How to Make Homemade Taco Seasoning- this is so easy to make and makes taco meat delicious!

How to Make Authentic Homemade Taco Seasoning


My spice cabinet runneth over. Knowing that they will one day expire without having used them all up gives me a bit of anxious culinary guilt. But ever since I started making my own spice blends, I’ve been able to tone down my once-overflowing spice cabinet to something I think might be what a sane person’s pantry looks like. Read more→

How to Make Classic Homemade Mayonnaise- the best mayo recipe ever! No more store-bought mayo for me.

How to Make Classic Homemade Mayonnaise


In the 1950s, if mayonnaise had never been sold in gallon-sized jugs, and instead reserved for occasional and delicate use in sandwiches or as dips, it might have cemented itself a beloved American classic for all time. But for some reason, housewives decided to take the airily whipped French condiment and use it liberally, slathering over and into salads. The most horrific is certainly mixing mayonnaise with Jell-O and still calling it a “salad”. Read more→

DIY Christmas Cookie Tins- makes the perfect gift! Use as packaging for any homemade food items.

DIY Christmas Cookie Tins {Fun & Simple Gift}


Sometimes a good idea can come quite unexpectedly. I love to bake cookies and I think that it is a tasty way to entertain friends. To make it more fun I also like to create a packaging design for my cookies. Using these both skills, you can create something incredible, something that nobody has done before. Read more→