop at double chocolate brownies when you can make triple chocolate brownies? The only problem is that someone will come along and make quadruple chocolate brownies, which is what we have here. These hold the crown until a quintuple chocolate brownie recipe surfaces.

6. Dulce de Leche Swirl S’mores Brownie

There’s a lot going on in these brownies, including a delicious dulce de leche caramel swirl, and all of the usual suspects for s’mores. She’s somehow managed to get everything to coexist in this brownie so it’s easier to eat than a s’mores and no fire needed. Great for a rained out bonfire or camping trip!

7. Peanut Butter Nutella Brownies

No brownie recipe list would be complete without at least one blondie on it. These blondies have both peanut butter and Nutella as the not-so-secret ingredients. These are a nice break from the typical chocolate-to-the-extreme brownie overload. A more subtle taste but definitely worth trying.

8. Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownie

If you’re a fan of pumpkin cheesecake you should try it in the form of a brownie. The two flavors blend well together, and this makes a great segway into fall, or can be eaten anytime you get the craving for a brownie with a delicious twist.

9. Brownie Bites

Brownie bites are a nice way to feel like you’re having more than one serving, without actually having more than one serving. These poppable bites provide the rich brownie taste with plenty of edges all the way around. Each one is like its own corner piece.

10. Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel-Topped Brownies

These brownies are like a Take 5 candy bar that’s been smashed onto a brownie. It makes a lot of sense that bakers are playing around with brownies because they make the perfect canvas for creating something new and exciting and even more delicious.

11. Ultimate Vegan Gluten-Free Brownie

Vegans have found ways to make some of the most delicious desserts you’ve ever tried, so don’t shy away from this if you’re not a vegan. You can eat these with peace of mind knowing that no animal by-products were used, and just relish in the intense flavor.

12. Mint Brownies

If you prefer your brownies to have a cool minty taste to them, these are the ones to bake up. They have a peppermint layer right underneath the top layer of chocolate glaze, so you’re getting mind sandwiched by two layers of rich chocolate. Thin Mints and Andes lovers should give this a go.

13. Bourbon Bacon Pecan Brownies

Wondering what brownies to make that will satisfy a man’s most basic cravings? These brownies use the savory flavor of bacon and the deep flavor of bourbon to create a taste sensation he won’t see coming. The manliest brownies you can make!

14. Chocolate Raspberry Brownies

These brownies have layers that you’re sure to love, with a layer of cream and a layer of raspberry hame, there’s plenty to slow down for. There’s a chocolate glaze for the very top of layer, so what initially hits your palate is of course chocolate, followed by everything else.

15. Raw Chocolate Mousse Brownie

No baking required with these raw chocolate mousse brownies. You mix everything up as directed and pop them in the freezer to set. She’s even managed to sneak an avocado into these, so you’ll get a creamier texture and some nutrition to boot.

16. Hot Fudge Chocolate Brownie

Wonder what a hot fudge sundae would taste like if it were crammed into a brownie? Wonder no more with this recipe, which uses no real hot fudge and manages to keep things gluten-free. These brownies are raw as well, so no turning on the oven for delicious-tasting brownies.

17. Twix Brownies

No Twix are harmed in the making of these brownies, but you’ll swear that they were when you bite into them. Erin refers to these as a love-child between a brownie and a Twix bar, and has managed to incorporate the essence of a Twix into the form of a brownie. Well done!

18. Peanut Butter Cookie Brownies

You might see a lot of brownies that use peanut butter in them to provide the distinctive taste of peanut butter, but these brownies are trying to combine peanut butter cookies with brownies. This is a marvelous idea that is sure to be appreciated by anyone who is a fan of peanut butter cookies.

19. Toblerone Brownies

These brownies use actual Toblerone pieces in them, so there’s no denying that they taste a lot like their namesake. You can even cut them up into triangles as shown to try to drive home the message that these are in fact unofficially sanctioned Toblerone brownies.

20. Olive Oil Fudge Brownies

Don’t let the olive oil fool you into thinking that these brownies will taste any different than a brownie should. In fact they taste exactly like you’re expecting a brownie to taste, with all of the ingredients needed, plus additional olive oil to make them just right.

21. Goat Cheese Brownies

These might not strike you as the tastiest brownies ever, especially if you’re not too familiar with goat cheese. But make them once out of blind faith and you’ll surely make them again. Who knew goat cheese was one of the best ways to top a brownie?

22. Salted Caramel Brownies

These salted caramel brownies have a pretty extensive ingredient list, but they’re worth the trouble for how tasty they are. This recipe is also a Paleo recipe, so it will be gluten-free and may have some ingredients you’ll need to pick up just for this recipe, but again they’re totally worth it.

23. Chocolate Orange Brownies

Here’s a batch of brownies that comes with a nice surprise. They have an orange custard that rests atop a chocolate brownie, and then a top layer of chocolate ganache so the orange is sandwiched between two chocolate chunks. It’s quite the taste sensation if you like chocolate oranges.

24. Butterscotch Pecan Brownies

It’s always nice when a brownie delivers on the promise of its title, and these Butterscotch Pecan Brownies do just that. You’ll get a mouthful of butterscotch flavor mixed with crunchy pecans in each bite. What more can you ask for?

25. Fudgy Chocolate & Caramel Brownies

Chocolate and caramel join forces in just the right ratio with these brownies. There’s not a lot going on with these, so you are able to focus on the richness of the chocolate and caramel. While not as flashy as some of the other brownies featured here, they’re definitely worth trying out.

26. Snickerdoodle Cheesecake Brownie Bars

This is an interesting way to get snickerdoodle cheesecake and brownie flavor in one dessert. It contains a special coffee blend called Snickerkicker, which makes an appearance in the brownies, the cheesecake, and the ganache for the top.

27. Peanut Butter Cup Crack Brownies

What happens when brownies eat peanut butter cups? Awesomeness! The funny thing is this recipe doesn’t use any peanut butter cups, but deconstructs them so that you’re getting all of the flavor. There’s even some rice cereal used to give it a crunchiness.

28. Eggo Butterscotch Brownies

You’ll be telling everyone to leggo your Eggo when you make these brownies. They’re actually made with Eggo waffles, and come out looking like a cross between a brownie and a cookie bar. There’s plenty for your taste buds to marvel at with this dessert sensation.

29. Caramel Blondie Bars

These blondies really lay on the caramel with the use of Lancaster Soft Cremes. Since they’re a blondie you’ll be able to taste the caramel even better since it won’t be fighting with the taste of chocolate. The blond brownie serves as a nice backdrop and these are a sweet treat you won’t soon forget.

30. Chocolate and Caramel Kahlua Brownies

Kahlua fans now have a brownie to call their own. This recipe fuses the taste of Kahlua with the richness of chocolate and caramel brownies for a brownie you should really make two batches at a time. These are perfect for entertaining, and you’ll wish you’d doubled the recipe after you taste them.

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